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wed in central park answers to FAQs

Who are you?

I’m Claire, I have been running a business planning weddings for couples who want to get married in Central Park since 2012.

Why do you write this blog?

Partly to show case the gorgeous weddings we have been involved in to tempt others to marry in Central Park, and to show that we are a real business, which is comforting for clients who hand over the deposit to someone they have never met.  It is also there to provide more detailed information and photos than I can feature on the website without getting too cluttered.

What is this blog all about?

Weddings in Central Park, New York.  The majority of features are of real weddings that have taken place in Central Park.  Over the years of writing it, though, I’ve written more general advice pieces, that are long answers to frequently asked questions, or things that I find myself telling people a lot.  I feature some real weddings that have not taken place in Central Park, which I hope readers will find useful for inspiration for their own weddings.  I also post general summary pieces that I think would be useful for those considering a wedding in Central Park.

Did you plan every wedding on this blog?

Most of them, but not all.  You will be able to tell which ones are mine and which are not if you read the posts.

Will you feature my wedding on the blog?

If you got married in Central Park and you planned it all yourself, then yes for sure!  Just let me know the names of the people who were involved in your wedding so that I can credit them.  If you were married anywhere else in New York City then I would probably still be interested, because I think my readers would be interested.

Do you hire interns?

Thanks but no.  The business is run solely by me, all the weddings are planned by me, and this blog is my voice.  That’s how I like it.

I want to do what you do for a living, what is your advice?

Find your niche.  There will be something special about your knowledge and experience, you should use that.  I am British and I got married in Central Park, so I wanted to help other visitors do that same with what I had learned while planning my own wedding.  Also, learn about search engine optimisation.

Do you accept guest posts?

Yes, but only if I think my readers will find them useful.  So, imagine if you were considering getting married in Central Park, New York.  Then decide if your subject matter might be helpful, interesting, inspiring or valuable in any way.

Do you write for other blogs?

Yes.  I have written lots of guests posts, mostly for other wedding blogs, usually all about getting married in Central Park – how best to do it, why you should do it, who else has done it, and what’s so great about it.  I really like doing that.  Please contact me if you would like me to write something for your blog.

I also freelance write for other blogs, usually any wedding-related subject, contact me if you would be interested in having me do that for your blog.

Central Park Wedding Planner

I have a FAQs page on my website for many of the questions I get asked most frequently when planning weddings.  Please comment below if you have a further question that I don’t answer here or on my website.  I update the website FAQs occasionally.

For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.

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Bernadette and Jody’s Belvedere Castle Terrace Wedding

Real Central Park Wedding JB

Bernadette and Jody got married on Belvedere Castle Terrace in early September of last year.  It was unseasonably hot and sunny, so it doesn’t look like September in the photos!  They brought around a dozen of their nearest and dearest with them from their home in Pennsylvania, including Jody’s three children and Bernadette’s son.  So, this marriage was not just a union of this couple, but also the forming of a new family with their children also.

Belvedere Castle Central Park Wedding JB (10)

Bernadette didn’t want to make a big entrance, so instead the whole party arrived together, and walked to the castle through the Shakespeare Garden, up the stone steps and on to the breezy terrace.  There are a couple of covered areas on Belvedere Castle Terrace where a wedding ceremony can take place, Bernadette and Jody chose the larger area with a view over Turtle Pond.

Belvedere Castle Central Park Wedding JB (20)

There was a lot going on in the city that weekend, and around Central Park.  Labor Day had been the previous Monday, but the parade was being held on Fifth Avenue that morning.  You can see in the background of some photos that Central Park was full of people enjoying a bonus sunny Saturday at the end of the summer.

Belvedere Castle Central Park Wedding JB (5)

Belvedere Castle is closed for 2018, due to huge renovations – the biggest the castle has seen since the 1980s.  But it will be open again for weddings in 2019, and it will be looking fantastic by then.  It is the highest point in Central Park, so has an incredible vantage point over Central Park.  One New Year’s Eve, that’s where I watched the fireworks from at midnight and it was awesome.

Belvedere Castle Central Park Wedding JB (98)

They had a short and sweet wedding ceremony, where they wrote their own vows to say to each other.  The party made the most of their spot on Belvedere Castle Terrace and took plenty of photos up there, before the guests left Central Park and the couple and the photographer walked back through the Shakespeare Garden for more photos amongst the flowers.  “The weather was beautiful and everyone seemed to have a great time,” said Bernadette.

