Alistair and Victoria’s Elopement Wedding in Wagner Cove


Alistair and Victoria eloped from their home in Boston in England this September to get married at Wagner Cove. They met in 2014 at a children’s play area. Their toddlers started playing together by chance. The grown-ups got talking and things progressed from there. Alistair proposed in London’s Hyde Park near to the Serpentine Waterfall. They had both discussed wanting to visit New York one day and their engagement in this iconic park in another major city influenced their decision to get married in Central Park.


Being married is important to Alistair and Victoria because they feel that it shows a higher level of commitment. They have three children between them and this marriage unites them as a family and symbolizes Alistair and Victoria’s commitment in a clear way for their children.


I asked them if they had any concerns about getting married in Central Park and Alistair said that they were a little worried about getting married in a public place. They had chosen one of the most private locations, Wagner Cove, but the area remains a public right of way, even with an event permit. Our fabulous photographer, Andy Mars, put their mind at rest about this when they met her.


Wagner Cove is in a secluded spot right by the Lake. It is accessed by some stone steps that would be very easy to miss if you didn’t know that they were there. I arranged for a guitarist to play at their wedding ceremony location. Alistair and Victoria had made some special requests and the guitarist had learnt them specially for the occasion in advance. He played a little before the ceremony, then a special request part way through the ceremony, after the officiant had made the introduction but before Alistair and Victoria started to make their promises to each other.



They said that their favorite photos were taken down by Wagner Cove because they loved the seclusion as a picturesque back drop to the pictures. Their photographer took them to several other locations in Central Park for photographs, and the couple were pleased to have photos taken in the more iconic locations such as Bethesda Terrace and by the Fountain, but they were very happy with their decision to have the ceremony somewhere less populated.


Alistair wore a three piece blue suit with a white shirt and brown shoes. Victoria wore a champagne satin dress with full length lace overlay and train, purchased from The Bridal Lounge near to their home. Victoria had her hair and makeup done by Salon De Quartier on 2nd Avenue.


Alistair and Victoria stayed at the Waldorf Astoria for ten nights. Though they eloped a friend who lives in New York was able to join them for the wedding ceremony.  After their photographer left them they had a drink in the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park with their friend, and then after that they went on to the Chart House in Weehawken for a celebratory meal.


I asked them if they had any tips for anyone considering getting married in Central Park. Alistair suggests that anyone thinking of doing it should have a good think about what they want from a wedding ceremony location, and ask lots of questions of their planner to be sure that they have the right spot for them. I think this is great advice. We are much more able to help couples get what they want if couples know what it is that they want. Sometimes I encounter couples who really haven’t thought things through early on in the planning process and they might be disappointed. Alistair also pointed out that some of the public restrooms are of a low standard of cleanliness. I would add that they do see a huge volume of traffic every day, and that they have stood up rather well considering the plumbing is over a hundred years old and there really are not very many of them. But I agree that if I was wearing a long white gown I wouldn’t really want to use them. I would also add that couples should check which bathrooms are closest to their wedding location (or ask me), because there really are very few bathrooms in Central Park.


I asked for any other comments on Wed in Central Park and he said “we can not fault the service we received, Claire was informative, helpful and able to answer any questions easily and in good time.” He added, “thank you once again for everything, you really made our day special.” Thank you for sharing your story with us, Alistair and Victoria, I wish you the best of luck for your future together with your family. For more information on planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook for photos and more inspiring stories.


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James and Cat’s Belvedere Castle Terrace Wedding


Catherine and James brought their friends and family over from the UK this September to get married on Belvedere Castle Terrace. Cat is from Cardiff and James is from the Wirral. They met when they were both students at Aston University in November 2007 and have been together ever since.

They bought their first home together in Birmingham in August 2015, and James surprised Cat by asking her to marry him in the kitchen on the day they moved in. It felt like the next natural step in their relationship to symbolize their commitment with marriage, after making the financial leap of buying a home together.


