Eleven Reasons to get Married in Autumn (or Fall!) in Central Park

reasons to get married in central park autumn fall

1) Number one has to be the colors. When it gets colder and the leaves change color, Central Park looks completely different. The lush greens we know and love are gone and there is a vast array of yellows, oranges and reds.

2) There are 174 species of tree in Central Park (at the last count). Imagine how many different shades of color you can see in Central Park in the Fall.

3) If you choose a date towards the end of the season, as it is turning chilly, then it’s the perfect excuse for a long-sleeved gown if you want one, or to accessorize with a faux fur shrug or jacket. But it’s not so cold that you have to wear your thermal socks under your dress!

Central Park Fall Wedding B&S

4) You will see migrating hawks and other large birds leaving Central Park for warmer climates at this time of year. A great place to spot them from is from the upper terraces of Belvedere Castle.

5) Your bouquet and bouttonieres, and other wedding accessory colors can reflect the autumnal shades.

6) Fall colors for bridesmaids can be a lot more flattering than the pastels so often chosen for their dresses, and easier to wear again at other occasions. Also, grooms may choose brown or navy to complement the seasonal shades.

Central Park Fall Wedding M&D

7) The light is beautiful in Central Park during the Fall. We see lots of crisp, clear blue skies. Of course the sunsets provide some lovely photo opportunities, which happens between 4:30 and 6:30, depending on when in the season you are there.

8) Your reception food can reflect the season. Do you like pumpkin-spiced everything? Then you can offer it as part of your wedding! Or mulled cider, or comfort food such as apple pies.

9) You can time your visit to New York to also enjoy the Halloween parade, Oktoberfest or Thanksgiving. Or you could visit the Catskills in Upstate New York after your wedding, to enjoy the Fall colors there, too.

Central Park Fall Wedding A&R

10) The Mall in Central Park was designed specifically to mimic a church’s aisle. In the Fall the trees forming the “roof” all turn orange at this time of year.

11) It’s really not that cold in the Fall in New York. September can be very warm, actually. It gets cold very quickly, usually in November. We have had some weddings in Central Park in September on unseasonably hot days, which has surprised everyone! But it’s still not as hot as Summer, so nobody has to suffer in the stifling heat.

For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, in the Winter, or any other time of year, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings. We can help with advice and guidance to help you through the planning process to be certain that your day goes smoothly so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding.

Central Park Fall Wedding H&D


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Hannah and Leigh’s Cop Cot Wedding in May

Real Wedding HL Cop Cot Central Park

Hannah and Leigh got married in Cop Cot this May. They brought a group of ten friends and family over from their home in Melbourne, Australia, and some also from the UK. We arranged for a bagpiper to play at their wedding, and he accompanied them around Central Park for some photographs afterwards. Leigh’s father sung Until Death Do Them Part after they were pronounced married, with the accompaniment of the piper.

HL Cop Cot Central Park Wedding (99)

They met online about four years ago and were dating for three of those before they got married. The couple had discussed marriage for a while, and they had been together to design a custom-made engagement ring that they would both love. So, Hannah knew a proposal was coming. The day Hannah knew Leigh was picking up the ring she was super excited. They’re not overly public people so they got engaged in their home in private.

HL Cop Cot Central Park Wedding (60)

The original plan for their wedding was to elope, just the two of them. “We don’t like the ‘drama’ that seems to be associated with weddings, and also we just wanted something quiet,” said Hannah. But when they started to talk the idea through with their close family they changed their minds, and invited a small group of their nearest and dearest to join them. “As a young girl I always dreamt of a beach wedding, so Mexico was our first choice,” Hannah told me. “After looking into the requirements to get married there it became too difficult and we just wanted simple and easy,” she said. “We started considering the USA, and New York just felt like the perfect choice for us,” she added.
I spoke to Becca from Chicago about her beach wedding in Mexico for my “Five Things I Loved About My Wedding” series, and she said that they chose to have their legal ceremony at home to avoid all the complications involved in getting married in Mexico.