Belvedere Castle Central Park Wedding JB (100)

They took some more photos by the Lake, on Bow Bridge and at Bethesda Terrace before getting in to a carriage and having a little quite time together before the couple joined their guests at The Time Hotel for cocktails before their meal.

Belvedere Castle Central Park Wedding JB (109)

“We appreciate you helping us coordinate our wedding day and taking care of the details.  You were very professional and detailed in all your communications and I appreciated the responsiveness!” said Bernadette.

Belvedere Castle Central Park Wedding JB (114)

For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.

Belvedere Castle Central Park Wedding JB (84)

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How Music Can Compliment Your Wedding in Central Park – With Song Suggestions

music suggestions central park wedding

I have been planning weddings in Central Park for more than five years now, and an acoustic musician is a popular addition to a wedding ceremony there. The Central Park Conservancy do not allow amplified music, so any music we have at a ceremony must be live and acoustic.

Central Park Wedding Music A&L

In the past, I have supplied a harpist, a bagpiper, a violinist, a cellist, string trios and quartets, a guitarist and a singer. If a couple know that they want music in their wedding, but are not sure on what type of instrument they would like, then I usually suggest choosing which pieces they want to be played, and then deciding which instrument will work best for that piece.

Central Park Wedding Music F&J

In many cases, the musician will arrive a little while before the bride or couple does, and will play for the guests while they wait for them to arrive. In some cases, the musician will meet the bride at the entrance to Central Park and walk in with her, playing as they go. This is a very popular thing to do with a bagpiper, as he can pipe as he walks.

Central Park Wedding Music A&G

I usually suggest choosing three or four pieces for this period before the wedding. Then I suggest choosing one special piece to arrive to. In many cases this is the Wedding March, also known as the Bridal Chorus or Here Comes The Bride. We have seen couples choose a wide range of pieces, though, and modern and classic pop songs are very popular. Then, after the couple are both together, the musician usually stops playing and we have the ceremony. Sometimes we have the musician continue to play softly in the background through the ceremony if the couple want them to. At the end of the ceremony, the officiant pronounces the couple married, and then we usually have the musician start to play again. This is often an uplifting and celebratory piece, since it follows the pronouncement and applause. After this, the couple and their witnesses, and the officiant will sign their marriage license and then start to take group photos around the ceremony location. The musician can play during this time, too. After the group photos at the ceremony location the couple and their party usually move off to other locations in Central Park for photographs. Sometimes the musician comes along, too. Each couple tends to want something slightly different, and we are happy to fit in with them and their needs.

Central Park Wedding Music Dancing

Some popular pieces for our bagpiper have been: Calendonia, Highland Cathedral, Mull of Kintyre, Loch Lomand, The Theme to Braveheart, Skye Boat Song, Flower of Scotland, and Scotland the Brave. We recently had a wedding where he played Hallelujah and Fairy Tale of New York, which he had to practice specially for this couple! He can also play the Wedding March of course. The bride will quite often request that the piper meets them at the entrance to Central Park and walks in to the ceremony location with her and her party. It makes quite the entrance, and draws a lot of attention from other people in the park. A groom can hear his bride-to-be coming this way, too.

Central Park Wedding Music J&S

Our classical string musicians are also very popular. We can provide just one musician, or a duo, trio or quartet. Our violinists and cellists have frequently been asked to play Pachelbel’s Canon, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Dvorak’s Heresque, Bach’s Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring and Air on a G String, and of course the Wedding March. They have also played Alicia Keys’ Empire State of Mind (a popular choice), Falling Slowly from Once, Nat King Cole’s When I Fall in Love, Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody, Van Morrison’s Have I Told You Lately That I Love You, Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love, The Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years, and surprisingly large number of other pop songs that work very well on a string instrument. One time, our cellist played the theme tune from Forest Gump as a bride walked down the pathway to the Ladies’ Pavilion. The wooden instruments must be protected from moisture, so in the event of any rain at all, they must be under cover.

Central Park Wedding Music Violin

A few years ago we had a couple who were keeping to a budget, and they were locals so they knew Central Park well. They knew that there were always musicians around Central Park, playing for tips, so they asked me to go out and find one for them. There was a cellist playing at the 72nd and Central Park West entrance to Central Park, so I approached him and offered him a small fee to come along and play at the wedding. He accepted and it was lovely. He had been sitting on a bench playing, but the couple had brought along folding chair for the bride’s elderly grandmother, myself (I was pregnant at the time), and anyone else who needed to sit. So, the cellist had a seat as he played next to Wagner Cove.

