Flor and John’s English and Spanish Wedding on Gapstow Bridge

Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge FJ

Florencia and John got married in Central Park with a small group in June on Gapstow Bridge.  They brought John’s mother and daughters from their home in Michigan for the wedding.  They all stayed at Essex House, the well-known hotel overlooking the part of Central Park where they got married.

Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge FJ (17)

They had hoped to get married in Wagner Cove but at that time the wooden structure had been terribly vandalised and was out for a long time for restoration.  So, instead they chose Gapstow Bridge for their ceremony.

Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge FJ (3)

Flor’s first language is Spanish, so the couple wanted to have both English and Spanish in their ceremony.  Our officiant asked them both the “do you take this person to be your husband/wife….” question in both English and Spanish and both John and Flor answered “I do” and then when they exchanged rings both the bride and groom made their promises in both English and Spanish.  Then the officiant declared them married in both English and Spanish.  We arranged a videographer for it all so they have a lasting record of it.

Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge FJ (60)

John’s daughters, the bridesmaids, and John’s mom all wore red dresses, and I organised some deep red roses to be delivered to the hotel for the bride to carry.  John arrived at Gapstow Bridge first with his two daughters.  We had our cellist play at the ceremony, so the groom met the officiant and cellist there at Gapstow Bridge.

Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge FJ (58)

Our cellist can play requests, but the couple were happy for him to play his own choices for John and his daughters while waiting for Flor to arrive.  The bride and John’s mom met our photographer at the entrance to the park from their horse and carriage and he walked in with them.  The cellist played the wedding march as Flor arrived, and then Ave Maria after they were pronounced married, then he went back to playing some background music while they signed the paperwork and took some photos on and beside the bridge.

Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge FJ (47)

If you think you might like some help with planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website.  “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest for lots of photos and updates.

Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge FJ (82)

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New Customizable Packages Available for Weddings in Central Park and New York

New Customizable Packages for Weddings in Central Park and New York

For quite a while now I have offered three wedding packages on my website. The first was “just the ceremony” which was all the help and guidance from me, a ceremony written for you by me, an officiant and a permit for your chosen location. There was a package 1, which was all that plus two hours of photography, which is what I recommend for a wedding in Central Park – to capture the ceremony and the major sights of Central Park. This was our most popular package. Then there was a package 2, which was all of the above plus a musician to play at your ceremony, a videographer to record the ceremony and a bouquet and boutonniere delivered to your hotel. I also offered some additional bits and bobs – a rehearsal, extra photography time, extra flowers, a live stream of your ceremony, and so on, that could be added to any of the above.

That system has been working well for several years, but I’m finding that I’m asked for something different more frequently now. Many couples want something a little less than what I was calling package 1 – many couples still want some photography, but wanted to pay less. And on the other hand, some couples wanted waaaay more photography than package 1 – they wanted a photographer for most of the day.

So, for the first time since starting my business at the end of 2011, I’ve had a rethink on what I’m offering couples. Initially, the idea was to keep things simple and only have three options but with the chance to add things in. But I’m responding to clients’ requests to have either a little less or a lot more photography as an option. I’d be interested to read any views or suggestions on this in the comments below.

Central Park Wedding E&K (95)

Here’s the run-down on the FIVE options clients now have to choose from (and they can still add in services from the list of extras!)

1 Just the Ceremony

This hasn’t changed. Help, advice and guidance from myself about your wedding day, which results in a detailed plan of your wedding with locations, maps and timings by the end of the process. You also get a unique ceremony written for you, a New York State registered officiant to perform it, and a permit for your chosen location in Central Park.

2 Wedding Ceremony with Photography in Central Park

This is what I was calling package 1 with the original offering. It’s our most popular package and is all of the above, plus two hours of photography. That’s the optimal time for taking photos in Central Park, in my opinion. You can capture your ceremony and then take some candid and posed photos around Central Park in this time. It usually yields 100-120 high-resolution digital photos.

3 Central Park Elopement Package

I launched this package in March, aimed at eloping couples and those who want to renew their marriage vows and I’ve had quite the response already. I wrote a blog post when I launched the elopement and vow renewal package. This offer is only available Monday to Thursday, for event with no guests – just the couple.