HL Cop Cot Central Park Wedding (23)

Since Hannah had the idea of the beach wedding in her mind, when she gave it some more thought she realised that what she wanted was to be outdoors for her wedding. They both agreed on New York as a great location, and then started to look for somewhere pretty that was outdoors, and Central Park seemed right for them.

HL Cop Cot Central Park Wedding (20)

I asked Hannah if she had any concerns about getting married in New York. She did. She had a few. “Yes of course!” she said. “The weather was an obvious concern when planning an outdoor wedding,” she said. I can’t argue with that. For Hannah’s wedding we made a plan A for good weather, which would be a wedding in Cop Cot, and a plan B for rain, which would have been a wedding in the Ladies’ Pavilion, which provides cover from rain. Cop Cot is covered in lovely foliage, which provides shade but won’t keep the rain off. As you can see from the photos we got good weather.

HL Cop Cot Central Park Wedding (108)

Also, they were concerned about handing their money over to someone they had never met to plan a very important day in the lives. I can’t argue with this concern either. “We live on the other side of the world from where our wedding would take place, so we realized hiring a planner was the best way to proceed, but even then I was still worried,” Hannah explained. “How did I know the businesses behind the websites were legit? How did I know I was going to get what I wanted?” she said. This is why I write this blog. It is partly to provide advice and inspiration for couples planning their weddings in Central Park, but it’s also to show that we’re a real business and we do real weddings and we do them just how couples want them. “I think I emailed four or five different options and Claire was not only the fastest, but seemed the most genuine, caring and interested.” I totally am. I love my job, and I’m grateful every day that I get to be involved in people’s weddings in this beautiful location. Sorry, carry on, Hannah: “Besides that, the costs were the lowest as we got to personalise every detail so we weren’t paying for anything we didn’t want,” she explained. I do make an effort to keep my costs low by being super-efficient at what I do, cutting out the stuff I don’t think is necessary, and more importantly; remaining flexible to do just what the couple wants.

HL Cop Cot Central Park Wedding (87)

Hannah and Leigh had travelled for twenty hours on a plane to get to New York, so they made the most of it while they were there! They spent two weeks in New York before the wedding, because they had lots of sightseeing and shopping to do. They stayed at Club Quarters in Midtown, “mostly because it was close to Central Park but also to Times Square and public transport so the location was perfect,” said Hannah.

HL Cop Cot Central Park Wedding (5)

The couple rode bikes around Central Park a week prior to the wedding to check it out. As I said, we had a good weather location and a bad weather location picked out, and they could have changed their minds and gone with the plan B location of the Ladies’ Pavilion if they had wanted to. But they said that they loved Cop Cot, not just for the ceremony, but for the photographs taken nearby. They were very happy with their choice, so they were glad when the weather was good so we could stick with the plan A. Hannah said that while they were at Bethesda Terrace it wasn’t her favorite spot, but when they got the photos it did look amazing and that location is the one people comment on most frequently when she shows them the wedding photos.

HL Cop Cot Central Park Wedding (39)

We had the guests and groom meet the officiant and photographer in Cop Cot, which is at the top of a little hill, just a minutes’ walk from the entrance to Central Park. We had the bagpiper meet the bride and her dad at the bottom of the hill and our piper played Skye Boat Song for the bride to make entrance to.

HL Cop Cot Central Park Wedding (68)

Hannah wore a traditional lace white dress with a small train. “I felt like a queen,” she said. She had told me that she wanted red and white roses, so I ordered those for her. “My flowers were beyond expectation, a beautiful big bouquet of red roses, which matched my hair, with a few white ones scattered through,” she said. Hannah’s mother used to be a hairdresser, so she did her hair for her. Hannah’s makeup was done at Sephora, which she chose to save some money, and she recommends them highly. “They were exceptional at their jobs and what I thought I wanted wouldn’t have worked well for photos, and they explained that really well, and I’m so happy I took their advice as my makeup was perfect,” she said.

