Five Things I Loved About My Wedding – Laura

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This is the fifth in a series of blog posts with a focus on the things that a couple look back on and know that they made their wedding special to them.  It is called Five Things I Loved About My Wedding.  The idea is to help provide some inspiration for anyone planning their own wedding.  Most of the weddings discussed in this series will be from Central Park, but some weddings from other locations will be featured, because I think all weddings will provide some inspiration.  Laura writes a parenting and lifestyle blog, Autumn’s Mummy, and she very kindly posted a piece written by me about my business, so we are doing a swap.  She married her husband Dave in June 2015 in Kent.  This is Laura’s list of the five things that made her wedding day special.

That I was finally getting married

My husband and I got engaged when we were 18 and it was apparent that it would take years for us to get married. Sometimes it seemed like we were never going to get there, as I watched others meet partners and get married around us. Now it was finally our turn! I know a lot of people say that “it’s just a piece of paper”, but it was important to us.

Laura wedding 1

My dress

My dress was the first one I tried on, but no other dress I tried came anywhere close to it. It was traditional but modern, with a small train just like I wanted. It was an Alfred Angelo with lacy details, small pearls and sequins. It sparkled in the light, but wasn’t too much. I loved how it made my figure look and I loved how I felt in it. I never wanted to take it off!

Laura wedding 2

My shoes

My shoes were the first thing I bought for our wedding. I’ve always loved shoes and when I spotted Irregular Choice’s “Fresh Cut Grass” online, I just knew that those had to be my wedding shoes. I’ve loved their quirky designs for years and I couldn’t imagine wearing any other shoes once I’d seen those. Frustratingly, they’d been discontinued. However, I managed to find a brand new pair heavily discounted from a seller on eBay!

Laura wedding 3

My makeup

My makeup was how I like to wear my makeup on a daily basis, but a more polished version. I really wish I looked like I did on my wedding every day! I really need to master winged eyeliner, then I’ll be a step closer. It was important to me that I looked like “me” and felt my most confident. My makeup on the day definitely did both those things.

Laura wedding 4

How our rings were delivered

I’ve loved owls since I started reading the Harry Potter books at the age of 8. I’ve collected owl things since and would consider them my favourite animal. I found out that you could have barn owls deliver the wedding rings at your wedding. It was a wonderful surprise for our guests and the owl was beautiful! It added a little more interest to the day and was definitely a very special memory.

Laura wedding 5

All the wedding photos were by Robert Marriott Photography.

Autumn’s Mummy is a family lifestyle blog, written by Laura who lives in Rochester, UK. She writes about her experiences as a 25 year old, happily married first time mama. She also has a wide variety of interests which include beauty, technology and fashion which she also blogs about.  Check out her blog, and follow her on your social media(s) of choice.  Follow her on Twitter and Instagram and “like” her Facebook page for updates on her posts.

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