New York Themed Wedding Stationery by the Wedding Invite Company

New York 3

I have only relatively recently started posting on Instagram and looking through other posts, usually of an evening after the kids have gone to bed.  The wedding business is quite a visual one, so I have been finding lots of useful connections on there, and viewed lots of very beautiful images.  Click here for my Central Park weddings Instagram profile.  One of the cool and creative people I have found through Instagram is Zoe Rusga, owner of the Wedding Invite Company.  She has been professionally designing since April 2003.  Her designs caught my eye, and she has made many invites and other wedding stationery in a New York theme, so I thought readers of my blog might like to hear what she has to say, so I asked her to write something and send over a few photos of her work.  Here is what she said:

New York Yankees save the date card

I have been in love with New York City ever since I saw Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

New York is a lot like London, where I worked since I left school at age sixteen until I had babies at aged twenty-seven and gave up my city career.  You either love a big city like this or you hate it – its excitement and its charm, its architecture and its misadventure.  The calm of the parks and the chaos of rush hour.  For me, I loved it all.  If you are getting married in New York City, then I guess you understand how a city gets under your skin.

Darvinder & Sharn New York Guest Book

I have had the great honour and privilege of designing wedding stationery for Brides and Grooms getting married in New York City.  Whether it be in Central Park, Battery Park or an after party on the Hudson, my colourful wedding invitations and stationery are a must have for any Bride and Groom (also Bride and Bride, Groom and Groom) looking to inject the heart and soul of the city into their day.

C New York Save the Date 2

Save the Date Cards    

Save the Date cards are a great way of letting your guests know that you have a wedding date. Especially important if you have a large group of mutual friends also thinking about getting married in a similar time frame, and people booking holidays for around the time of your proposed date.

I have two main New York illustrations which are popular.

My first design features a few iconic landmarks, and as us British LOVE Tiffany & Co. then the bag HAD to make an appearance.

I also have a similar design, but this is more of a New York and New York Yankees theme. The colours are beautiful in this design and for me, represent the hustle and bustle of the city.

C New York Classic Invite 3

Wedding Invitations

Using the illustrations above, I produce a few different invitation styles, depending on whether you want something plain or something rather fanciful.

C New York Table Plan - Amie Frayne

Table Plans

Table plans and seating charts are my crowning glory in the world of weddings. Jaw dropping works of paper art that create that total wow factor! My illustrations are cut from paper and illustrated by hand. As they are made to order, you can choose any part of New York that makes up ‘your’ version of New York. Made upon a wood framed canvas, means you have a perfect piece of historical artwork to keep forever!

C New York Table PLan - Scott & Siobhan

Everything Else stationery related

If it already exists, I probably do it! Order of the Day booklet, place cards, menus, signs, favour boxes, guest books, wedding card post boxes and wedding photograph albums.

C New-York-Guest-Book-MINT

Shipping from the UK

Although I am in the UK, I have made, dispatched and successfully delivered (via UPS, not me personally!) a whole host of weddings taking place in New York – don’t let that little bit of water between our mutual countries put you off!

C New York Wedding Card Post Box

How can I get this fabulous stationery?

If you like what you see and would like to chat further, then I would be most delighted to discuss your ideas for your wedding day.  For more information, check out the website or send an email to hello@theweddinginvitecompany

C New York Table Names 14 09 13


Where can see more by this artist?

This was written by Zoe Rusga, owner of the Wedding Invite Company.  She has lot of social media to show off her talents.  Follow her on Pinterest, like her Facebook page, follow her on Instagram, or Twitter.

C New York themed table plan

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Once Upon a Time in New York City

my guest post with a few tips on how to plan a Central Park wedding on a budget


Since bringing you the interview with Carly from Epic Elopement many of you have contacted me asking for more posts on eloping and advice on planning a destination wedding.