HL Cop Cot Central Park Wedding (94)

We wrote a fairly short and sweet ceremony for the couple, with them writing their own vows to each other, besides the traditional “I do”. They kept the vows a secret from one another until they said them at the ceremony. They told each other why they loved each other and made special, unique promises to each other. Leigh’s father sung Until Death Do Them Part after they were pronounced married, with the accompaniment of the piper. After the ceremony, they took photos around Cop Cot, then walked up the Mall, with the piper playing alongside them, to Bethesda Terrace and Bow Bridge for photos, and eventually went out of Central Park via Strawberry Fields.

HL Cop Cot Central Park Wedding (104)

Their reception was held in a small private dining room at a French restaurant called Claudette in Greenwich Village. They said they loved the food and the service.  I asked Hannah how I did. “Claire is exceptional at her job and it is obvious that she is passionate about weddings and enjoys what she does. She was always very professional and quick to respond to my many emails and questions and helped put me at ease, especially when organising something on the other side of the world. No small detail was overlooked, even things I didn’t think of myself. The day ran very smoothly.” Thanks so much, Hannah! I think the comment about me covering deatils that she hadn’t thought of herself is an important one – I’ve done this so many times that I have a system that means that I shouldn’t miss the little things.

HL Cop Cot Central Park Wedding (82)

For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.

HL Cop Cot Central Park Wedding (101)


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Eleven Reasons to Get Married in Central Park in the Summer

reasons to get married in central park summer

1 New York City gets hot in the summer, and humid, especially in August.  The streets of Manhattan get to very high temperatures, with all that concrete.  But Central Park, with it’s lush lawns and beautiful greenery is easily the coolest place to be in Manhattan in the Summer.

2 You will see more butterflies in Central Park towards the end of the Summer, because that is when the plants that attract them are blooming.

3 No matter what dress you choose you will not be cold.  The brides, and of course the guests can go sleeveless or strapless and wear sandals with the confidence that you will not be shivering.  The grooms can choose a cool, breathable summer suit.

summer wedding central park 4

4 There is so much going on in New York City in the Summer, that you will be spoilt for choice of other things you can do while visiting.

5 You can get married at sunset and it will still be very warm, leaving you able to go on to an outdoor reception, perhaps on a rooftop somewhere overlooking the city.  The sun is up for longer, so your wedding day celebrations can go on outside for longer.

6 Schools are out and people are on vacation.  So many of my clients are tied to the school holidays, either through their work or their kids, or their guests’ kids, so a Summer holiday ensures everyone can attend.

summer wedding central park 1

7 The flowers are in full bloom in high Summer, in particular the Shakespeare Garden looks beautiful at this time of year, and there is a big stone seat at the top of the garden, which is in shade, and always a cool spot to sit on and cool down, and a nice location for a ceremony.  Indeed, flowers everywhere are in full bloom, so the options for a seasonal bouquet are endless.  Also, your guests will look more colourful, because everyone gets their bright colors out in Summer, and everyone will have a tan!

8 So many honeymoon options!  Lots of couples who visit New York to get married, then go on to another part of the USA for their honeymoon.  If it is Summertime, then your options tend to increase of awesome places to visit on your first trip as a married couple.

9 I got married on the 1st of July, and every year we celebrate our anniversary somewhere lovely.  The sun always shines on our wedding anniversary, because we chose to have it in the Summer.

summer wedding central park 2

10 The turtles come out of the water of aptly named Turtle Pond by Belvedere Castle, and in the Lake, by the Ladies’ Pavilion and by Wagner Cove, on to the rocks to sun themselves.  You are sure to have these little guys crash your wedding if you have a ceremony near to the water.

11 There are lots of places in Central Park that offer shelter from the strong sunlight in the Summer.  Cop Cot will be covered with lush foliage by the end of the Summer, and it creates a beautiful dappled light on to a ceremony in there.  The Ladies’ Pavilion and Belvedere Castle Terrace have coverings, and of course underneath Bethesda Terrace provides good shade for anyone needing a rest from the sun.

summer wedding central park 3

For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, in the Winter, or any other time of year, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.  We can help with advice and guidance to help you through the planning process to be certain that your day goes smoothly so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding.