After they had settled in to their house, they started wedding planning. They looked at some nice locations in and around their home in Birmingham, but none of them felt right for them as a couple. They were all very expensive, and Cat and James questioned the idea of paying so much money for just one day. “We feel a marriage is about so much more than just the wedding day and we wanted to do something special without spending so much on the day,” said Cat. It just happened that they were also thinking about taking a holiday to New York after their house move, and just for fun, Cat started to look in to how easy it might be to elope there and get married in New York. “It turns out it’s very easy,” said Cat, “but we liked the idea of having our families with us on the day,” she added. So, they talked to their families about the idea. The little spark of an idea grew and grew and in the end Cat and James decided to take four weeks off work in total and carry on travelling around the USA as their honeymoon after the wedding.


Their original choice for a wedding ceremony location was the Ladies’ Pavilion, but we were unable to get a permit for that spot. This does sometimes happen and we have to make a second choice. They went for Belvedere Castle Terrace in the end, but their photographer knew that they liked the Ladies’ Pavilion so made sure to get lots of extra photos there. That is always something to keep in mind when choosing which location to get married in, you can always go to a lovely location for photos, even if you don’t actually have the ceremony there. Cat said that she liked having that shelter at the Castle Terrace, and she loved the views from there.


I asked if they had any concerns about marrying in Central Park. They had the common worry about the weather, which pretty much everyone has. September usually sees lovely weather in New York, but of course it might rain, and it also might be very hot. In fact Cat and James saw very hot temperatures and some rain during their week-long stay in New York, but the weather was perfect on their wedding day. Belvedere Castle Terrace is a great choice if you are a bit worried about the weather, because it has covering to protect from rain or sunshine, although it is the highest point in Central Park so if it is windy, then you really feel it there. They also had the common worry that they were organizing the wedding from abroad, so they had a small concern that nobody would turn up on the day. I do a lot to try to reassure people about this one, but it is hard because this is an online business, and there are dodgy people out there. We have lots of reviews on Facebook by real people to set anyone’s mind at rest that we are a real business, and all the officiants and photographers and so on who I work with a very reliable, simply because they value their relationship with me, as I do with them.


Cat and James stayed at the Ameritania Hotel, and they would thoroughly recommend it, but they said that if they ever return to New York City then they would prefer to stay in Greenwich Village because they loved the more relaxed pace around there. Personally, I always recommend the Upper West Side; great places to eat, lovely buildings, great transport links, and sandwiched between the Hudson River and Central Park. Their guests were their parents, James’ mum’s partner and both their sisters. They all loved the idea of a destination wedding and used the trip as an opportunity for a holiday, most of the guests stayed for the full week in New York with Cat and James.


Cat wore a Justin Alexander dress and James wore a Ted Baker suit. Cat carried gypsophilia, lisianthus and roses in her bouquet and hair and for the button holes. I arranged for these to be delivered to their hotel room on their wedding day. “We would definitely recommend the florist as they exceeded expectations,” enthused Cat. She booked her own hair and makeup, Sharon Becker, “she did a great job and the hair and make-up stayed put all day and for our evening meal,” added Cat.


They had extra time taking photos, we did three hours instead of the usual two. We can always add on extra time if couples want it. After the wedding they all went to the Loeb Boathouse for drinks after the photos were finished. Then they all went on to a private dining room at Lincoln Square Steakhouse, which they loved. They said it was the best food they had during the week in New York City.


I asked if they had any tips to share for anyone considering a wedding in Central Park. Cat said “it is an absolutely beautiful place to get married but I recommend taking flip flops and asking a guest to kindly carry them for you if you’re wearing heels. There is quite a lot of walking around and luckily our lovely sisters helped carry bottles of water, my heels and James’ suit jacket while we were having photos taken.” This is great advice. The guests at my own wedding carried our dog for us at times (yes, we’re that kind of dog-owners) and whenever I attend a wedding as a planner my main duty is to hold bags and shoes. They also added that “the atmosphere was great and lots of people congratulated us whilst walking around, and we saw other weddings taking place.” Central Park is a popular place for weddings, and weirdly for a weekday in September, their date was very busy, for me and Central Park in general. We are often told how nice it is to walk through the city or through Central Park as people congratulate them as they go. New Yorkers are very friendly and warm people.