Some of the hardest parts of trying to plan a wedding outside of the country you live in is figuring out what everything will cost and trying to find reliable suppliers. In this post Claire from Wed in Central Park, provides a basic breakdown of the costs involved in a British couple getting married in Central Park on a budget…

Wed in Central Park HeaderI have been planning weddings for couples who want to get married in New York’s Central Park for almost five years.  One of my primary goals since founding this business is to offer a great service with talented, reliable and enthusiastic people for a good value price.  I checked what my main competitors were charging to plan a wedding in Central…

View original post 1,845 more words

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How to Include your Children in your Central Park Wedding

Jackie&Chris (4)

Some of the couples I help to plan their wedding in Central Park have children. They may be the children of both the bride and groom, or they may be the children of just one of the couple, from a previous relationship.

By Laura Pennace -

Since many of our weddings are quite small, if the guests bring their children to the wedding, then the children are probably quite close family to the marrying couple, so they may want to include them in the ceremony somehow. Either way, the bride and groom may want to include children in their wedding ceremony. Here are some ways I have found work very well for the couples I have worked with when they have included their children at their wedding.


Ask the child to be bridesmaid or flower girl or groomsman
This is of course the most popular way of including children in a wedding. They get to wear something nice and co-ordinated to the bride and groom, and carry some flowers. If you are getting married in Central Park, keep in mind that the whole thing will be outdoors, and they may well want to go and play at some point. There are many playgrounds in Central Park and of course lots of places to run and jump, so keep that in mind when considering their outfit. The little girl in this picture was flower girl for these grooms and she had the very important task of dropping flower petals ahead of them as they arrived at their wedding at the Dene Summer House.


Ask the child to give the bride away
If a bride is also a mother, then I find that it is fairly common for her to have her child arrive at the wedding ceremony with her. In many cases, an older son might well give his mother away. It is quite cute to do this with younger boys, too. All they have to do is walk carefully down the aisle (or pathway in the case of Central Park) with their mom on their arm and then say “I do” when the officiant asks “who gives this woman to be married to this man?” Also, there is no reason why a daughter should not give away her mother if they want to do it that way. If you are getting married in a Park you have already thrown away some traditions, so it is a great opportunity to do things just as you want to.


Ask the child to be best man
If your child is old enough to cope with the pressure, then why not ask him or her to be your best man or your best woman. If the groom has a son (or even a daughter, see my previous comment about my disdain for traditions that do not suit your family) who would enjoy the duty of being best man, then that is a great way to include him and show him that you believe him responsible enough to take on the task. Of course, the role of the best man will depend on the age of the child, and quite what you want him to do. But even a toddler can hold a ring and stand next to his dad for a wedding ceremony.


Ask them to take photos or video
A nice way to keep a record of the day from the child’s perspective is to ask them to take photos or even video of the occasion. It is also a good way to get them involved and keep them occupied. The age of the child may well influence the quality of the photos, though! This young woman is taking photographs as her parents get married in the Ladies’ Pavilion.


Take fun photos
If you are asking your child to be good during your wedding ceremony, then it is only fair to let them have some fun afterwards. If you have got married in Central Park then you are in the ideal place to allow a bit of running and jumping and letting off some steam in the open spaces. If they are out playing, then take this opportunity to get some nice photos, like this one of these boys playing on the rocks in Central Park, taken a little after their mom and dad got married in the Shakespeare Garden.

Jackie&Chris (87)

Mention them in the ceremony wording
I always write the ceremony wording for all the couples I work with, and if they already have children of their own as a couple, I think it is important to reference the huge commitment they have already made and the joys and challenges that they have already faced as a couple. If one or both of the couple already have children from a previous relationship, then I write about the unification of two families, and how this day marks the beginning not just of a marriage, but of the commitment to each others’ children.