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Megan and Daniel’s August Wedding in the Ladies’ Pavilion

Real Central Park Wedding M&D

Megan and Daniel are from Leeds in the UK. They brought twenty of their friends and family with them this August to watch them get married in the Ladies’ Pavilion. They met when Megan was fifteen and Dan was sixteen, through mutual friends, one of whom was their maid of honor. When they got married they had been together for just over eleven years.

Megan&Daniel (119)

The couple got engaged by the Lake in Central Park on Christmas Day 2015. They were in New York for a Christmas vacation, and had arrived on Christmas Eve. They woke up very early on Christmas morning, so they decided to get a coffee and go for a walk in Central Park. Daniel had planned to propose beside Bethesda Fountain, but decided that it was too crowded, so they walked around to the other side of the Lake where it was private enough to pop the question. He got down on one knee, and asked Megan to marry him, “Just then, what appeared to be a bus-load of people walked past us, all shouting Congratulations” laughed Megan!

Megan&Daniel (10)

Megan and Daniel have been together since such a young age, they practically grew up together. They knew that they wanted to grow old together. “We grew up knowing that marriage was something we both wanted,” Megan told me. “When we got engaged we had been together for more than nine years and it felt like marriage was the next step for us. We want to start a family and marriage was always the first step for us in doing so,” she explained.

Megan&Daniel (15)

Initially, they thought that the traditional, big, white wedding was what they wanted. “We looked at several wedding venues around our home in Yorkshire but they just weren’t what we wanted,” said Megan. “When we sat down and talked about what we wanted from our wedding day, we knew we wanted to spend quality time together, without having to spend it making sure everyone else was having a good time, but we also wanted to spend more than just the one day with our closest friends and family,” Megan told me.

Megan&Daniel (18)

One day, Megan suggested New York after yet another frustrating day of wedding venue searching. At first Daniel had thought that she was joking. “We had been to New York twice before and we had instantly fallen in love with the city – once I’d had the idea, getting married in our favorite place then became the only option,” said Megan.

Megan&Daniel (39)

When they had been looking at wedding venues near to their home, they really wanted to have a strong outdoors feel, so they knew they wanted to have a ceremony outdoors if possible. So, once they started discussing New York it felt like the location just had to be Central Park, especially since they had got engaged there, too.

Megan&Daniel (45)

I asked Megan if she had had any worries about getting married so far away from home. “I like to be in control so having a lot of the organisation outside my hands was a concern for me,” she said. Also, they had not visited their ceremony location; the Ladies’ Pavilion, or their reception location; the Tavern on the Green, in person. Luckily, their parents were in New York the year before the wedding, so they could check out their list of possible wedding ceremony locations and reception locations.

Megan&Daniel (69)

Many couples worry about the weather when getting married outdoors. “We had to get married in the summer because Daniel is a primary school teacher,” said Megan. “We knew that if we had got married at home in England that we could not guarantee good weather, even in Summer!” But New York does see more extreme weather than England. “On the day of our wedding, the weather was hot!” said Megan. “The day prior to our wedding we had been sent weather alerts whilst we were at the Yankee Stadium watching the baseball, and there was a storm. I had a bit of a mini meltdown thinking that we would have a storm on the day of our wedding but it actually turned out to be the hottest day that we were there!” she laughed.

Megan&Daniel (134)

There were twenty people in their wedding party and the majority of the guests stayed in the Empire Hotel. Most people, including the bride and groom, arrived three days before the wedding, and stayed for five nights in total. On the Tuesday before the wedding, Megan and Daniel got their marriage license, a legal requirement that all couples must do. Then that evening, they had bachelor and bachelorette parties. On Megan’s bachelorette party, the girls in the group went to The Standard rooftop bar for cocktails at sunset, Megan highly recommends this, “the views and the cocktails were just perfect!” she said. After that they went to Dos Caminos for dinner, which a friend had recommended, “it was the best Mexican food I have ever eaten!” Megan told me. After the five days in New York, the newlyweds left for their honeymoon in Hawaii and Las Vegas.