Lots of couples contact me about eloping, or renewing their marriage vows, and they don’t feel that they need two hours of photos, or they just don’t want to pay the fee I’m asking. I’ve found it difficult to help them, because most photographers will take jobs that less than two hours, because they might be turning down a full day’s work to shoot a wedding. But if couples are prepared to get married or renew their vows Monday to Thursday, then I can help to reach a compromise between the couples who want a shorter amount of photography time, and the photographers who don’t want to give up the chance of earning far more by being contracted for longer elsewhere.

So, this is basically everything offering in the previously listen most popular package, but with one one hour of photography (which should yield 50-60 photos), and on restricted days, when it’s just the couple in attendance.

4 – Wedding Ceremony with Flowers, Video, Music and Photography in Central Park

This is quite a popular package for larger groups. It’s everything in that first basic package, with two hours of photography, a videographer to create a fully edited video of your ceremony, an acoustic musician to play at your ceremony and a rose bouquet and boutonniere delivered to your hotel on the day of your wedding (if you have different blooms in mind, or need extra bouquets and boutonnieres, let me know and I can give you a quote to add those in). This covers most of the services that a couple needs, but we can add in extra service or extra photography time if the couple wish to do so.

5 – Wedding Ceremony with Full Day of Photography in New York City

This is a new addition to the set. Lots of couples contact me asking for the first package with just the ceremony, and then they book their own photographer for the full day. I think things will run more smoothly if I can be involved with the whole day’s planning and have the people I know and trust involved for the whole day, so I’d like to fulfil this requirement if couples want it. So, this is the basic package with ten hours of photography, wherever the couple want to go. I will work with the couple to create a detailed plan of the day with photograph locations and timings and then pass this on to one of the fabulous photographers that I work with. I’ve already taken a couple of bookings for this for next year, so I hope that it will prove popular.

17_S&L central park meadow wedding

All of these packages can be tweaked a little to suit what the couple needs. We can add in more than one musician, we can have the officiant meet you the day before your wedding for a rehearsal, we can live stream the wedding for friends and family back home. A very common request is to add on an hour here and there of extra photography, we can easily do that too. I specialize in weddings in Central Park, but I also plan weddings in other public parks and spaces all over New York City. To check current prices, here’s the link to the website.

If you would like me to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, or if you have any questions about what we do, visit our website, where there’s lots more information, and my contact details. You can also follow us on Pinterest, “like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram for lots photos of newlywed couples in New York.



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Emma and Adam’s Intimate Ladies’ Pavilion Wedding

E&A Central Park Wedding

Emma and Adam brought a small group of close family and friends over from their home in the UK. Adam is 28, from Leeds and Emma is 27, from Glasgow, and they live in Leeds together. They met at work after Emma had moved from Glasgow to Leeds.

EA Central Park Wedding 0090

The couple had been together for nine and a half years before we got married, they said that marriage was the next natural step for them to take. They had got engaged on Cherry Hill in Central Park in June 2016. That was during their first visit to New York. “We were relaxing on the grass in the sun when Adam gave me a bracelet with a pendant on it,” Emma told me. On one side was that date on the other side it said ‘will you marry me?’ Emma cried and then said yes!

EA Central Park Wedding 0136

When starting to plan their wedding they looked at a few venues in Leeds “but we knew right away it wasn’t what we wanted,” Emma said. “We just didn’t want the traditional wedding at home,” she explained. “It wasn’t for us; along with the financial aspect of a big wedding we wanted something more memorable.” They started to consider going back to New York for their wedding, “when we discovered Wed in Central Park we were excited that it could be possible,” Emma told me. “We were so happy when we told friends and family of our idea and they were on board, so there was no going back once we had made the decision,” she said.

EA Central Park Wedding 0145

I asked Emma if he had any regrets about not having a “traditional” wedding closer to home and she said “Not at all. We are very happy with the decision we made. We wouldn’t have changed any of it.” I asked what she thought of destination weddings in general and Emma said “I think destination weddings and elopements are great – it is a chance to share your day in a place that’s special to you and to make amazing memories along the way.”

EA Central Park Wedding 0053

Emma and Adam felt that getting married in Central Park was so fitting, since they had gotten engaged there, “and it’s such a beautiful place we knew straight away it would be amazing to get married there,” Emma explained. The ceremony took place in the Ladies’ Pavilion. We had our guitarist play for the guests while they waited for the bride to arrive, and then after they were pronounced married, so they could have their first dance right there. I asked where their favorite photos were taken. “It’s hard to choose our favorite pictures as they were all amazing, but we liked the pictures taken at Wagner Cove, Cherry Hill and Grand Central Terminal” Emma said. “Those are such beautiful locations and make a perfect backdrop for our photos,” she said.

