My Top Five Blog Posts of 2019

top five blog posts of 2019

Until quite recently I was posting on this blog once per week.  I had so much to share and I wanted to put it all out there.  As many readers of this blog will know, this business of planning weddings in Central Park is my part-time job.  My full time job is being a mother to two boys, who turned six and four this year.  I am trying to run this business more efficiently in terms of the demands it makes on my time, so I’m reducing some of the activities that I don’t think are as important as actually planning the weddings and helping clients.  But I still have a lot to say.  So, I’m posting three times a month now.

I tend to post a real wedding and then some kind of general advice alternately.  I’m making an effort to focus the advice pieces on trends I see emerging, such as the questions I get asked most frequently, or requests I get from couples.  December tends to be a quieter time for wedding planning – with everyone thinking of the holidays, so this is the time of year when I check which posts are proving to be useful to people and try to write more on a similar theme if possible.

Below are my top five most viewed posts of 2019.  I’ll see you all in 2020 with lots more beautiful real weddings, and tips on getting married in Central Park.

1 Destination Wedding Etiquette and Tips – How to Make the Trip Easier for your Guests

This post has been by far the most popular this year, with twice as many views as the next most popular post.  I posted this in August 2018, and it didn’t feature on my five most popular posts of that year, so it has got lots of hits this year alone.  I suppose this is because it provides general advice for destination weddings, no matter where they may be.  I think that a lot of what I have learned through planning over three hundred weddings in Central Park can be applied to destination weddings, elopements and many weddings that are not large and traditional, so I may think about writing some more posts similar to this, especially since it seems useful to readers.

2 Wedding Vow Renewal in Central Park

I posted this in January of 2018, in response to increasing requests from couples needing help with renewing their vows.  We often say that we charge roughly the same for a vow renewal as for a wedding, because it takes the same amount of time for us.  When I launched the Central Park elopement package earlier this year, I also had couples renewing their marriage vows in Central Park in mind.  Often these couples don’t want as much as a larger wedding does, so the elopement package suits low-key weddings and small vow renewals alike.  It was the fourth most popular post of that year, as I discuss in my round-up of the most-read posts of 2018, and it has got many more hits this year.

3 Things to do on your Wedding Day in New York City

I posted this in December 2014, and it is a long answer to a frequently asked question.  I get asked it a lot by couples, those who are eloping and want to make the day more memorable for the two of them, as well as for couples with a larger group of guests that they need to entertain for the evening and whom they want to celebrate with in this fantastic city.  Everyone is different, but that’s fine in New York, because it’s a city with something for everyone!   This was the fourth most popular post of 2017 as I discuss in my round-up of the most-read posts of that year.

4 How to Get Married in Central Park

I posted this in August 2018, to try to offer a brief introduction to couples who were right at the start of their journey of planning a wedding in Central Park.  I find that lots of couples say that they just don’t know where to start when planning a wedding in Central Park, so I thought a basic introduction to the things these couples might like to think about would be helpful.  It got so many hits this year, so it looks like it was!

5 New Elopement Wedding Package from Wed in Central Park

I posted this in March of this year to explain a little more about the new elopement package that I launched that month.  So many couples were contacting me, asking for just one hour of photography for a low-key elopement.  It was so hard to meet this request because often photographers don’t want to commit to just one hour of work when it may mean that they might turn down a full day with a fee running in to the thousands of dollars, and who can blame them?  But, by limiting the days we can offer this, we are able to meet clients’ requests for a shorter photography session, and it has become very popular.

If you think you might like some help with planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website.  “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest.  I collate this list each year to try to give myself some ideas about what to write in the coming year.  I like to see what people are finding useful and what sort of information is directing people to my website.  So, I’d love to hear any suggestions from people in the comments about what you’d like to see me sharing in future.

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