Michelle and Jessie’s Intimate Wedding in the Ladies’ Pavilion

Michelle and Jessie got married in the Ladies’ Pavilion in June.  They are both born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  Jessie is 31 and Michelle is 29 years old.  Michelle and Jessie met in August 2008, when Michelle was seventeen and Jessie was eighteen.  Jessie was working in the Subway sandwich shop in their neighborhood.  Michelle did not much feel like eating at the time but her Mom, insisted that they went.  Her mom knew the owner from visits when Michelle was a child, and she knew Jessie a little because she was a regular; she loved his service and the way he made her sandwich!  They walked in, Jessie greeted her and took her order.  Michelle took quite some time to make up her mind and then order the blandest sandwich Jessie had ever heard of!  They laughed about it, he made up her sandwich and they sat down to eat.

There was certainly a spark between them that day they met.  They were on each other’s minds until Michelle went in again – and Jessie remembered her order.  She visited the Subway a few more times and eventually they exchanged numbers.  They officially became a couple three months later, so they had been together for over twelve years when they got married. Michelle and Jessie got engaged on March 16th 2020, which was the day they declared official pandemic lockdown.  Originally Jessie had plans to take Michelle out that day to a restaurant and propose but then Covid put a stop to his plans as it did to so many others!  So he proposed that morning around 6:30 am, while everyone else was sleeping.  “He was super nervous,” said Michelle, “but it was so beautiful, sweet and intimate,” she said.

I asked Michelle why getting married was important to them.  “It was always a relationship goal for us,” she said.  “When we first met, we spoke of our future goals and both agreed we eventually would like get married and have kids.  We didn’t have that growing up as kids, so we wanted to make sure we can provide that, not just for us but for our kids to see and have both parents married and in love,” she explained.  Michelle and Jessie have a seven year old son, Aidan.

After they had gotten engaged, they initially considered getting married in a church.  Then they considered doing it in City Hall.  With Covid throwing so many wedding plans up in the air, they decided an outdoor wedding would be safer to plan and less likely to have to be rescheduled, even by June of 2021, and they were right.  “We browsed multiple websites that had Central Park wedding packages and saw the pictures and how beautiful it was, that’s when we instantly agreed; Central Park it is,” Michelle said. 

I asked her if she has any concerns in the run up to the wedding.  “Our main concern was any Covid restrictions and the availability of the location we wanted, but it ended up working out perfectly and we did get the location we wanted thanks to our wedding planner Claire,” said Michelle.  The permit application process for Central Park currently includes filling out a Covid 19 Safety Plan, so we were all made aware of any restrictions and measures that we were required to put in place to keep everyone safe.

Michelle, Jessie and their son Aidan met their photographer Florencia a little while before the ceremony to take some photos around Central Park.  They did a “first look” shot of Jessie and Aidan’s reaction to Michelle and then took some portrait shots around the center area.  This option of taking photos before the ceremony is becoming increasingly popular.  It means that the couple can hang out with the theirs guests straight after the ceremony and do whatever they want to do, rather than have the group wait for an hour or so while the couple take photos. 

Michelle wore a long summer dress in ivory, purchased from David’s Bridal, and carried an ivory and blue bouquet.  The color theme of the wedding was sapphire blue.  So her maid of honor, matron of honor and mom wore blue.  Michelle’s mom gave her away, because her father is no longer with us.  Jessie wore a white button down shirt with blue pants and brown shoes and Aiden wore a cute outfit with button down shirt, vest, pants, bow tie and brown shoes.  Michelle looked stunning but I think we can all agree that Aiden was the cutest person in Central Park that day!  Michelle had her hair professionally done at the hair salon she go to regularly and has gone to since childhood, Amarilli’s Unisex Salon at 1540 Gates Avenue, Brooklyn.  Her makeup was professionally done by this aesthetician and makeup artist Hencys.  “Book her, she’s amazing and she offered bridal trails as well,” Michelle advises any other brides!

The ceremony took place in the Ladies’ Pavilion.  “It was beautiful,” said Michelle.  They had twelve of their nearest and dearest friends and family as guests.  Straight after the ceremony, they all enjoyed a champagne toast in the Pavilion and took some photos in the area.  On the way home they picked up some delicious vegan food to share with the party, from a place called Greedi Kitchen, located on 180 Ralph Street in Brooklyn.

I asked Michelle her opinion on smaller weddings in general, since they have become so popular recently.  “We think smaller weddings are the best,” she said.  “They are becoming more popular too due to Covid, but we always agreed on a small wedding; it’s more intimate and special with just the important people around you, your family and friends,” she added.  I asked her what advice she might have for others considering doing something similar, “if you’re hesitating on getting married in Central Park; don’t!!” she said.  “Book it, you will not be disappointed one bit,” she added. 

Finally, I asked Michelle how we did, here’s what she said.  “Claire was amazing along with the officiant and photographer she assigned to us.  Our day was magical thanks to them all.  Book with Claire, she will exceed all your expectations and more.  She is very patient, kind and informative.  Very prompt too.  So glad I came across her website and booked with her.” Thank you for your kind words, Michelle, and it was an absolute pleasure planning your wedding with you.  I wish you and Jessie the best of luck for your future together.  If you would like me to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding or elopement, whether you’re from near or far, visit our website.  Keep updated with our news and see lots of beautiful photos, “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest

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