I asked if they had any other comments about us and Cat said “Claire provided a very helpful service and made the whole process of getting married in Central Park much less daunting!” She added that she “loved the florist and our officiant and photographer were both amazing!” Thank you for sharing your story with us, Cat and James. I wish you the best of luck for your futures together, I am honoured to have been a part of your wedding. For more information on planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook for photos and more inspiring stories.


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Brian and Cathy’s Wedding Vow Renewal in Wagner Cove


Brian and Cathy renewed their wedding vows in Wagner Cove this June.  They came over from their home in Glasgow, Scotland with a small group.


The couple met in 1984 on Citizen Band Radio.  They were together for a year before getting engaged, three years after that they had their daughter Susan, but they did not get married until they had been engaged for eighteen years.  They had a small wedding at their local registry office.


This year Cathy turned 50, so Brian decided to plan to surprise her with renewing their wedding vows somewhere a little more exciting than the local registry office.  “I wanted to show her that I still love her today as much as I did when we met thirty-two years ago,” Brian told me.  Their vow renewal ceremony was on Cathy’s birthday.


Brian said that he chose Central Park because it is such an iconic and well-known place, “I’ve watched a lot of films with Central Park in it and it always looks so romantic,” he said.


The couple were joined in New York by their daughter Susan and her fiancé Kevin and their friends Margaret and Don.  They stayed at the Kitano Hotel on Park Avenue at 38th Street for five days.  During the ceremony, Susan was ring-bearer and Don read the poem Marriage Joins Two People.


They chose Wagner Cove for the location of their wedding vow renewal.  “It is such a beautiful place to be married,” said Brian.  “Also, we got lots of pictures taken all over Central Park at so many beautiful locations,” he added.  After the ceremony and photos in Central Park, they went to Times Square for more pictures, then on for drinks and a meal to celebrate.


While this was a gift from Brian to Cathy, he decided to tell her in advance of hs plans, rather than surprise her on the day, so Cathy was involved in the planning process. “Claire was great,” she said, “she was in contact all the time asking if she could help us with anything, she arranged everything for us and we had a great day, everything ran smoothly.  It is so hard to arrange things in another country so having Claire was a God send.  We would recommend Claire to anyone arranging a wedding or vow renewal in New York.”


Thank you for sharing your story with us, Brian and Cathy, I wish you the best of luck for the rest of your lives together. It was lovely to be involved in your wedding vow renewal.


For more information on planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook for photos and more inspiring stories.


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Guest Post – Planning a Bridal Look for a Park Venue

Today’s post  has been written by Olga from Best for Bride, a Canadian bridal dress chain. Brides often ask her for advice on what to wear for their wedding day, so I asked her to write a blog making some suggestions on what to think about for anyone planning a wedding in Central Park.  Here is what she said.

An outdoor wedding is always interesting, with nature forming a beautiful canvas for your wedding décor. Although unconventional, getting married in a venue like a park is very popular these days. Central Park, for instance, is a preferred location for weddings all-year round.

When your venue is outdoors there are more factors to consider when planning your bridal look. Your dress and accessories should be comfortable, while your hair and makeup should be appropriate. Here are some tips from the bridal experts at Best for Bride, Canada’s top bridal destination, to help you plan your wedding day look when the venue is outdoors.



Prioritize function over form when choosing your dress

A heavy wedding gown with a long train is impractical and inconvenient when you will be walking on uneven terrain. Similarly, fitted dress silhouettes will stifle your movement. The apt choice would be a light, airy wedding dress in breathable fabric like chiffon or lace. Avoid styles like the trumpet and mermaid as they can be difficult to move in, while ball gowns are heavy. Instead opt for A-line or sheath styles. Dresses with hemlines at the ankle or above also suit the casual and relaxed vibe of a park wedding.


Wear water-proof makeup and a hairstyle that holds

Use waterproof makeup to look fresh for longer. Also pick a hairstyle that will hold. Don’t forget to pack an emergency touch-up kit to use throughout the day. It should contain hair brushes, compact, lipstick, brushes, blotting paper and Q-tips for quick touch-ups. Quickly refresh your hair and makeup at regular intervals and especially before photo shoots to look great throughout the day.