Megan&Daniel (49)

On the morning of the wedding, Megan went to Sarabeth’s opposite Central Park for breakfast with her parents and brother and she was pleased that she did, because it allowed her to spend some quiet time with her family on a very busy day. After that they walked back to the hotel through Central Park. “It was a military operation avoiding Dan in the hotel!” Megan laughed. They were deliberately staying in seperate rooms on the night before the wedding, to observe the tradition of not seeing each other before the wedding, but still staying in the same hotel. “We only just avoided a very near sighting on the morning of the wedding!” She explained that her bridesmaid had to run around the lobby of the hotel as they were leaving to make sure that they were not seen and the big entrance spoilt!

Megan&Daniel (79)

For the wedding, Megan wore a figure hugging strapless Blue by Enzoani wedding dress with lace detail. She also wore a hair piece and blue Badgley Mischka heels. She had wanted blue wedding shoes since seeing Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City! She carried white and pink roses with gypsophilia. The maid of honor and bridesmaid’s dresses were from Marks and Spencer.

Megan&Daniel (120)

We had the photographer go to her hotel to capture some photographs of Megan and her bridesmaid, her mother, and her maid and of honor getting ready. We had a guitarist and singer play at the wedding, for the guests while they were waiting for the bride to arrive. Megan walked down the pathway to the Ladies’ Pavilion to My Girl by The Temptations.

Megan&Daniel (130)

I asked Megan what her guests thought of their decision to get married in Central Park. She said that all of the guests who joined them for the wedding were thrilled to have the excuse to make the trip to New York, since the majority of them had not visited before. “When I initially told my mum our plans to marry in New York she had thought we were eloping and was devastated she wouldn’t be able to join us,” said Megan. “When we cleared up that misunderstanding, she was the most excited one out of us all!” she laughed. I always suggest discussing your plans to get married with your nearest and dearest as early as you can. You may need to manage their expectations, depending on whether you are inviting them or not, and of course they can be a great help to you, as Megan’s parents were by checking out the locations for them on their trip the previous year! She said that the people of New York really played a big part in making their day special. “Walking through Central Park in wedding attire, we had lots of locals and tourists congratulating us and taking pictures – we loved the attention!” she said.

Megan&Daniel (141)

After the wedding ceremony in the Ladies’ Pavilion, and group photographs in Central Park, the guests went on to the wedding reception in the Tavern on the Green, which is on the West side of Central Park, while the couple had a few more photographs taken alone. “We had reserved areas both inside the restaurant and outside on the terrace, a three course meal, open bar and a wedding cake from Magnolia Bakery,” Megan said. As the newlyweds arrived they saw that a jazz band were playing on the terrace outside the Tavern, and Megan’s mum asked if they had been booked by the couple. “They hadn’t been booked by us, but it was a lucky coincidence that we got to enjoy them!” said Megan. After the reception in the Tavern, Megan and Daniel got a pedicab back to the Empire Hotel where the group had an area in the rooftop bar reserved. “It was just a perfect day!” Megan enthused.

Megan&Daniel (148)

I asked is they had any final thoughts on marrying in Central Park that they would like to share. “Claire and Wed in Central Park were fantastic!” said Megan. “We had the most perfect day! Everything ran smoothly, the suppliers couldn’t be faulted, and the service we received was faultless. Claire responded within a few hours to all of my queries (I never chased for a response) and she went over and above with organizing our reservations whilst we were in NYC. I would recommend Wed in Central Park to anyone that wanted to get married in NYC. I’m a very organized person so wanted to get everything planned early on and Claire was happy for us to do this. It was the best decision we made and it wouldn’t have been so perfect had it not been for Claire.” Thanks for your kind words, Megan. I love working with a super-organized bride! I wish you both lots of good luck for the future.

Megan&Daniel (154)

For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.

