Five Most-Read Blog Posts of 2018

central park wedding top five blog posts 2018

This year has been an eventful one for this blog.  It has been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2019.  At the time of writing I don’t know if it is through to the next phase, but I’m thrilled to have been a part of it, and I’ve found some other great blogs because of it.

Last year I got into a routine of posting once per week on the blog.  This year I structured things a little more, posting a real wedding one week, and an advice or general information piece the next, then real wedding, advice, and so on.  I try to show the vast range of weddings that take place in Central Park – big ones, small ones, short and sweet or big and extravagant, local New Yorkers effectively marrying in their backyard or visitors from around the world.  Some couples come to me a couple of years in advance, this year I broke my record for the least time I’ve planned a wedding in – twelve days!  I love to tell the stories of all the couples who marry in this incredible place.

2018 has been a busy year for me personally and it’s gone by very quickly.  My kids turned the grand old ages of three and five this year.  So, the most important thing for me for the first three-quarters of 2018 was spending plenty of time with my oldest before he started school this September. I’ve also had a milestone birthday myself, celebrated in Paris.

At the end of last year I posted by top five posts of 2017, and I found it quite useful to go over things.  These are the most viewed posts of the year, regardless of which year I posted them in.

Four out of five of the posts that were the most-read of last year were written in 2014. I did wonder if that meant that I’ve already written my best or most helpful content.  This year the top five includes two from 2012, one from 2014, one from 2017 and one from 2018.  So, that shows that I am still thinking of stuff to write about that people really find useful, and that’s important to me.  Looking at what was popular this year will help me to decide what to write for next year.

So, this is what my followers have been reading the most in 2018.

1 The Top Ten Best Places to Take Wedding Photos in New York

This blog post was intended as a very short list of photos for couples who had married in Central Park and wanted to take photos in other parts of New York City after their wedding.  Because it has been read so many times, I wonder if it is getting hits from people who are visiting New York for a vacation. Either way, I do mention several Central Park locations a few times in this list. I do love Central Park, but the other usual suspects are in the list, too.  The popularity of this post inspired me to write my list of the best (free or cheap) places for photos with the NYC skyline this year.

2 Restaurant Recommendations for your Wedding Day

This is such a frequently asked question, and an impossible one to answer for someone else! That’s why I have written several blogs on the subject of New York restaurants, and have a couple more planned for this year.  This list is from 2012, so some recommendations will be out of date, so I wrote another on New York restaurant recommendations in 2014, which I admit may also be a little out of date now.  I have also been posting round-up lists of where couples who featured in the blog ate.  So far I’ve posted recommendations for the couples who featured on the blog in 2015 and in 2016.  I’m planning on sharing the 2014 wedding recommendations early next year, and I’ll also start compiling some lists for the more recently married couples.  I also frequently get asked for suggestions of great rooftop bars, and there are quite a few in New York, so I wrote a post on that, too.

So many restaurants to choose from…

3 Twenty Wedding Readings and Poems

This is another post I wrote that was intended to answer a frequently asked question that I get from my clients, but I think it’s a post that may have been useful to couples planning a wedding anywhere else.  When I plan a wedding for my clients I ask them a series of questions that allows me to write a unique ceremony just for them.  Some want a reading, or perhaps more than one.  Either a guest can read it, or the officiant.  Not everyone wants a reading, it’s entirely up to the couple.  A quick search online will show up a very long list of possibilities.  On this list are some that my couples have chosen previously, and some of my own personal favorites.  Next year I’ll be posting tips on writing your own vows, some ideas for how to make your promises in the ceremony (instead of or as well as the good old love, honor and cherish) and some alternative wording for the ring exchange.

4 Wedding Vow Renewal in Central Park

I think this may have been my first blog post of 2018 and it’s been a popular one.  I love being involved with vow renewals.  I love them for a similar reason to my love for weddings – everyone has a unique story.  But many married couples have a much longer and more complex story because they’re shared so much.  So, a vow renewal feels very special.  I’ve had a steep increase in enquires about vow renewals this year, so perhaps they’re on the rise.  I will try to write a little more on vow renewals next year.