Central Park Wedding Music A&S

I work with a couple of harpists, and they each have several harps, of varying sizes. This means that they can get in to all the locations in Central Park with at least one of their harps, since some locations won’t be suitable for larger instruments. Our harpists usually get asked for pop songs, but the harp is just as appropriate for the classical pieces I have listed above that are popular with our couple who choose violin or cello. We’ve been asked for A Whole New World from Aladdin, Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the theme from Beauty and the Beast, Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years, Van Morrison’s Have I Told You Lately that I Love You, John Legend’s All Of Me, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, Alicia Keys’ If I Ain’t Got You, Bruno Mars’ Marry You, Lionel Ritchie’s Endless Love, and of course, the Bridal March. We are currently planning a wedding for this summer when the harpist will play Timber by Kesha and Pitbull, which I’m rather looking forward to! If it’s very cold, a harpist cannot play outdoors, so we discourage couples from booking a harpist over the winter period.

Central Park Wedding Music M&D

There is a guitarist who has stood in the same spot next to a footpath beside the Lake every day for what feels like forever. If a couple marry in the Ladies’ Pavilion, the Shakespeare Garden or Belvedere Castle Terrace, they are very likely to pass him as they walk along the west side of the Lake to Bethesda Terrace. He will play for them as they have their very public first dance if they wish. There are always musicians underneath Bethesda Terrace, too, so if a couple marries under there then they could be serenaded.

Central Park Wedding Music First Dance

I work with a couple of guitarists, one sings and plays the guitar, and one brings a singer with him to accompany him. We have had such a huge range of requests for these guys, and it always amazes me how chill they are about each song; either they already know it, or they can learn it for the couple. Here are just a few of the requests we have had the guitarists play: Ed Sheeran – Perfect (a very popular one), The Temptations – My Girl, Elvis – Can’t Help Falling in Love, Ben E. King- Stand By Me, The Beatles – In My Life, The Long and Winding Road, Bob Dylan – Blowin’ In The Wind, Christina Perri – A Thousand Years, Harry Styles – Sweet Creature, The Verve – Lucky Man, Eric Clapton- Wonderful Tonight, James Arthur – Say You Won’t Let Go, Lumineers – Hey Ho, The Cure – Love Song and Friday I’m in Love (they got married on a Friday), Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are, Oasis – Wonderwall, Jack Johnson- Better Together, Al Green- Lean On Me, Stevie Wonder – Signed Sealed Delivered, Extreme – More Than Words (for at least two of our weddings so far!), José González – Heartbeats (also twice!), Madness – It Must be Love, Jason Mraz – I’m Yours, Tracy Chapman – Fast Car, John Mayor – Free Fallin’, Backstreet Boys – As Long As You Love Me, Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply, Florence and the Machine – You’ve Got The Love, Kodaline – The One, Roy Orbison – Pretty Woman, John Mayer – Free Fallin’, Frank Sinatra – New York New York, Pachelbel – Canon, and of course; the Bridal March! One couple asked for When You Say Nothing at All – a huge hit for Ronan Keating in Britain and Ireland, but our guitarist had to learn it for the couple, since it didn’t quite make it to the US.

Central Park Wedding Music H&S

We sometimes stop the talking in the ceremony to have a musician play a special piece part way through the ceremony. Sometimes we have the officiant or a guest read out the lyrics to a song, just as many might read a poem, but sometimes it feels right to have someone sing it rather than read it, so we do that if it is what the couple wants. We have also had guests sing or play at the beginning or end of some weddings. One of the most memorable and unique pieces of music at one of our weddings was a mother of one of the brides, who was from New Zealand, sang a waiata (a traditional Maori song) at the end of the ceremony.

Central Park Wedding Music A&R

I hope this has been helpful food for thought for anyone considering having someone play music for them at the wedding in Central Park, whether it be a friend or a professional. For help with planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.

Central Park Wedding Music J&S

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Jacqui and Kenny’s Wagner Cove Wedding With Their Kids

Jacqui Kenny Central Park Wedding Wagner Cove

Jacqui and Kenny got married in Wagner Cove last July.  They had been together for almost twenty-five years before they got married.  The couple had been together since the age of twenty and had always said that they would get married “one day” they just weren’t in a hurry and took a while to get around to it!

JK central park wedding wagner cove 3

They had already booked a family vacation to New York for themselves and their kids when they decided that they would get married while they were there.  They first contacted me on the 1st July and their wedding took place on the 19th, so we had to work quickly!