Megan&Daniel (123)


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Eleven Reasons to get Married in the Spring in Central Park

reasons to get married in central park spring

1 The number one reason I hear from couples is the cherry blossom.  It is a pretty good reason – it is very beautiful.  It tends to come in April or May, although that will vary a little from year to year, because it all depends on when the temperatures start to warm up.

2 It can be quite warm.  March can still be very chilly in New York.  Then in April or May it warms up and in my opinion it warms up very quickly.  Once day it’s still Winter, and the next day it’s almost Summer!

3 You could aim for a sunset wedding at around 6pm and capture some beautiful photos of Central Park in that perfect light.

central park wedding spring 4

4 It’s not too hot.  I got married in Central Park in July.  It was hot.  And much of Manhattan can be very humid in the Summer.  Springtime in New York is just perfect – warm sunshine and a nice breeze coming off the water.

5 The flowers start to bloom in many places in Central Park in the Spring.  In particular, the Conservatory Gardens and the Shakespeare Garden will be starting to bloom, as will many of the flower beds near to the Lake.  There will also be a vast array of in-season flowers to choose from when making a bridal bouquet.

6 Spring is not the busiest time of year for weddings, or for tourists, so you get to enjoy the lovely weather in relative quiet.

central park wedding spring 1

7 Spring symbolises new life, and a new start.  What better time to get start this new phase of life together?

8 Everyone is in a great mood in the Spring.  Winter is over, the sun is out much more often and the days are getting longer.

9 Family holidays do not tend to be booked in the Springtime, so many loved ones should be able to join you for your wedding.


10 The temperature should be warm enough to enjoy an outdoor reception, or maybe just a cocktail on a rooftop somewhere overlooking Manhattan.

11 Birds migrate through New York in May, and they can often be spotted resting and feeding in Central Park during their journey in the Ramble and the Woods.

For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, in the Winter, or any other time of year, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.  We can help with advice and guidance to help you through the planning process to be certain that your day goes smoothly so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding.

central park wedding spring 3

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Jade and Sunil’s Wedding in the Conservatory Gardens

real Central Park Wedding J&S

Jade and Sunil got married last August in the Conservatory Gardens.  They brought their five year old daughter Ava and twenty of their family and friends with them to New York from their home in London.

central park wedding jade sunil 8

The couple had been together for ten years before they got married, and like many couples who have been together for a long time, their relationship grew steadily over the years.  So, they did not have a traditional engagement, although they had always talked about getting married, and they had shared the special bond that parenthood brings.  They were happily settled in their family life of making a home for their daughter Ava, and when the time felt right for them, they just set about planning their wedding.  It had always been in their plans, and once they started to organise things they both started to get excited about formalising their commitment and all having the same name.

Central Park wedding Jade Sunil 2

They started looking at wedding venues in London, and found lots of lovely places.  “Organising a huge wedding in London started to feel like it would involve a lot of fuss,” Jade told me, “we wanted our wedding day to be just about is, and the love we have for each other.”  So, they started looking at other options, and found Central Park.  “Central Park is iconic,” said Jade, “we choose the Conservatory Gardens for its serenity; it is in the quieter end of Central Park, so it would be more private and intimate.”

Central Park wedding Jade Sunil 5

Jade and Sunil had the same concern that almost every British couple has; the weather.  But they were not worried about the rain, as many couples are.  “Our only concern was that it might be too hot.  But in fact it was absolutely perfect despite being the end of August,” Jade said.  Jade wore a Jenny Packham dress, shoes and veil all from David’s Bridal, her flowers were created by Designs by Ahn and her hair and make up were done by Emily and Sofia from Once Upon A Bride.  During the ceremony, the officiant read the poem Here’s To Right Now.

Central Park wedding Jade Sunil 3

They stayed for one week at Le Parker Meridien, which is on 56th Street, so quite close to the South end of Central Park.  “The hotel had a pool which was perfect for the hot summer days and our daughter really enjoyed splashing about after a long day of sightseeing,” Jade told me.  They had twenty guests, a mix of family and friends.  “We will be eternally grateful to them all for coming with us to New York to support us on or special day,” said Jade. “Everyone was so excited to be in New York and we spent lots of time together exploring the city,” she added.  I love it when couples use the destination wedding as an opportunity for two families to bond.  In Jade and Sunil’s case, after ten years and a child together, their families are likely to already know each other quite well, which would certainly add to a fun atmosphere for the week.