5 How to get your marriage license in New York City

This is a real golden-oldie, and one I share with every couple who contacts me about getting married in Central Park.  It’s an important one, and experience has taught me that people planning weddings have a lot on their minds, so I often share this post three times with a couple during the planning process, just to make sure they’re clear on it.  It’s a very straightforward process but it’s the important legal part, so the couple have to do it themselves.

For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebookfollow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings. I would love to hear any suggestions of what other subjects you would like to see me write about in the coming year, please comment below if you have any ideas.

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Brianne and Bradley’s Ladies’ Pavilion Wedding

B&B Central Park Wedding

Brianne and Bradley had been together for almost eight years before they got married in Central Park this August. They are both singers. They met in Portland, Oregon where they live, at one of Bradley’s shows. Soon after that he invited Brianne to sing on his album. “And the rest is history… haha!” Brianne laughed. Bradley is originally from Wisconsin, but he lived in New York for a few years before moving out west to Oregon.

BB Central Park Ladies Pavilion New York City Wedding 472

The couple got engaged on Christmas Day 2017, Bradley presented Brianne with a gift that was a Packer’s jersey. “See? Wisconsin boy for life!” said Brianne. On it was printed Brianne’s first name with his last name on the back of the jersey. “It was so precious and I didn’t know it was coming,” said Brianne. Brianne and Bradley waited quite a long time to get married, “but it was important to us to show each other our commitment to one another and take that next step,” explained Brianne. “We felt ready to make a more public commitment and really own our love for each other,” she added.

BB Central Park Ladies Pavilion New York City Wedding 483

Having a wedding in New York with a short guest list really suited them. “Having a small destination wedding was an absolute dream,” Brianne told me. “It was so much less stressful, and the intimacy of the wedding ceremony was so special. We wouldn’t trade it for the biggest wedding in the world. It fit us perfectly,” she said.

BB Central Park Ladies Pavilion New York City Wedding 492
The couple choose Central Park because they loved the idea of getting married outdoors, but the location was still very much in a city. “So, it’s a fun location to explore, which was great for both us and our guests,” Brianne told me. “We love New York! It’s our favorite city,” she added. And many people would share that feeling! “Our guests loved coming to a wedding in New York!” said Brianne. Their guests were some family and very close friends. “We felt surrounded by people who truly loved us and wanted the best for us,” she said. “They loved getting to visit New York and have fun with us instead of just attending another traditional wedding. We all created memories we’ll never forget,” she told me. I think this is a huge advantage to bringing a small group for a destination wedding. The memories from the trip will truly stand out against any other wedding, and the group will really get to spend quality time together, rather than the sometimes rushed feeling that a couple get when they have a big wedding, and have to get around to talk to everyone in just a few hours.

BB Central Park Ladies Pavilion New York City Wedding 610

Brianne and Bradley stayed at a DoubleTree in Midtown which they said that they would not recommend. “The customer service was horrible, the rooms were fine, but not very nice and the elevator was constantly out of order so there was always a line,” said Brianne. This is not what you want when you’re in town for such a big occasion. “Not ideal when you’re coordinating a larger group of people,” she said. “If we had a do-over we would definitely bite the bullet and spend more on a nicer hotel, this was our biggest regret about our wedding experience, but luckily, it’s an easy one to overlook,” she said. I think she has the right attitude about this, but it is unfortunate that the hotel was disappointing. No hotel in Manhattan is cheap!

BB Central Park Ladies Pavilion New York City Wedding 501

Their ceremony was at the Ladies’ Pavilion, “which fits both our old fashioned style and the romance we were looking for,” said Brianne. “It was a seriously dreamy location and we took photos all around the park,” she added. “My favorite place was up the stairs from the Bethesda Fountain where all the benches are. We had our first dance there,” she said. That’s kind of where Bethesda Terrace and the Mall meet. It’s a lovely spot.
“Our ceremony was perfect,” Brianne told me. Bradley and Brianne’s mothers led everyone in prayer before it began and the officiant read from Corinthians; “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” The couple said their vows to each other and repeated after the officiant for the exchange of the rings. “The best part was when Bradley pulled out a hidden guitar and sang me a song as part of his vows,” said Brianne.