Pick accessories with care

While high heels are fine for an indoor wedding, they aren’t advisable for an outdoor venue. Instead opt for kitten heels, peep-toes or sandals. You can even try unusual options like sneakers or boots for a statement look. Outdoor weddings are the perfect occasion to experiment with unique accessories like floral crowns and wildflower bouquets. Choose lightweight jewelry to avoid a cluttered look.


Dress according to the weather

Spring and summer are the popular seasons for park weddings. Nevertheless, there are couples who decide to tie the knot outdoors in the cold months. Plan your bridal look according to the weather at the time of your wedding. If it will be windy, add an accessory like a stylish jacket, bolero, cape or shrug to your bridal ensemble. Or choose dresses with sleeves to stay warm. For an autumn or winter wedding, dresses made from thicker fabric like velvet or wool blends are best.

Thanks so much for this Olga, this is all great food for thought.  Best for Bride is a Canadian bridal dress chain operating from four locations in the country.  They feature an extensive collection of wedding dresses; bridesmaids dress collections and dresses for the rest of the bridal party.  For more details on the collections they carry and their services, check out the Best for Bride website here.

For more information on planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook for photos and more inspiring stories.

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Rivka and Dani’s International Cop Cot Wedding

RD central park wedding cop cot couple 2

Rivka and Dani brought their family and friends from pretty much all over the world this August, to get married at Cop Cot in Central Park. Rivka is originally from New Zealand and Dani is from England. They met when Dani was backpacking through New Zealand. They had only been together for a short time when Dani’s visa ran out and she was due to go to Australia. Rivka decided to go with her. It turned out to be the right decision and they have been together for over five years now.

RD central park wedding walk up to cop cot 1

They lived together in Sydney and did lots of travelling together from there. They both attended a friend’s wedding a year or so ago and after that they “felt that something shifted,” as Rivka put it, and they felt that it was time to take the next step in their relationship.

RD central park wedding cop cot 3

Just a few days before they had got together Dani had jokingly proposed to Rivka with a ring from her own finger and had always refused to take it back. So, it was a long-standing joke between them that when it became time to get married, Rivka must do the proposing, because Dani already had. As an Englishwoman living abroad tea is very important to Dani, as I can wholeheartedly appreciate, after living away from England for over six years myself. So, Rivka had a mug specially made with a spoon engraved with “will you marry me?” Rivka proposed four years to the day that Dani had jokingly proposed to her.

RD central park wedding cop cot 2

Same-sex marriages are not legally recognized yet in their home of Australia, but Rivka and Dani wanted to formalize their commitment knowing that they wanted to share all parts of their lives with each other. It was important to them to make their commitment somewhere that their marriage would be seen as equal in the eyes of the law to all other marriages. Initially they were going to get married in the only place in Australia where this would be the case, which is the British Consulate. This option is only open to couples with one partner who is British, and although they qualified for this, they decided they wanted to get married somewhere a bit more fun, and where they could have a proper celebration.

RD central park wedding walk up to cop cot 2

New York seemed like the obvious choice for a couple with family as spread out as theirs. It is one of Rivka and Dani’s favorite cities and it is accessible for many of their friends and family who they wanted to attend their wedding. I find that this is quite a common reason for couples who are from two distant places; a destination wedding in New York is neutral and feels fair to everyone. They were quick to choose Central Park for their ceremony location “because it is so quintessentially New York as well as beautiful,” said Rivka “and as soon as we saw Cop Cot we knew we had found the place,” she added.

RD central park wedding cop cot group 1

The couple stayed in a rented apartment in Soho for ten days. This was a rather large wedding by Central Park standards with around fifty guests. All but four of the guests were from overseas. They all loved the location for the wedding. “For many of them, especially those from New Zealand, it was a great excuse to come to a city they had always wanted to see,” Rivka told me. “We had Dani’s family from the UK and some of my family from New Zealand, along with friends from the UK, Australia and France,” she said.