JK central park wedding wagner cove 5

Jacqui and Kenny’s children were their only guests, they came with them from their home in Scotland to give their mother away and to witness their parents’ marriage.  Since neither of the kids were over eighteen, our photographer was a legal witness to the wedding.

JK central park wedding wagner cove 1

The couple knew they wanted somewhere quite private for their wedding ceremony so they chose Wagner Cove straight away, they knew it would suit them.  It is down some stone steps, which themselves are quite hidden away in between bushes.  There are rarely passers-by at this location because of it’s setting right on the Lake in this clearing at the bottom of steps.  People can see the wooden structure from the other side of the Lake but it is very easy to feel completely private and alone at Wagner Cove.

JK central park wedding wagner cove 2

New York gets very hot in July, so they married at 10am in the morning, before it got too hot, and the roof of Wagner Cove provided some shade during the ceremony.  There is usually a bit of a breeze off the water, too.

JK central park wedding wagner cove 7

They all stayed together at the Edison Hotel.  They arrived on the Friday, picked up their license from City Hall on the Monday and got married on the Wednesday.  They knew they didn’t want a fancy meal after their wedding, so after their ceremony, and photographs in Central Park, they went on to Black Tap for burgers and shakes for lunch.

JK central park wedding wagner cove 6

For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.

JK central park wedding wagner cove 4


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Chris and Becky’s Engagement at Wagner Cove in Central Park

CB marriage proposal central park wagner cove

Chris contacted me asking for some help with his marriage proposal to Becky for their New York vacation in early December of last year.  The British couple were visiting the city together and Chris decided that it would be a great time to propose.

CB proposal engagement wagner cove central park 9

He initially considered making his proposal on Bow Bridge.  From there, the view of the Lake with the trees and the buildings behind them is spectacular.  It is not very private though.  Some couples are happy for the attention, or even oblivious to it.  But, for those who want some privacy I would not recommend proposing on Bow Bridge.  Keep in mind that you can always take posed photographs there later on, though.

CB proposal engagement wagner cove central park 1

After some discussion, he chose Wagner Cove in Central Park as the ideal spot to pop the question.  He had considered also having an acoustic musician nearby playing some music he would choose, but in the end he decided not to, to keep the budget down.

CB proposal engagement wagner cove central park 2

The couple had booked the trip without too much notice to spare, kind of on the spur of the moment.  So, we planned all this in the week running up to the weekend when he proposed.  We sorted it all out in a matter of days.

CB proposal engagement wagner cove central park 6

I ordered a bouquet of fuchsia and white lilies for Becky, her favorite flowers.  We decided that the best way to present these would be for Chris to ask Becky to marry him, and then after she had said yes, the photographer would make herself known and then give her the bouquet.

CB proposal engagement wagner cove central park 7

The couple went for lunch at a restaurant nearby, then for a walk in Central Park afterwards.  I had given Chris a map of Central Park, with his route mapped out, and I had exchanged photographs of the couple and the photographer so they would both know who to be on the lookout for.

CB proposal engagement wagner cove central park 3

Our photographer waited at the top of the steps to Wagner Cove, hanging out, casually taking photos of the area.  Then she sneaked down the steps after them and, when Chris got down on knee inside the rustic wooden structure of Wagner Cove, our photographer captured some photos.  After that, they took some posed photos around Wagner Cove, on Bow Bridge and on Bethesda Terrace.

CB proposal engagement wagner cove central park 10

For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, or proposal, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real proposals and weddings.

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Natalie and Jason’s Engagement by the Lake in Central Park

JN marriage proposal central park the lake

Natalie and Jason got engaged in Central Park in June 2016. Then they got married under Bethesda Terrace in Central Park in November 2017. Jason planned it all to intricate detail, booked a photographer to capture the moment, and made sure Natalie would look fabulous for the event, without giving too much away. They had discussed marriage before, and they knew they were going to get married one day, but they had been dating for five years by the time Jason popped the question, so Natalie said that it felt like it was a long time coming!

JN proposal central park 10

Jason asked one of Natalie’s friends to plan a nail appointment with her earlier in the day, and as luck would have it, Natalie decided on a whim to make it a day of pampering and got her hair cut that morning too. Jason did tell her that he would have a surprise for her that day, and she should wear something nice.

JN proposal central park 3

Jason had a ring, which he had bought himself. “I had been hinting (and NOT subtly) at which ring I would want basically since we started dating, so he had an idea, but he still somehow managed to exceed my expectations!” said Natalie. She loves her ring, which has an emerald cut diamond, which is tricky to get right for a potential fiancé because you have to get the ratio of the sides just right!