BB Central Park Ladies Pavilion New York City Wedding 309

The ceremony took place in the late morning, followed by lunch at the Loeb Boathouse. After that they enjoyed some Monet at MoMA and finished with a group dinner at Da Nico’s in Little Italy. Their photographer was Casie Marie.  Bradley wore a custom suit by Cocoon Silk in Portland, and Brianne wore a gorgeous beaded gown by Theia Couture. Brianne’s gown was purchased at Ania Bridal in Portland. Brianne made her own bouquet and a boutonniere for Bradley. “We went to the flower district the day before the wedding and picked out flowers,” she said. They had planned on doing that, so had brought some of the supplies they would need to bring the bouquet together in their suitcases. Brianne had her makeup done by Jenna Wren, and she brought a hair stylist with her.

BB Central Park Ladies Pavilion New York City Wedding 307

Brianne had some advice for any brides planning a wedding in Central Park: “don’t be afraid to get your dress dirty and kiss often, every part of Central Park makes you want to kiss, so go for it!” I think that’s great advice on your wedding day! The couple had me organize and write the ceremony, arrange the permit and the officiant, and they booked their own photographer and hair and makeup. “It was very helpful to have someone who could arrange the permit and officiant for us so we didn’t have to worry about those details,” said Brianne. I’m always happy to strike the right balance for a couple when it comes to how much they want to plan and how much they want me to plan for them.

BB Central Park Ladies Pavilion New York City Wedding 234

I asked Brianne if she had any regrets about not getting married closer to home, and she said No. “Simple as that,” she laughed. “This was the perfect decision for us. It felt right and we haven’t had one single regret. It was wonderful. Best day ever – always.” They loved getting married in Central Park. “It was so much fun getting married in Central Park; it was romantic and dream like. People were polite and honored our day with us. We loved the scenery and can’t wait to go back for our anniversaries now,” Brianne said.

BB Central Park Ladies Pavilion New York City Wedding 687

If you would like me to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, whatever the time of year, visit our website, or follow us on Pinterest where we pin all things New York or wedding-related, “like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram to see plenty of photos of happy couples.

BB Central Park Ladies Pavilion New York City Wedding 529

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I want to Get Married in Central Park in the Summer – Will We Melt in the Heat?

get married in central park in the summer

So, you’re considering getting married in Central Park in the summertime.  New York sees quite extreme temperatures, and it gets very cold in the winter and very hot and humid in the summer.  And, because Manhattan is an island, it does see some unusual rain storms.  But Central Park is beautiful in the summer time!  The flowers are all blooming, the gardens are stunning and the greenery is lovely.  Actually, Central Park is the best place to be in Manhattan when it’s really hot; because the concrete warms up and just throws the heat back out, being on lawns and among trees will actually keep you cool.

JP2 Central Park Summer Wedding

High summer is a lovely time of year to get married in Central Park.  Trust me, I got married on July 1st.  Every year we celebrate our anniversary in good weather, so keep in mind the many anniversary celebrations you have to look forward to when choosing your wedding date.  Summer is a busy time for weddings in Central Park.  This is when many people take their yearly vacation, and it is a good time to get people together if you’re having guests at your wedding.  This time of year also offers the wider choice of honeymoon destinations.

JP Central Park Summer Wedding

When it comes to choosing a bride’s dress, you will have a vast choice of gowns and know that you won’t be cold on your wedding day.  Grooms may want to choose a suit that they will be cool in.  If you get married and take photos when the sun is high and bright then your photographer won’t be able to get the best pictures of you.  Light is good for photos, but very bright sunlight makes things very difficult.  So, you may want to get married in the morning, or later in the afternoon.  It is quite popular to start a wedding ceremony between 1pm and 3pm, but this is about the time when the sun is strongest, so photos will be the least flattering.  These warmer months are the ideal time for a sunset wedding.