EA Central Park Wedding 0234

Here’s a fact about Grand Central to keep in mind for those considering taking photos there after your wedding; it’s not that well lit inside. This matters when it comes to photo quality. They will issue permit for photography there, but not for a time after 3pm. If we have a permit then the photographer can set up the lights necessary to get amazing photos. They don’t issue permits after 3pm because that’s when it starts to get busy with commuters. So, a way around the light situation is to have someone holding the photographer’s light. In Emma and Adam’s case that person was me. And I’m not the tallest person, but I did my best and I think their photographer Jakub Redziniak did an incredible job, as always.

EA Central Park Wedding 0185

“The ceremony was beautiful and not too long, exactly how we wanted it,” said Emma. I always ask couples a series of questions that allows me to write their ceremony for them. I wrote a little about how they met and their relationship so far, and thanked family and friends for making the journey over to New York. They said the traditional vows to each other. Their guests were Emma’s mum, sister, dad and dad’s partner and Adam’s mum and sister and a set of close friends. They said that they liked the idea of getting married somewhere different and thought Central Park was a stunning location. They also said that the wedding was a great opportunity for them to visit New York because most of them had not been before. Emma told me that they all said that Central Park was their favorite place in New York. I’m in agreement!

EA Central Park Wedding 0131

Emma wore an ivory strapless dress with a tulle skirt, purchased from Monsoon in the UK, and added her own black sash. She carried artificial ivory flowers and with some violets added, because that was her grandmother’s name and she felt it would be a nice touch to her bouquet. Emma had professional hair and make up done by Metrolook. Her mum, sister and friend went to a blow dry bar to have their hair styled and they did their own make up.

EA Central Park Wedding 0157

After the ceremony, they took some group photos at the Ladies’ Pavilion and then just the couple went around Central Park with the photographer, before jumping in a cab to get photos at Grand Central. They had hoped to take some photos beside the Flatiron building too, but just as they got in the cab to Grand Central the heavens opened, so they had a rethink and decided to stay in Grand Central for longer, taking photos. Then the rain stopped and they were able to take some photos outside before leaving for their reception on the Bateaux New York dinner cruise (which I’ve also enjoyed – click the link to read the blog about my river cruise). “It was the best way to end our wedding day with great food and views, they even invited us to the dance floor so we could have our first dance!” said Emma.

EA Central Park Wedding 0252

I asked Emma if she had any further thoughts on marrying in Central Park that she wanted to share with others and she said, “we are so glad we decided to get married in Central Park, it was really special and was exactly how we wanted our wedding day to be.” Emma and Adam stayed in New York for a week before heading off to Las Vegas for five nights for their honeymoon. They stayed at the Hotel Beacon on the Upper West Side. I asked how we did and Emma said, “Claire was so helpful. No question was too much to ask. The idea of getting married in a different country can be daunting at first when you have to think about getting a permit, location, photographer, musician etc, but Claire took care of everything and made the process so easy and stress free.”

EA Central Park Wedding 0162

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Emma and Adam. If you would like me to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, whatever the time of year, visit our website, or follow us on Pinterest where we pin all things New York or wedding-related, “like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram for lovely photos of happy couples.

EA Central Park Wedding 0236


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Unique New York Photo Location Suggestions for Couples who Marry in Central Park

When helping couples to plan their wedding in Central Park, I find that some couples have a very clear idea of where they would like to take photos on their wedding day, but some are looking for suggestions and inspiration.

These suggestions could be useful for couples who have married in Central Park, or indeed anywhere in New York, and are looking for ideas of some unique places to take photographs in their wedding attire. Many of these location suggestions would also be suitable for engagement shoots around New York.

Photo Locations after Wedding in Central Park New York Manhattan

Fort Tryon Park, on the Hudson, and around the Cloisters – you’ll never believe you’re in Manhattan here!

Battery Park, with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

By the Flatiron building.

On the streets of the New York Public Library, with a great opportunity to capture the stone lions and nearby Bryant Park, which is especially lovely at Christmas.