JN proposal central park 5

So, after the nail appointment, Jason started to give Natalie step by step instructions on how to get to him. First he told her which train to go and which stop to get off at, then which bar to go to for a quick drink, then to walk in to Central Park and then directions of where to go in the park. “By that point I had a VERY good idea of what he was up to,” said Natalie. “It was honestly the most exciting experience I could have ever imagined. It made it so much more fun to be anticipating the proposal and not knowing when he was going to do it, or where!” Natalie does love surprises, though; she loves an exciting build-up.

JN proposal central park 6

Central Park is of course a very public place, and Jason had originally intended to propose on Bow Bridge, which is a popular spot for proposals, due to its beautiful view. But when he got there and saw how busy it was, he decided against it. He knows that Natalie is quite shy and would feel very self-conscious if he proposed there in front of all those people. So, he decided to move to a spot right by the water, close to Bow Bridge, in a secluded area off from the main pathway. Jason had photographer Jakub Redziniak in place to capture the moment.

JN proposal central park 9

They were in a fairly private spot as Jason popped the question and the couple say that they felt like it was just the two of them until Natalie said yes and they kissed. “Actually, I said ‘finally!’ but ya know!” laughed Natalie. Then the people who were in rowboats on the Lake clapped and cheered. “I felt so comfortable during the proposal, since I didn’t realize anyone was watching,” said Natalie, “and then after I had accepted, it was so amazing to get that reaction and know that other people were almost as excited as I was” she said.

JN proposal central park 11

The photographer, Jakub came out of his hiding place after Natalie had accepted and he took them for an engagement photo session afterwards. They were able to get plenty of posed shots in that public area on Bow Bridge. So, they got the best of both worlds – a private proposal and also photos with the iconic backdrop of Bow Bridge, and at Bethesda Terrace, where they would later get married. “I feel like you can tell from the pictures just how happy and excited we were,” said Natalie. “We are smiling from ear to ear in literally every single picture!”

JN proposal central park 12

Once their engagement photo shoot was finished, the couple met up with Natalie’s friend who she had had her nails done with earlier and her boyfriend for celebratory drinks. After that they went to dinner at The Russian Tea Rooms, because Jason knew that it was a restaurant Natalie had always wanted to go to. Then they ended the night by staying at Gramercy Park Hotel, which was also on Natalie’s NYC bucket list.

JN proposal central park 8

And, a little over a year later, they got married in Central Park. They live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, so it seemed like the perfect choice for them. For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real proposals and weddings.

JN proposal central park 4


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Microweddings in Central Park

microwedding Central Park new york

I’m not usually a huge fan of buzzwords.  But I’ve been hearing the term “microwedding” quite frequently lately and I rather like this one.  The reason why I like it is because I finally have a name for the majority of the weddings I am involved in.  I have planned well over two hundred weddings in Central Park since I started this business.  Quite a lot of those weddings have been true elopements – ie just the couple are present and they have no guests.  The odd few have been forty or fifty people or even a few more than that – that’s a big wedding for us.  The majority of the weddings I help to plan have between five and fifteen guests.  It’s not an elopement, and it’s not a traditional wedding.  It is a destination wedding, but it seems that most people think of the beach when you say that.  But to summarize the main features of the weddings I do, I would say that a) they’re in Central Park (obviously!), b) they’re smaller than average and c) they’re lovelier than average (OK that last one is just my opinion).

AG microwedding central park

So, what to call these small weddings?  Well, “small weddings” is OK, but not too catchy.  Some wedding planners still call them elopements if they’re not near to the couple’s home and they only have a few guests, because it’s still kind of a similar vibe.  But to me, it’s not the same at all – I’m involved with lots of elopements and lots of small weddings and I think they feel very different.  Even a small audience as you make these big promises is still an audience, and when you’re having the wedding far from home, then if you have a small number of guests then that’s a very different trip with them there than if it’s just the two of you.

AF microwedding central park

I recently exhibited an “alternative wedding” fair, and some of my weddings have featured on some blogs of the same theme.  I’m all for being alternative and setting yourself apart from the norm, but what does that really mean?  I suppose it just means non-traditional, and getting married outdoors with just a few of your nearest and dearest is quite non-traditional (by western standards in very recent times).  But many of my couples are looking and saying and doing something fairly traditional apart from the location they do it in, which generally dictates a shorter guest list that they would have at home.  Would my couples describe themselves as alternative?  I doubt that most of them would.