NA Central Park Summer Wedding

Think carefully about where you want to have your ceremony.  There are some spots in Central Park which have stunning vistas, such as Bow Bridge or Gapstow Bridge, but getting married out in the open in the bright sun might not be a great idea.  If the sun is high and bright then you will be squinting.  The lesser-known Dene Summer House, or popular Cop Cot and the Wisteria Pergola in the Conservatory Gardens will be covered in lush foliage by the end of the summer, so these areas have a lovely, dappled shade.  If you want complete cover from the sun, or any rain that you might be worried about, then go for somewhere with a roof, such as the Ladies’ Pavilion or underneath Bethesda TerraceBelvedere Castle will be a lovely wedding ceremony location in the summer, affording views of turtle pond (which will be full of turtles in the summer), and out over the lovely green park, and is close to the Shakespeare Garden, which will be full of flowers and butterflies at this time of year.

AR Central Park Summer Wedding

There is lots to do in New York during the summer time, and also in Central Park.  Be aware of holidays and parades around this time, since you may want to join in or avoid them!  The Central Park Carousel is open during summer months, and the boats go out on the lake at this time, too, so these are nice options to consider after a wedding while still in Central Park.

BZ Central Park Summer Wedding

New York offers a wide choice of restaurants and bars with outdoor space, and the warmer months are when you can truly appreciate them.  The view from a rooftop bar will be stunning at any time of year, but in the summer, you can feel fairly confident that you won’t be freezing cold if you go several floors up!

YN Central Park Summer Wedding

If you would like me to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, whatever the time of year, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where we pin all things New York or wedding-related.

HL Central Park Summer Wedding

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Jennifer and Gary’s Wedding in the Ladies’ Pavilion

Central Park Wedding JG Ladies' Pavilion March

Scottish couple Jennifer (32) and Gary (34) got married in the Ladies’ Pavilion in March of this year with eleven guests. They had been together for around two years before moving from their home in Glasgow, Scotland to Perth, Australia, where they had lived for almost six years. They have a three year old chihuahua-shihtzu called Ted who is the love of their lives.

Central Park Wedding JG_327

A couple of years ago their parents were visiting them in their home in Australia and they said that they would love for their next trip to be a family vacation in New York. Jennifer thought about it for a while and jokingly suggested to Gary that if they did join their family on the trip then they should get married while they were there. Gary liked the idea. They designed an engagement ring together, and when it arrived in early January he hid it and then officially proposed a few days later while at a picnic with their dog at the South Perth Esplanade on a beautiful summer’s day.

Central Park Wedding JG_407

Getting married was important to them because of their distance from the rest of their close family. “When Gary and I moved to Australia together getting married became a little more important to me as I wanted for us to be an ‘official’ family as we don’t have any immediate family over here,” Jennifer explained. Jennifer is well-traveled and had lived in the US for a year when she was younger. She had always loved the idea of a destination wedding in the US. She loved the idea of a Vegas wedding, but Gary was not keen. They had briefly considered a wedding close to home in Scotland, but they both have huge families and it would have been very expensive to include everyone, “it was also a bit too traditional for me,” added Jennifer. Jennifer planned the wedding herself. She sad that there were a few difficulties with the time differences between herself in Australia, their guests in Scotland, and everyone she was dealing with for the wedding in New York! “I had three different time differences to work with and at times it did feel a bit lonely planning it on my own,” she said.