Central Park wedding Jade Sunil 4

Jade and Sunil’s ceremony was in the Conservatory Gardens, underneath the Wisteria Pergola, which is covered with foliage at that time of year, so it provided some good shade for everyone on the hot day.  They had photographs taken all over Central Park, and then in different places in New York City with their photographer Samm Blake, while their guests enjoyed some drinks and snacks back at the hotel.  Jade said that he favorite photos were the ones taken on Bow Bridge in Central Park, and in the East Village.  After the photos and when the sun began to set, they met everyone at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park for dinner.

Central Park wedding Jade Sunil 7

I asked Jade if she had any final thoughts that she would pass on to anyone considering getting married in Central Park.  She said “Claire was faultless in her communication.  We felt prepared and organised for every part of our wedding even down to the little details like making sure we arrived at City Hall before it opened to collect our marriage licence!”  Back in last September, when she answered these questions for me, she added “we are still floating on a cloud after our dream wedding.  We would do it all over again in a heartbeat!”

For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.

Central Park wedding Jade Sunil 1

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Eleven Reasons to Have a Wedding in Central Park in Winter

get married central park in winter

1 If you’re lucky enough to get snow on your wedding day then your photographs will be stunning.  Central Park is beautiful in the snow.  Snowy wedding photographs will certainly stand out from most people’s wedding photos.  New York sees lots of crisp, cold blue skies in the Winter, too.

2 You are way more likely to get your first choice of date time and location for your event permit, because fewer weddings take place in Central Park in the Winter than the rest of the year.  Even if you are considering getting married very soon, you are quite likely to get an event permit for wherever you like in Central Park, even with very little notice.

3 Most of the people you want to attend will be able to be there.  Your date is less likely to clash with other weddings or family vacations during the Winter.  Many people take time off between Christmas and New Year anyway, so if you get married in the week in between, lots of your loved ones should be able to attend.

fountain winter

4 If you get married outside of the holiday period, then you might get some great offers on accommodation and travel.  You might be able to save some money, or get more for your money than you would in the Summertime.

5 There will be less tourists and members of the public in your wedding photos, because Central Park will be quieter in the Winter.  There will be less people in Central Park altogether, so you will feel as if you have this incredible place all to yourself.

6 After being out in the cold for a little while, you get to go inside somewhere warm and cosy.  And have mulled wine and coffee or tea with rum or whiskey in them.  If you are getting married over the holidays the bars and restaurants will be decorated and it will feel very festive.

Elopement-NYC-Central Park-Lake Camilla Carol

7 Wedding vendors get very busy during the period between May and September.  You may not get your first choice of photographer or other service provider if you get married during this hectic season.  People in the wedding industry are more likely to be available during the Winter, and your photographer may well get your photos edited more quickly if they have less other work competing for their time!

8 If you like shades of rich plum, forest green, berry red and scarlet then this season is for you.  But really, and color palette will work in Central Park in the Winter.  Also, marrying outdoors in the Winter is the perfect excuse to accessorise with a shrug or jacket to complement your dress.

9 You can take a short flight to Florida or the Caribbean after New York for your Honeymoon.  Or go up to a ski resort in the Rockies.


10 January and February can be pretty grim and boring in the Northern hemisphere, and usually there is not a very long list of events to look forward to.  If you give your guests a wedding to look forward to in this otherwise dull time of year you will be rewarded with an anniversary to look forward to at the same time of year for the rest of your lives.

11 Your photos will be fabulous.  No squinting in bright sunlight, no hair frizzing in the humidity, no makeup sliding off a hot and sweaty face.  You should get married in the middle of the day to get the best light, but twilight photos are pretty amazing, too.



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