RD central park wedding cop cot 1

They held their ceremony in Cop Cot, “which is not only beautiful but is also very well located for transport and easy for guests to find,” Rivka pointed out. “The photographs we took around there were great because we had Central Park and the iconic New York City skyline in the background,” she added.

RD central park wedding highline

They had their reception at The Park in Chelsea, near to the Highline, so they took lots of photos there, too. “It gives you a great mix of garden, industrial and New York all at once,” Rivka said. Their reception has a room overlooking the Highline. “They were great at organizing the whole reception from overseas and it actually was beyond our expectations when we finally got to see the place on the week of our wedding. All the guests loved it too and the food was fantastic,” enthused Rivka.

RD central park wedding cop cot reception

Rivka wore a Grecian inspired dress originally designed as a bridesmaid dress by Jadore from White Runway in Sydney. Dani wore a suit that she had tailored on their last trip to Thailand. Rivka and her bridesmaid carried gerberas in their bouquets and we had spray roses and baby’s breath put into Rivka and the bridal party members’ hair. The wonderful Rachel Cho floral design provided all the flowers and the fabulous team from Metrolook styled the flowers in to their hair. “Metrolook were amazing,” said Rivka, “we had a lot of fun getting ready and not only were they great at their jobs but were so good at helping me stay calm.”

RD central park wedding cop cot couple 1

I asked them if they had any thoughts to share for anyone considering a wedding in Central Park, and Rivka said “if you are nervous about planning a destination wedding or wondering whether it is worth it …. it really is. With Claire’s help our day was not only perfect but also seemless and everything she organized for us, whether it was flowers, hair and make up, celebrant or photographer they were very professional and great choices.”

RD central park wedding cop cot bridesmaids

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Rivka and Dani, I wish you the best of luck for your future together, and I hope you have an amazing time together travelling over the coming years. For more information on planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook for photos and more inspiring stories.

RD central park wedding cop cot group 2

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Tatiana and Fabio’s Conservatory Garden Wedding


Tatiana and Fabio are both originally from Brazil, but they currently live together in Upper East Side Manhattan. They met at their Tatiana’s friend’s tattoo studio, Acqua Santa Tattoo in Chelsea, where Fabio works as a tattoo artist.


At first Tatiana thought Fabio was too quiet, and Fabio thought Tatiana was too loud, but eventually they got to know each other better. Tatiana was often at the tattoo studio to see her friend and she would see Fabio, and the group would socialise together, and one day something clicked and from then on Tatiana and Fabio became an inseparable couple. They moved in together three months after getting together and soon after Tatiana’s birthday that year, which fell on Thanksgiving, Fabio proposed in front of her whole family.


As soon as they were engaged to be married, the couple knew that they wanted to tie the knot in Central Park. They had had their first date in Central Park, in the Conservatory Gardens, so the place had a special significance for them. One day, Fabio had taken a wrong turn while walking their dog, and happened upon the beautiful Vanderbilt Gate, and when he got home he suggested they get married in the gardens.


Tatiana and Fabio live just a few blocks from Central Park, so it seemed like the obvious choice for them. I completely know how they feel. Myself and my husband were living just a few blocks away from where Tatiana and Fabio live now when we decided to get married in Central Park. We went running there and we walked our dog there, it seemed so natural that this beautiful place that featured so heavily in our daily lives should be the place where we got married. We have something else in common with Tatiana and Fabio, we also took our dog to our wedding.


The couple chose the Burnett Fountain at the Secret Garden in the Conservatory Gardens for their wedding ceremony location. Since Tatiana and Fabio are New Yorkers, they really didn’t need too much from me, just pieces of advice here and there, and the purchase of their event permit.


The Conservatory Gardens carry an extra charge (not mine – theirs – for more info, check their website), all the other locations have a fee of $25, which I build in to my packages, the Conservatory Gardens cost $500, so it costs $475 extra to get married there on top of my usual package prices. Tatiana and Fabio did not need me to provide an officiant for them, that friend who introduced them was their officiant at the wedding ceremony.


Tatiana wore a beaded lace sheath wedding gown with godet inserts by Galina, purchased from David’s Bridal. Her hair and makeup were done at the Maria Bonita Spa and Salon.  Their photographer was Tiago Chediak.