Central Park Wedding JG_441

When they first started looking at their options for a wedding in New York, they were considering getting married at City Hall. “Then after seeing the photographs of weddings in Central Park we decided that we wanted to get married at Belvedere Castle,” Jennifer told me. But Belvedere Castle was closed for the whole of this year for huge renovations, so unfortunately nobody has been able to get married there this year. “So they chose the Ladies’ Pavilion instead, “which ended up being lovely,” said Jennifer. Jennifer planned the entire thing herself, from the other side of the world! “I actually felt really laid back about getting married in New York, knowing that if anything went wrong with the venue or transport or anything at all then we had the whole of New York to find a solution with thousands of restaurants, bars and taxis, town cars, limos etc then it would be easy to find a back up,” she said. She said that she was a little concerned about the weather, but that’s unavoidable when getting married outdoors. “The day before our wedding there was a huge snow storm which my mum was panicking about but I was happy to see snow after years of living in Australia!” she laughed. As you can see form the photos, they had a beautiful sunny day for their wedding, but they had snow in their photographs in Central Park.

Central Park Wedding JG_500

Jennifer and Gary were in New York for ten days, and their eleven guests arrived a few days later. The whole party all stayed at the Loews Regency Hotel on Park Avenue. “The hotel was amazing, the staff were so helpful and they even upgraded Gary and myself to a two-bedroom suite for the night before and after the wedding,” said Jennifer. “We were really lucky to get a fabulous deal on the hotel, it was perfect” she added. On the day of the wedding they had the bridal party get their hair and make-up done in the couple’s suite. Jennifer’s dad went to a local deli to pick up breakfast for everyone. They arranged for a limo came to take Gary and his family and friends to Central Park and then it came back to pick up Jennifer and the rest of the bridal party along with the photographer.

Central Park Wedding JG_330

The ceremony took place at the Ladies’ Pavilion. Jennifer wore an A-line or princess wedding gown that purchased from a boutique in Perth, Australia. She picked up her bouquet with white roses and thistles from George, the florist who has a stall outside City Hall. They kept the vows pretty traditional but added the Scottish tradition of drinking whisky from a quaich, a silver two-handled drinking cup, to symbolise sharing everything together and the families coming together. Their groomsman read the poem “Falling in love is like owning a dog” by Taylor Mali. Jennifer loved this as not only do they own a dog but the first line is “First of all, it’s a big responsibility, especially in a city like New York” – very apt for them! They had pictures taken around that area, near the entrance to Central Park, at the LOVE sculpture and at Times Square with their photographer Jasmine Photography. They had hired a vintage trolley bus to drive them around the city and then drop them off at their dinner venue. “I loved the idea of getting photo taken at the LOVE sculpture and my favourite photos are the candid ones from Times Square,” said Jennifer, “it’s such an iconic location, I love the hustle and bustle going on in the background of our photos.”

Central Park Wedding JG_291

They had booked a private dining are in Session 73 on the Upper East Side for their celebratory dinner. After dinner and drinks a live band played in the restaurant and dedicated their first song, Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen to the couple, and we got up and danced for their first dance to it. “The venue was perfect for us as it was not too busy, had live music and was very laid back with fantastic service,” said Jennifer. She said she wouldn’t change anything about the day. “The only thing I forgot was a soft drink for my pregnant sister for the trolley bus,” she said, “we had a cooler full of champagne and beer and I felt terrible that we forgot to pick something up for her.”

Central Park Wedding JG_550

“I think it is very important for the bride and groom to have the wedding that they want and not to feel pressured by family or friends to have their wedding a certain way,” Jennifer told me. “If that means an elopement or destination wedding then I think it’s fantastic”, she added. Her parents had eloped to Gretna Green (a popular place to elope to just over the border in Scotland) for their wedding so Jennifer didn’t feel pressured to have a ‘traditional’ wedding. “I think they are becoming more popular as traditional weddings are getting more and more expensive,” she said.

Central Park Wedding JG_02

The only regret the couple have about their wedding is that some family members were unable to fly out (Gary’s father and all of the couples’ grandparents). They would have loved to share their trip to New York with them, but they had the best of both worlds, and the couple flew to Scotland a few days after the wedding for a very small blessing at their local church, which their close family attended and then had a big reception with 180 people a few days after that. “I did miss having my mum and sisters at my wedding dress appointments in Australia but we managed to keep them included with Skype,” said Jennifer.