AR microwedding central park

Some people argue that a major reason for keeping the guest list short is that it keeps the cost down.  And, while this might be true to some extent, and I’d argue that our weddings are cheaper than the traditional option at home, I don’t think people choose to marry in Central Park to save money.  I think they do it because New York is an incredible, unique and fantastic city, and Central Park is iconic, beautiful and romantic.  So I don’t think we can call them “cheap weddings” because that’s not always accurate either.  What a smaller wedding can allow, is a couple spending more money on each guest because they have fewer of them.  For example, they can go to an especially fancy New York restaurant if they only have a few people to feed, or their invites can be extra special since there will be far fewer of them to send out.  So, rather than using these smaller weddings as a money-saving method, it can be more of a money-spending re-direction. A smaller guest list frees up the budget to spend on other things.  So, instead of entertaining and feeding lots of distant family members who you last saw a few Christmases ago, you can get married in a spectacular destination, for example, and have wedding photos that really stand out.

BJ microwedding central park

Once theme I have noticed is that many of the weddings I am involved with have a relaxed feel to them, so maybe we should call them “relaxed weddings”.  The couple who has decided to go away for their wedding, and not involve their wider social circle, but instead just those people who are closest to them, do seem to be taking it easier than the couples who are having a large wedding.  But then again, I’m sure there are many couples who have loved every minute of their traditional wedding at home with absolutely everyone they know.  It’s all about personal choice, and we’re all different people, so one person’s idea of relaxing could be someone else’s idea missing out.  So many of the couples who come to me for help with planning a smaller wedding in Central Park tend to do so after having considered a traditional big wedding at home and have found it stressful.  Perhaps they are fairly introverted people, so maybe we should call them “introvert weddings”.  So many of my couples have said that a big reason why they loved their wedding was that it was stress-free.  Many of my couples have described themselves as introverts, but if you bring a group with you for a few nights or a week and spend lots of time with them, then you would have to be fairly extroverted to enjoy it.

HB microwedding central park

I have heard the non-traditional wedding being referred to as the “anti-wedding” or heard it implied that these smaller weddings or elopements are for people who don’t care about or don’t like weddings.  This is just not the case at all, in my opinion.  In fact many of these couples have made a conscious decision to turn the focus away from their wider social circle instead on to themselves as a couple, and chosen to put emphasis on the people, rituals and customs that are most important to them.  They’re still doing many of the things involved in a larger wedding – getting dressed up, exchanging vows and rings, carrying flowers, taking photographs, eating great food and having a fabulous celebration.  They’re just choosing to do only the things that make them happy and not doing the things that don’t interest them but they might otherwise have felt obliged to do if they were having a traditional large affair at home.

LD microwedding central park

My second favorite term for these weddings is “intimate wedding” because that is the sense that these smaller weddings produce – they create a close and intimate feel for the couple and their guests.  A couple might be far more comfortable making very personal promises to each other in their vows when their guests are only the people who know them very well.  When couples bring a small group of their nearest and dearest with them to New York, the result will be that they will spend a lot more time with them than they would at a traditional, large wedding.  They might do their own sight-seeing during the day, and then meet as a group in the evenings to talk about what they have done and seen.  Or they might split the group in to a small hen (bachelorette) and stag (bachelor) parties in the run-up to the wedding.  I write each ceremony with the couples and with these smaller groups, we can mention each guest by name in a ceremony if the couple wish to.  In many cases, couples who do not spend time worrying about keeping a large number of guests feed and entertained and happy instead concentrate on making the ceremony and the whole wedding day more meaningful and unique to themselves.

HL microwedding central park

The reason why I like the term “micro wedding” or more commonly all one word “microwedding” is that it implies quite clearly that the event is a wedding, as we know it, just smaller.  Many of these couples are taking all the love and joy and celebration of any wedding, and then shrinking it, maybe even condensing it.  They are keeping the ceremony and the festivities but just trimming of the stuff (and dare I say it; the people) they feel they can do without.


Couples have many reasons why they might choose a microwedding.  Sometimes it is because they have a complicated family – perhaps parents who have split up and it’s too complicated to have them all together on this special day.  Sometimes it is that the couple, or one of the couple, would really hate all that attention on the day.  Perhaps they consider planning a big wedding an unnecessary hassle and excessive stress that they don’t need and wouldn’t enjoy.  It certainly seems to be a trend to reduce wedding guest lists, and these microweddings are on the rise.  I am all for it!

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