A Central Park wedding is a truly unique and memorable experience.  This blog has been created to provide ideas and inspiration for those who are planning a wedding in New York’s Central Park.  It will feature stories and photos of couples who have married in Central Park, and articles that might be of interest to those planning a wedding here.

My business, Wed in Central Park, can provide one-on-one advice and suggestions for everything you need for your wedding.  We can tell you what legal paperwork you need to complete, help you to find the loveliest spots in the Park, and secure the best photographers, videographers and celebrants in town for your wedding day.

We will talk through your desires for the perfect wedding day, and can provide all the services you need to get married in this beautiful park in the center of the world’s greatest city.  We can provide a bespoke package or you can purchase one of our two standard services.

I would love to hear from couples who have got married in Central Park, please email if you would like to submit your story, old or new.  I would also be interested to her from local vendors of anything that might be related to weddings in Central Park, so please drop me a line if you would like to write a guest post.

Contact me at info@wedincentralpark.com

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  1. SPFischer says:

    I found your site because I wanted to say thank you for your follow on my blog. Once I got here, I knew exactly why you liked my Central Park post 🙂 What a fun and interesting business you have! While I have a long and happy marriage and certainly hope never to personally need your services, I will make sure friends and family in and around NYC know about your business. I’ve definitely enjoyed looking through your posts and visiting your website. Wishes for continued success, from your newest follower!

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