Central Park Wedding JG_01

Jennifer’s parting thoughts were; “if you are thinking about getting married in Central Park, do it; you will not regret it. It was a magical day and the best part about it were the New Yorkers themselves. everyone was so nice and friendly, everyone congratulates you and takes photos of you. It was really lovely.” I can’t argue with any of that! Thanks for sharing your story with us, Jennifer and Gary, I wish you lots of luck for your future together. If you think you might like some help with planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest.

Central Park Wedding JG_286

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I have been nominated for a 2019 UK Blog Award

tl;dr – Vote for me by clicking this link.  Then click the heart next to Wed in Central Park.  No need to enter any details – just two clicks!  Thanks so much, I massively appreciate any support!  Scroll on for more details…

UKBA19 Central Park Wedding Blog Award Nomination

If you haven’t heard of the UK Blog Awards, where have you been?!  OK, my blog is read all over the world, so if you’re not British, like myself, then you can be forgiven for not knowing about these awards.  They are now in their sixth year.  They were started to recognise, support and lift up bloggers on a vast range of subjects.

The UK Blog Awards celebrates the most resonant and engaging content creators in the country, those inside and outside of the prevailing trends.  This is great news for me, because my blog is… well, quite niche.  Up for this award are blogs about travel, beauty, parenting, fashion, wellbeing… all very wide subjects.  But this blog?  You want to get married in a world-famous, stunningly beautiful 1.3 square mile area of one of the world’s greatest cities?  Then step this way…

They have twenty-seven categories, and the number of bloggers in each category vary greatly.  In the “Weddings” category, there are nine bloggers.  There are some very high quality blogs in my category, and I’m thrilled to be in such an impressive group.  I’ve written guest posts for three of the other blogs on this list.  I’m honoured to have been involved with them, and also to have written a guest post for the winner of last year’s Weddings category.

There are two stages for the awards.  November 14th 2018 saw the launch of the first stage – the public vote.  This closes on December 21st (so if you’re reading this before then, get voting!).  Then they count up all the votes and announce the shortlisted finalists on January 4th.  I don’t expect to win, because of how very niche my subject is, but I’d love to get through to the next round (so get voting).

So, now it’s up to you, the public.  If you’ve ever found my blog inspiring or useful in planning your own wedding, or if you’ve just enjoyed the beautiful photos and stories of the vast range of weddings that we make happen in this beautiful place, then please vote for the blog.  If I’ve planned your wedding then please vote for the blog and ask all your guests to vote for it too!  I’d love to say that I was on the shortlist for the 2019 UK Blog Awards.  Help me get through to the next round!

Vote for me by clicking this link, and clicking the HEART next to Wed in Central Park.  That’s it!  No need to enter any details – just two clicks!


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Erin and Matthew’s Summer Ladies’ Pavilion Wedding

EM Central Park Wedding Ladies' Pavilion

Erin and Matthew brought seventeen of their friends and family over from their home in Canada for their wedding ceremony and celebrations in the Ladies’ Pavilion in August.

Erin&Matthew (66)

The couple met at work and still work together now. They get along very well and enjoy working together. They say that too much time apart leads to problems for them, although their personalities are totally different. Matthew is very introverted and Erin is extremely extroverted “but we balance each other very well by bringing out hidden qualities and challenging one another to be the best version of ourselves” explained Erin.

Erin&Matthew (67)

Erin’s parents were unable to attend, so her uncle gave her away. Actually, this wasn’t a legally binding wedding, which isn’t particularly rare. The couple chose to do the legal part at home so that Erin’s parents could be there. Sometimes I organize wedding blessings for couples that are already legally married (sometimes their guests know that, sometimes not) and also for couples who will be doing the legal part later on.

Erin&Matthew (26)

Erin’s brother is a musician, and the plan was for him to bring his acoustic guitar with him to the ceremony and play as Erin and her uncle walked down the pathway to the Ladies’ Pavilion. Unfortunately he broke his wrist so was unable to. We kept the ceremony quite short and traditional. Erin’s Maid of Honor, Christina read a short poem during the ceremony. The poem was called Love, and was written by Erin’s father, since he could not be with them for the ceremony.