By the boating lake in Central Park, with boats, trees and skyscrapers behind.

Anywhere on Bethesda Terrace or by Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.

KC New York Wedding Photo Ideas

A group on the steps of Bethesda Terrace, or from the perspective of the Terrace, looking down at the group.

Underneath Bethesda Terrace, using the arches to frame the photo, and/or showing the walls and ceiling.

By the brownstone buildings of the Upper West Side, or Park Slope.

Walking up the steps from the Subway, on the platform with a speeding train and getting in to a train.

Under the Wisteria Pergola, or by one of the fountains in the Conservatory Gardens of Central Park.

On the Upper East Side, by the Vanderbuilt Gate entrance to the Conservatory Gardens of Central Park.

NW New York Wedding Photo Ideas

Riverside Park, by the Hudson River on the Upper West Side, or Carl Schurz Park in Yorkville on the Upper East Side, by the East River.

A fun pose with some local New Yorkers, anywhere in Central Park or New York.

At the LOVE sculpture, currently at 6th Avenue and West 55th.

If you can do it without hindering them doing their job, a photo with some New York police officers or fire fighters.

From either Manhattan or Brooklyn with Brooklyn Bridge in the background.

On Brooklyn Bridge with the towers and steel wire supports in the background.

DUMBO, with Brooklyn Bridge between the buildings.

Brooklyn Bridge Park, by the East River, with the skyscrapers of Manhattan behind you.

CC New York Wedding Photo Ideas

At Wagner Cove in Central Park, and also from the other side of the Lake, as the couple are inside the wooden structure.

The wedding rings photographed on top of a New York newspaper, with the wedding date.

Getting ready shots – the hotel room, the dress, the shoes, the accessories, the bridal party, and the view from the hotel window (if it’s good!).

Inside the hotel lobby, if it’s pretty.

Outside and inside your reception location.

At the Reservoir in Central Park, with the light reflecting the skyline in the water.

Inside Grand Central Station, although you will need a photography permit.

Outside Grand Central!

EA New York Wedding Photo Ideas

At Times Square, among the hustle and bustle, with the advertisements and lights.

In Strawberry Fields, Central Park, with the Imagine plaque.

On Belvedere Castle Terrace, with the stunning view from the highest point in Central Park.

If you spot any wildlife in Central Park, capture that on a photo, to help you to remember seeing it.

On the Great Lawn or Sheep Meadow in Central Park, preferably when there’s nobody else there.

Sitting on a Central Park bench, or beneath a Central Park lamp, both designs are unique to the park.

Next to a tree with some of the famous Central Park cherry blossom, if you are marrying at the right time of year to see it.

Crossing the street (take care!)

Hailing a yellow cab on the street.

Sitting in a cab, perspective from inside and outside.

SG New York Wedding Photo Ideas

Anywhere on the street, with skyscrapers behind, maybe under a street sign.

At Coney Island in the summertime.

In Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

The Top of the Rock, or the Empire State Building.

On the carousel in Central Park in the summertime, or on the ice rink in the winter.

With some of the amazing graffiti and street art to be found all over New York.

At the Highline park in Chelsea.

PP New York Wedding Photo Ideas

Many of these locations are in Central Park. What can I say? I love Central Park. There’s nowhere like it on Earth. But I think I’ve suggested plenty of locations around New York that have been popular with our couples. I’d love to hear more suggestions, though, so comment below if you have any.

If you would like me to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, and help with a plan of how to get around all the photo locations you want in one day, visit our website, or follow us on Pinterest, “like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram for lots photos of newlywed couples in Central Park and all over New York.



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Edel and William’s Bow Bridge Elopement

EW Bow Bridge Central Park Elopement Wedding

Irish couple Edel and William were the first couple to take us up on our new elopement wedding package. Edel first contacting me in March, they booked their flights towards the end of April and they got married at the end of May, so the whole process took a little over two months.

EW Bow Bridge Central Park Elopement Wedding (32)

Edel and William met almost eleven years ago on New Year’s Day in local pub. They got engaged at Christmas in 2016. Their wedding took place on Bow Bridge with just the two of them. Our elopement package comes with one hour of photography so their photographer was their witness.

