Gapstow Bridge in Central Park

Gapstow Bridge Central Park Information

Gapstow Bridge is in the South-East corner of Central Park, but guests would need to walk on the pathways around the Pond to get to the bridge.  It is a very well-known spot and quite a busy one for passers-by.  The trees and the famous buildings of Central Park South provide a lovely backdrop to the bridge.  Couples could get married on the stone bridge itself, or if it’s dry, on a small patch of grass near to the Pond, with the bridge in the background.  It can only accommodate a small group, but is a lovely place for photographs.  To get to Bethesda Terrace in the middle of Central Park, it’s a walk up the Mall from here.  In the Winter, it is minutes from the Wollman ice rink and in the Summer, the fun fair is on that site.

Below are some wedding photographs from Gapstow Bridge and the surrounding area.  These photos are intended to show the location in as much useful detail as possible for any couples considering a wedding there.  Please feel free to email me,  if you would like any further advice or information on this location.

Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge GK_3582

Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge Flor&JohnCentral Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge Anita GrantCentral Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge 4By Laura Pennace - Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge Flor&John 2Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge Anita Grant pond

Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge GK_3612

Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge 3

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