Eleven Reasons to Get Married in Central Park in the Summer

reasons to get married in central park summer

1 New York City gets hot in the summer, and humid, especially in August.  The streets of Manhattan get to very high temperatures, with all that concrete.  But Central Park, with it’s lush lawns and beautiful greenery is easily the coolest place to be in Manhattan in the Summer.

2 You will see more butterflies in Central Park towards the end of the Summer, because that is when the plants that attract them are blooming.

3 No matter what dress you choose you will not be cold.  The brides, and of course the guests can go sleeveless or strapless and wear sandals with the confidence that you will not be shivering.  The grooms can choose a cool, breathable summer suit.

summer wedding central park 4

4 There is so much going on in New York City in the Summer, that you will be spoilt for choice of other things you can do while visiting.

5 You can get married at sunset and it will still be very warm, leaving you able to go on to an outdoor reception, perhaps on a rooftop somewhere overlooking the city.  The sun is up for longer, so your wedding day celebrations can go on outside for longer.

6 Schools are out and people are on vacation.  So many of my clients are tied to the school holidays, either through their work or their kids, or their guests’ kids, so a Summer holiday ensures everyone can attend.

summer wedding central park 1

7 The flowers are in full bloom in high Summer, in particular the Shakespeare Garden looks beautiful at this time of year, and there is a big stone seat at the top of the garden, which is in shade, and always a cool spot to sit on and cool down, and a nice location for a ceremony.  Indeed, flowers everywhere are in full bloom, so the options for a seasonal bouquet are endless.  Also, your guests will look more colourful, because everyone gets their bright colors out in Summer, and everyone will have a tan!

8 So many honeymoon options!  Lots of couples who visit New York to get married, then go on to another part of the USA for their honeymoon.  If it is Summertime, then your options tend to increase of awesome places to visit on your first trip as a married couple.

9 I got married on the 1st of July, and every year we celebrate our anniversary somewhere lovely.  The sun always shines on our wedding anniversary, because we chose to have it in the Summer.

summer wedding central park 2

10 The turtles come out of the water of aptly named Turtle Pond by Belvedere Castle, and in the Lake, by the Ladies’ Pavilion and by Wagner Cove, on to the rocks to sun themselves.  You are sure to have these little guys crash your wedding if you have a ceremony near to the water.

11 There are lots of places in Central Park that offer shelter from the strong sunlight in the Summer.  Cop Cot will be covered with lush foliage by the end of the Summer, and it creates a beautiful dappled light on to a ceremony in there.  The Ladies’ Pavilion and Belvedere Castle Terrace have coverings, and of course underneath Bethesda Terrace provides good shade for anyone needing a rest from the sun.

summer wedding central park 3

For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, in the Winter, or any other time of year, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.  We can help with advice and guidance to help you through the planning process to be certain that your day goes smoothly so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding.

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  1. I like seeing all of the different photos of couples showing what their weddings looked like… so many options in Central Park!

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