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Elopement Central Park Elope New York

Big news!  We’re offering a new wedding package for couples who are planning an elopement in Central Park!  This is also a great package for couples who want to renew their vows in New York.  For a long time now I’ve offered three packages to our clients:

Just the ceremony package: I discuss with the couple what they want to happen on their wedding day, we make a plan of timings, I write a ceremony for them, I arrange for an officiant for them, and get their event permit.  Usually, these couples are either bringing their photographer with them or they want to choose their own from the vast range of choices offered in New York.

Package one: everything included in the package listed above, but I also book a photographer for the couple for two hours, and help them to plan which locations they want to take photos in.  I generally suggest two hours is just right for photos of the ceremony and then taking time for more photos around the major sights of Central Park.

Package two: everything in package one, with a videographer, an acoustic musician and flowers added in.

For more information on our prices and packages, please check this part of the website.  We can also add in various other extras, such as more time with a photographer to capture photos in other locations around New York, a wedding rehearsal with your officiant, different flowers, and so on.

Central Park Elopement (2)

Lots of couples contact me about eloping, or renewing their marriage vows, and they don’t feel that they need two hours of photos, or they just don’t wan to pay that much.  I’ve found it difficult to accommodate these couples, because most photographers will not come out for less than two hours.  This is quite reasonable – they wouldn’t earn enough to potentially turn down another wedding on the same date, plus they have travel time and editing time to think about.  Also, although two hours may sound like a long time, but I think it is just right to get photos walking in to the park, photos of the ceremony, then photos around the park afterwards.

The thing about bigger weddings, though, is that they generally take place Friday to Sunday, and mostly take place on a Saturday.  The thing about eloping couples, is that they’re often from out of town, and more frequently from outside of the country.  This means that the whole trip to New York is basically their wedding celebration and honeymoon rolled in to one.  So, they can be more flexible in terms of which day they get married on.  So, by offering this new elopement package, just from Monday to Thursday, I can help reach a compromise between the couples who want a shorter amount of photography time, and the photographers who don’t want to give up the chance of earning far more by being contracted for longer elsewhere.

Now we have the Wed in Central Park Elopement Package!  It’s everything from package one on the website, but with just one hour of photography instead of two, and it’s over $300 cheaper.  This is only available for weddings taking place from Monday to Thursday, and for small parties.  So, it has a lower price mostly because it involves less photography time, but it should also be a little easier for me to plan.  That’s because other vendors have greater availability during the week, too, and an eloping couple often need a little less guidance and planning effort, although that’s not always the case.

For more information to help you with planning your own elopement in Central Park, or actually anywhere else in New York, I’ve planned weddings in lots of awesome locations in the city, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of small weddings and elopements.

Central Park Elopement

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