Erin&Matthew (62)

They all looked so lovely and summery. Matthew and his groomsmen wore matching shirts, vest and ties. Erin wore a dress with lace bodice and flower-printed skirt in a light blue pastel. Their flowers were seasonal pink, white and yellow blooms.

Erin&Matthew (11)

When they originally contacted me they were not planning on having any professional photography, but I’m glad that they changed their minds in the end. After some photos around Ladies’ Pavilion and elsewhere in Central Park, the couple got in to their vintage yellow cab, decorated for the occasion.

Erin&Matthew (53)

If you think you might like some help with planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website. “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest.

Erin&Matthew (24)

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I want to Get Married in Central Park in the Spring – is that a Good Idea?

Get Married in Central Park in the Spring

So, you’re considering getting married in Central Park in the springtime. It shouldn’t be too hot, or too cold, but what if it rains?! You’ve seen photos of Central Park looking fabulous in the spring time; the blossom is out, the flowers are blooming, and all is has that lovely greenery, and let’s face it; we need the rain to get all this. Perhaps you don’t like extremes of temperature, or perhaps spring is a better time for you to get married for other reasons. You’re wondering; is it a good idea to get married in Central Park in spring?

Central Park Spring Wedding 2

So many couples would say yes! May is one of the most popular months to get married in Central Park. But, did you know that May is New York City’s rainiest month? And the biggest fear for many couples getting married outdoors is the rain. In all my contracts I say “in case of a change of plans or bad weather, every attempt will be made to work with a new date or suitable alternative location.” That may sound rather vague but I do it deliberately because it is hard to cover even the most common eventualities. Myself and the couple will discuss the possibility of wet weather during the planning process and we will be watching the weather forecast in the run up to the wedding day. A couple could choose a location for their wedding which will provide some cover for them in case of rain. Or, they could choose their favorite location for a ceremony for plan A, and a location with cover for plan B. In the past, sometimes we have been able to change the time of the wedding, or even the day to avoid wet weather.  Click the link for more information on what happens if it rains on your wedding day if you need it.

Central Park Spring Wedding 5

Spring is of course the season of change. As with every other place on earth, the start of spring will be colder than the end of spring. In New York, it can still be very chilly in March, and spring can begin any time between then and May. Spring can come very gradually or in a rush, it varies year on year. So, keep that in mind if you’re really hoping to have wedding photos with the cherry blossom all around you. It is difficult to predict when it comes out, although a wedding in May will be your best bet to be surrounded with blossom as you say “I do”.

Central Park Spring Wedding 4

The days will get longer throughout spring, so if you’re looking for a sunset wedding then an early spring wedding may suit you, or to capture photographs at the golden hour before an evening reception, then towards the end of spring will be a great time of year for you. Of course the days will also get warmer towards the end of spring, and we’ve seen some very warm days in May in previous years, so keep that in mind when choosing what to wear.

Central Park Spring Wedding 3

Spring sees several holidays, so think about that when choosing your date. We usually get some couples from Ireland getting married around St Patrick’s Day in March, and of course lots of people get time off over Easter so can travel to the city then. At the beginning of May many celebrate Cinco de Mayo and at the end of the month the US celebrates Memorial Day. Holidays bring pros and cons. The city can be busy with tourists, but have less residents around holidays, and parades and celebrations can make traffic even more difficult to predict and close off areas of the city. On the other hand, the couple and their guests may be more likely to be able to get time off work around these times, which is very helpful, especially when planning a destination wedding, as many of my clients are.

Central Park Spring Wedding 8

Lots of the flowers start to bloom in the spring, although some hold out until the summer, and birds migrating through the area will often settle in Central Park for a little while during the spring, so there are lots of lovely things to see. There will be lots of color in wedding photos taken in Central Park during the spring, and you will have a wide choice of blooms in season for your bouquet.

Central Park Spring Wedding 7

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