Tatiana and Fabio are locals so they were able to have lots of friends and family at their wedding. Tatiana told me that they all loved the beauty and energy of Central Park. That evening they had a beautiful cocktail party overlooking the sunset. I always ask people if there is anywhere in New York they would recommend, and this couple is Brazilian, so their recommendation is a Berimbau, a Brazilian restaurant.


I asked them if they would recommend a wedding in Central Park to other New Yorkers, or visitors to their city and Tatiana said “oh yes it was so magical and dreamy to be married in such a beautiful location.” She added, “Claire helped me set everything, answered all my questions in a speedy manner, I would do it just the same all over again, thank you Claire.”


Thank you for sharing your story with us, Tatiana and Fabio I wish you the best of luck for your futures together in New York, I am honoured to have been a part of your wedding. For more information on planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook for photos and more inspiring stories.


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Susanna and Jari’s Wedding Celebration at Belvedere Castle Terrace


Susanna and Jari brought some of their friends over to New York from Tampere, Finland to get married this July. They first met in 2007 when they began their studies in Tampere University of applied sciences. They were in the same class and had mutual friends, but they were not together as a couple until five years ago in 2011 as a result of spending a lot of time together arranging an educational trip to the wonderful city of New York for their student society. “In May 2011 we shared the most romantic moment kissing under the stars at the Top of the Rock,” said Susanna. As they fell in love with New York they also fell in love with each other. This is the reason they decided to have their wedding in New York.


They had been together for two years before they got married in June 2013 before their son Max was born in August. It was a quick ceremony on a Tuesday afternoon in their local registry offices, so they planned to have a bigger celebration later on after their son arrived. At that time they had not yet decided where it would be. So, they did not get engaged in the traditional way of one asking the other, they just decided together to get married before their son was born because they wanted the whole family to have the same last name.

I asked them about their decision to get married in Central Park. “When we started planning our wedding we knew right away that no ordinary party would do,” said Susanna. “We had seen way too many weddings all from the same mould and we wanted something different and exciting, something that would reflect us as people.” The Top of the Rock has a special significance to them, of course, so they had considered having their ceremony there, but in the end they decided that it would be too difficult and expensive. They had loved Central Park since the first time they visited it, so it seemed like the natural choice for them.

They stayed in New York for six days, at the Cassa Hotel on 45th Street. “The hotel was great and the staff was beyond amazing!” Susanna said. “They were very helpful in all our questions and requests,” she added. They also recommend the hotel’s restaurant Butter. “Outstanding food, lovely atmosphere and friendly staff,” she said.


Their ceremony was held on the Belvedere Castle terrace. They were on a tight schedule on their wedding day, so they stuck to that one location for all their photos, but luckily they had chosen a spectacular location so they got lots of great pictures.


After the ceremony they went on a dinner cruise by Spirit Cruises aboard the Spirit of New York. “We had a lovely evening with good food, dancing and sightseeing and it was really nice since most of our guests were in New York for the first time and they got to see the sights at the same time,” Susanna said. “After the cruise we all went back to our hotel to have a drink and change clothes before we headed to the rooftop garden at 230 Fifth. We had table reserved and we spent the rest of the evening enjoying the beautiful view and nice cold drinks,” she added.


Susanna wore a champagne colored wedding dress from Pure Bridal that she had bought in Finland and brought with her to New York. Jari’s tux was rented from Baldwin Formals in New York. Susanna’s bouquet and Jari’s boutonniere were from Rachel Cho Floral Design and they were made with burgundy roses and calla lilies. Susanna’s hair and make up were done by artists from Metrolook New York. Susanna loved her look and all the guests said that they did a great job.


I asked what they would say to anyone considering having a wedding in Central Park. “To anyone who is thinking about getting married in Central Park I say do it!” Susanna said. “It is a unique experience and with a professional like Claire handling everything all you have to do is show up!” Thank you for sharing your story with us, Susanna and Jari, I wish you the best of luck for your future together with your little family. For more information on planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook for photos and more inspiring stories.


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