EW Bow Bridge Central Park Elopement Wedding (12)

They had been thinking of getting married close to their home in Ireland in December but in the end they decided that eloping suited them better. They had considered Spain and Italy but chose New York because they hadn’t been before and it was a city that had always wanted to visit. “We emailed yourself at Wed in Central Park and straight away you were so helpful,” said Edel. The ease of planning a wedding in New York compared to Spain or Italy helped them make the decision!

EW Bow Bridge Central Park Elopement Wedding (48)

On the morning of the wedding, heavy rain was forecast for the afternoon, so we decided to have a change of plan and move the location of the ceremony to be underneath Bethesda Terrace. Our photographer met them at the entrance to the park and walked in with them, and in the end, the rain held off and they were able to get married on Bow Bridge and enjoy the lovely view from there as planned.

EW Bow Bridge Central Park Elopement Wedding (34)

We kept the ceremony short and sweet for the couple. “We chose Bow Bridge for our ceremony location as it just looked so beautiful overlooking the Lake,” said Edel. And it didn’t disappoint in the day.

EW Bow Bridge Central Park Elopement Wedding (7)

They kept the elopement a secret, “we told our families when we came back to Ireland,” Edel told me. “They couldn’t have been happier for us,” she said. I asked Edel how we did and she said that we all made their low-key relaxed elopement extra special. “The lovely lady who performed the ceremony made us so relaxed, and the photographer who was also our witness was fantastic, a very big thank you to you all,” she said.

EW Bow Bridge Central Park Elopement Wedding (39)

If you would like me to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, large or small, visit our website, or follow us on Pinterest, “like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram for photos of happy newlywed couples.

EW Bow Bridge Central Park Elopement Wedding (45)

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Bateaux New York River Cruises

A very popular option for many of our clients following their wedding in Central Park is an evening river cruise with their party. It’s a great way to combine drinks, food, music and celebrating with some sightseeing. A cruise around the end of Manhattan at sunset is a wonderful way to see the city.

Bateaux New York River Cruise after a Wedding in Central Park
I was lucky enough to be gifted a sunset cruise from Bateaux New York River Cruises with a friend in May. The moment we walked on to the vessel we were warmly welcomed by our wonderful host. The tables are within the glass-enclosed deck, so a party can enjoy the beautiful views whatever the weather. We were seated beside the window; there are tables alongside the window as well as inside the deck, and it’s possible to reserve a table beside the window for uninterrupted views. The ships are very flexible when it comes to seating. Tables for two, four and larger groups can be arranged to suit almost every party and occasion.

river cruise new york after a wedding in central park 5

Bateaux New York have several vessels, they have a 360 degree tour on their website to give you a good idea of the space you and your party can expect to be in. Some of them have better accessibility than others, so contact them if you have any members of your party who may require assistance when on board. There will of course be other guests aboard the yacht, so you would be sharing the space for your wedding reception, but smart attire is encouraged for these cruises, so the other guests won’t be bring down your aesthetic!

river cruise new york after a wedding in central park 1

Our waiter was friendly, helpful and attentive. The courses were an amuse-bouche, appetiser, main and dessert. We selected the courses all in one go from a menu and they came with long pauses in between. They do this so that guests can eat a course and then go outside to enjoy the views as they pause in the middle of their meal. They permit smoking on these outdoor decks. If you have any dietary restrictions in your party, be sure to inform them when you make your booking.

river cruise new york after a wedding in central park 3

As we made our meal selections a professional photographer made her rounds of the tables. When our couples get married in Central Park, sometimes they go to a location in Midtown on the way to Chelsea Piers to take photos along the way. Then their photographer might come with them to capture some photos as they board the vessel. Keep in mind that there will also be a photographer on board to capture your party once you have set sail.

river cruise new york after a wedding in central park 4

First, the yacht travels down the Hudson and around the tip of Manhattan, quite close to the Statue of Liberty as the sun begins to set, and then up the East River. We sailed up to the Brooklyn Bridge and were able to take lots of photos there as the sun began to set. Then we went back down the East River and over to Liberty Island just as the sun set right behind the Statue of Liberty, so she looked naturally lit up. Then we ate our main course as it went dark all around us and the lights of Manhattan lit up. Check out some of their example menus.

river cruise new york after a wedding in central park 9

I quite often get motion sickness. It was terrible as a child and not much better as an adult! I was a bit unsure about drinking quite a lot of champagne and eating a meal on a boat on a river, but it was fine! Bateaux New York operates only inside New York Harbor, on the Hudson River and the East River, which are both very calm bodies of water. What’s more, the ship is very stable, so I could hardly tell that we were moving.

