Things to do on your Wedding Day in New York City

things to do on your wedding day in new york city

I have planned many weddings in Central Park over the past few years, and often couples ask for tips on what else they might do on their wedding day to help to make it that little bit more special. Here is a list of things that other couples have recommended, or things that I think would help add a unique special touch of New York-ness to your day.

Sunset Sail to the Statue of Liberty. This might suit an elopement or a small group better than a larger group. A bride might want to change her dress before the sail if she has chosen a formal gown, but it would be a picturesque and romantic way to round off the day.

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Take a helicopter flight
. There are several companies that can take you on a sightseeing flight over New York City. This is another great thing to do for an elopement or very small group. The city is very beautiful from the ground, but even more spectacular to appreciate it from the sky.

Cruise around the island of Manhattan. A unique choice for a reception following a Central Park wedding would be to take a cruise around Manhattan. Many cruises also offer dinner and dancing. One of our couples recommend the World Yacht Company who also do private yacht charters.

Stroll along the High Line. This is a relatively new park built on a freight rail line which was built in the 1930s. It might be nice to take a walk and some photos then finish up with a meal or a snack in Chelsea or the Meatpacking District afterwards.


Go to the Top of the Rock or the Empire State Building. No visit to New York is complete without getting a view of the city from a very high building. Many people know that you can go to the top of the Empire State Building, but I personally prefer the top of the GE Building, that is part of the Rockefeller Center, known as the Top of the Rock. This is because the view from there has the Empire State Building in it, and also it gives a great view of Central Park. You can have photographs taken and show the location of your wedding ceremony in Central Park behind you.

Go to the Met. The Metropolitan Museum of Art might be the most incredible museum in the US, if not the world. A visit here may suit a couple who are art or history buffs. If you get married in the Summer you can go on to the roof to enjoy a glass of wine, an art exhibition, and of course a great view of Central Park.

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Walk across Brooklyn Bridge. This is not something I would suggest someone should do in a bridal gown. But if you got married something comfortable enough and the weather is nice then a walk across the bridge will reward you with spectacular views of Manhattan and the Hudson River, then you can finish with a sit down in Brooklyn Bridge Park to enjoy more great views.

Splurge on a really special restaurant. This is the most popular choice by far for many couples and their parties. I have written two blogs on great New York restaurants to celebrate your wedding in (here and here). There are so many great places in New York to chose from.

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See a Broadway show. Check out a list of what’s on in New York when you are there. Perhaps there is a show that you have always wanted to see. Your wedding day might be the perfect opportunity to go and see it. If you have brought your family with you to New York and you have already had a few dinners out together this may be something different to do on your special day.

Go to Coney Island. If you have children with your in your party, or if you are just a child at heart, then go over to Coney Island for some funfair rides and a paddle in the sea at the beach. Or if that is too far, just hop on the Carousel in Central Park.

When planning your wedding day, keep in mind the weather, anything outdoors in New York in the Winter may have to be kept fairly short because of the cold temperatures. Few couples will be feeling particularly romantic when they are too cold. In high Summer, New York can be hot and humid, but Central Park or by one of the rivers is usually the freshest place to be in Manhattan in the Summer.

Make sure you have a great photographer. If you have no guests, then this is the best way for you to relive your memories. And even if you don’t feel that you need an audience for your ceremony, it will be nice to share the memories of the day with others with pictures.

For more information on planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website. Or “like” us on Facebook for lots of beautiful photos and more inspiring stories. If you have any other great ideas of how or where you could celebrate your wedding in New York City, or a story of you own, then please share your comments below.

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13 Responses to Things to do on your Wedding Day in New York City

  1. Jason Ellis says:

    You will be very tired after all those accomplishments! LoL

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  3. Ritu says:

    What great ideas… think I need to get remarried…to my Hubby of course!… and in New York!

  4. noellekelly says:

    On our honeymoon, we said we will renew our vows for our ten year anniversary in Central Park!

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