Getting Married in Central Park in July

getting married in Central Park in July

I got married in the Ladies’ Pavilion in July, so I could say that this is my favorite month for weddings in Central Park.  The park is lovely and full of greenery and flowers at this time of year, but New York is hot in July!  The year we go married, our wedding date of July 1st was a Friday and so July 4th fell on the Monday that year, so we had a nice, long holiday weekend.  We had a small wedding in Central Park with two friends as witnesses and our dog, then we took the dog to the Catskills for our short honeymoon.

We do see quite a lot of weddings in Central Park in July.  New York is hot and humid in July and August, but Central Park is the coolest place in Manhattan during the summer – all that greenery keeps things cooler.  We got married in the morning in the shade of the Ladies’ Pavilion.  The photographers I work with would all suggest that you get married at the start of the day or the end of the day when getting married in high summer.  The sun is hot and bright in the middle of the day, so that will affect your photos if you get married in the early afternoon, which is generally a popular time for weddings.

Often, couples are worried about the rain when getting married outdoors, but at this time of year, it’s worth choosing a ceremony location that provides shelter from the sun, rather than the rain.  Photos will be better and everyone will be more comfortable if you’re in the shade for your ceremony.

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A great thing about getting married in the summer in New York is that a wedding party can wear pretty much whatever they want to – the weather will be temperate enough for the couple and the guests to be comfortable in any gown or suit.  Because the weather is so warm, you could take photos at the Top of the Rock or the Empire State Building or Brooklyn Bridge Park and not get cold as couple do when visiting these spots in the Winter months!

Sunrise happens at around 5:30am and the sun sets around 8:30pm in July.  So, you will get lots of daylight to enjoy New York and do lots of sightseeing!  Many couples may want to make the most of the long, light evenings and enjoy a dinner reception outdoors, a rooftop bar or a river cruise.

The couple must pick up their marriage license in advance of their wedding.  They must have it at least 24 hours in advance of the ceremony.  The City Clerk’s Office is closed on the day when Independence Day is observed, which might not always be the 4th.  So, check which day it is being observed on during the year you are getting married if your date is close to that weekend and keep it in mind when making your travel plans.  Also, this is a big holiday weekend in the USA.  This is when a lot of Americans get married.  So, if you’re not American, consider coming to New York on a different weekend when it will be quitter – unless you really love fireworks!

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