We were entertained during our trip by a quartet and singer – belting out all the classics you’d expect while enjoying the views of New York City from the river. Towards the end of the evening, some guests got up and danced, so I’d expect them to be happy to accommodate any requests when it comes to a newlywed couple’s first dance.

river cruise new york after a wedding in central park 2

Myself and my friend are both moms to small kids and we enjoyed our rare night off! We each have two kids under six so they would not have been allowed on the dinner cruise. If you have young kids in your party, consider a Spirit cruise or a lunchtime cruise. Children under 3 are complimentary on the lunch and brunch cruises, and a discount is offered for children between the ages of 3 and 12.

When booking a cruise for a party, you can choose to include alcoholic drinks or to have a cash bar, water and tea and coffee are included in the price of the meal. We were lucky enough to have drinks included in our cruise, so we enjoyed champagne all night. Or glasses were topped up frequently by our lovely waiter. Before we ate our dessert we were invited up to the top deck to meet the Captain’s first officer and enjoy the views from a higher vantage point, with another glass of champagne! I expect this treatment would also be offered to newlywed couples!

river cruise new york after a wedding in central park 6

Bateaux New York river cruise prices vary depending on day of the week and time of day. Prices are higher on weekends, so if you’re visiting New York from another country as many of my clients are, then it’s worth considering marrying on a weekday to make big savings. The evening cruises are most popular with my couples, and they board from 6:15pm and cruise from 7pm until 10pm.

river cruise new york after a wedding in central park 7

Call 866-817-3463 or use their online booking system to book your cruise, either on the evening of your wedding, or as a nice activity to share with your party in advance of the wedding day. Please note that the photos in this post are far from professional standard.  They are taken by myself or my friend with a camera phone, after a long day in the sunshine attending a client’s beautiful wedding in Central Park, and also after drinking an increasing quantity of champagne as the sky gets darker!

If you would like me to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, no matter what you decide to do to celebrate in the evening, visit our website, or follow us on Pinterest, “like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram for lots photos of newlywed couples in New York.

river cruise new york after a wedding in central park 8


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Carolanne and Christopher’s May Wedding in the Ladies’ Pavilion

Real Central Park Wedding C&C

Carolanne and Christopher brought twenty-two guests over to New York from their home in Glasgow, Scotland to get married in Central Park this May. Carolanne is 30, Christopher is 33. They met at a family party but didn’t actually start dating until a couple of years later when they happened to meet again, “everything just clicked into place for us,” said Carolanne. So they had been together for eleven years before they got married.

Carolanne&Christopher (50)

The couple got engaged in December 2017 in Central Park. They were visiting New York on vacation (or a holiday as the Brits call is) and they were walking around beautiful Central Park. They were on Bow Bridge, which was a place that Carolanne had always wanted to visit. “I noticed Christopher going into his pocket and knew what he was up to – I suspected on the journey over because he was acting all nervous,” said Carolanne. “I panicked as soon as I saw the ring because there were so many people around and I didn’t want everyone looking at us,” she laughed. “After my momentary freak out Christopher popped the question,” she continued. And of course that lead to them deciding to marry in this incredible city.

Carolanne&Christopher (83)

“We always wanted to get married but knew there was never a rush,” Carolanne told me. “We’ve enjoyed our years together and felt like after ten years it was the natural next step to take in our lives together,” she said. They discussed having a traditional big Scottish wedding at home, but not for long. They knew very early on that it was not for them. They also considered the popular European destinations that people visit to get married, but they didn’t feel quite right either. They started to consider returning to New York for their wedding. They consider Central Park a beautiful location to make these promises to each other, “and New York is a city we both love,” Carolanne told me. “Our wedding trip was actually our fourth visit to New York together. We loved the idea that our guests that came with us could experience this city we love so much,” she said. I love the idea of sharing this city that has such special significance to them with their nearest and dearest as a way to celebrate their love.

Carolanne&Christopher (1)

I asked them if they had had any concerns about the wedding, and Carolanne did worry a little about things running smoothly on the day. In the end she arrived forty minutes late to her wedding, and we know it’s not uncommon for a bride to be late to her wedding! “Everything still went perfectly,” she said. We do try to build in a little extra time to allow for this possibility but our photographers are so experienced they can have a quick re-think and skip some photo locations if necessary.

Carolanne&Christopher (16)

Carolanne and Christopher stayed in the Broadway Plaza Hotel in Midtown, they picked this hotel purposely for its big rooms (a rare thing in Midtown hotels!). “I got ready in a massive room with two double beds which was perfect for getting hair and make-up done with four other people, and of course getting my wedding dress on,” Carolanne explained. She actually stayed in New York for eight days; she came early and had a bachelorette party with her friends, while Christopher went to Boston with his friends for his bachelor party before they headed down to New York to join the ladies. So, Christopher was in New York for five days.

Carolanne&Christopher (23)

The wedding ceremony took place in the Ladies’ Pavilion. I asked them where their favorite photos were taken, “we loved all of our pictures and it’s so hard to pick, but we would have to go for the pictures taken in Brooklyn Bridge Park,” Carolanne told me. It’s such a popular location to take photos, but takes 45-60 minutes to get there from Central Park. We’re also getting lots of enquiries recently about having the wedding ceremony in Brooklyn Bridge Park. “Having that Manhattan skyline as a backdrop is not something we see every day,” said Carolanne. That’s certainly true, unless you’re lucky enough to live close to Brooklyn Bridge Park!

Carolanne&Christopher (61)

We kept the ceremony fairly short and sweet – that was what the couple wanted. “We decided to go with the traditional vows as it suited us better,” said Carolanne. The officiant spoke about the couple’s relationship up to that point in the introduction, and mentioned many of the couple’s family members by name to thank them or remember loved ones no longer with us. They also added a personal touch by having their friend Nadine read a poem which she had written herself, “that made the ceremony even more special to us,” said Carolanne.

Carolanne&Christopher (103)

Carolanne wore an ivory wedding dress from Morilee, and she carried pink and white roses. Carolanne’s dress had been bought from Pamela Jayne’s Bridal in Glasgow. Her maid of honor’s dress was bought from Wed2B in Glasgow. They were both packed up for traveling on the plane.

Carolanne&Christopher (63)

The couple had decided to have only immediate family and close friends at the wedding, so we had twenty-two guests in total. “Some people had been a little sceptical about it and how it was all going to work out,” Carolanne told me, “but after the wedding, they all told us that they had had such an amazing day,” she said. “Everyone said they had the best day ever and me and Christopher were so grateful that they all made the effort to come witness us becoming Mr and Mrs,” she said.

Carolanne&Christopher (68)

After the ceremony, they went around Central Park for more photos, and then all got on a vintage trolley bus at the Dakota. It took them over to Brooklyn Bridge Park, then to Times Square for some more photos. Their reception dinner was held at Blue Smoke, “it was just fantastic,” said Carolanne, “the family style dining on the mezzanine was perfect, I would highly recommend this place for a wedding, it was a great atmosphere and all the diners cheered and clapped for us when we got there which was so nice,” she said. After dinner they had reserved an area of the Monarch Rooftop Bar, “it was just the icing on the cake of a perfect day,” Carolanne told me, “the view of the Empire State Building was amazing from there,” she added.

Carolanne&Christopher (86)

I asked her how we did, and Carolanne said “Claire, you were great, you guided us on everything we needed and we couldn’t have done it without you. We would highly recommend you to anyone thinking of getting married in New York.” Thanks so much for your kind words, Carolanne, and thank you for sharing your story with us. Finally, I asked Carolanne if they had any regrets about choosing not to have a traditional wedding close to home as they had originally considered, “no regrets at all” she said, “best decision we ever made.”

Carolanne&Christopher (94)

I asked Carolanne what she thinks in general about destination weddings, “I think destination weddings are amazing,” she said. “It was the best choice we could have made. It was such a great experience for us and our guests and we would 100% recommend it to our friends and family,” she added. I asked if she had any advice for anyone else considering a wedding in Central Park and she said “we are just so happy we made the choice to get married in Central Park, and if anyone is thinking about it and not 100% sure we say DO IT!” I’d say that is excellent advice.

Carolanne&Christopher (80)

If you would like me to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, large or small, visit our website, or follow us on Pinterest where we pin all things New York or wedding-related, “like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram for beautiful photos of newlywed couples.

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