Ask the child to do a reading
If you have a child old enough and confident enough to read out loud in front of a group at an official event, then having them reading a poem, a piece of prose, or a bible verse is a nice way to include them in the ceremony. If they are old enough, the couple can help them to choose something that has meaning for them about love, marriage, or their parents. This would be a nice way to prepare them for the day and to talk about any changes that might be coming after the wedding.

kim david central park wedding 4

Ask the child to carry the rings and give them to the officiant
I find that this is a very nice and easy way to involve a child in a wedding ceremony, and also a way to keep them focussed on the ceremony, because they have to pay attention for when they are asked to pass the ring to the officiant. Of course, I would only entrust this task to a child old enough to keep hold of the rings. This young man carried the rings for his parents’ wedding in Wagner Cove in the snow.

A&D snow wedding ceremony wagner cove 1

Bring bubbles and confetti for them
I think it is safe to say that wedding ceremony itself might be a bit on the dull side for some small children, who do not understand the significance of the event. So, parents can use the tried and tested ways of keeping a child occupied, ie distracted, such as a tablet or a phone or even an old-fashioned book. But it does seem a shame for them not to be fully involved with all that a wedding is, so perhaps bringing some bubbles along for younger children would add to the atmosphere of a wedding outdoors. The bubbles will catch the light and look pretty in photographs. Of course kids will also enjoy throwing confetti, although this is not permitted by the Central Park Conservancy in the event permit, there might be other places where the children can enjoy throwing it.

Flor&John (42)

Give the child a ring or other symbolic gift in the ceremony
I think this is especially symbolic if the child or children are from a previous relationship. We recently had a wedding where the groom gave the little daughter of the bride a ring too. After all, he was marrying her mother, but making a big commitment to the little girl, too, and he wanted to show her this with a ring. If you have older children, they may like a necklace or other piece of jewelry as a memento of the day.

Rachel Dean Central Park Wedding group inside Cop Cot

Ask them to carry cute signs or balloons
If we have a big group meeting in quite an open space in Central Park for a wedding, such as on the terrace by Bethesda Fountain, then I sometimes suggest asking one guest to carry a balloon so that the group is easily spotted. I think a child would be ideal for this job. There are lots of cute signs for weddings these days, and we are not allowed to attach signs to anything in Central Park, so asking a child to carry a sign will add extra cuteness, and may also provide some useful communication, such as a daughter of a bride acting as flower girl and carrying a sign that announces her mommy.


If they are old enough, ask them be a witness
The marriage license in New York State legally requires at least one witness to sign it after the ceremony, but there is space for two witnesses on there. If your child is over the age of eighteen then they can be the official witness to your wedding. It will be a lasting record of their attendance at your wedding ceremony.  This young woman is witnessing her dad’s marriage to her new stepmom in the Ladies’ Pavilion.


Ask them to give a toast
This one very much depends on the child. Many adults would dread writing and delivering a speech to a group of people, so many children may refuse such a responsibility, but some will love it. This is something the parents can help the child to write in the run-up to the wedding, as a useful way of discussing how they feel about it, and what they would like to say about their parents.


Don’t expect too much of them
Taking posed group photographs at a wedding can get boring for children and grown-ups alike. Capturing that perfect photo of the entire group is quite a challenge even without children, so if you have small children they may get impatient with being asked to stand still for any length of time. Accept that some of the photos with the children in them will not be perfect, and some will be laughably terrible when you look back on them. This little girl covered her face with her hat when she got tired of having her photo taken in the Ladies’ Pavilion.


Try to have some time out from the children
I often plan weddings with groups of mostly adults with just a few children, and there are plenty of bars in New York City that will not allow people under 21. So, if a couple want to include children only up to a certain point in the celebrations, then a guest will have to be nominated to be in charge of taking the children back to the hotel or accommodation and getting them to bed, while the rest of the party goes on until late. If the children are very little then they made need a nap in the afternoon, and this should be kept in mind when making a schedule for a wedding day. It would be terrible if the couple were saying “I do” at just the point when a small toddler becomes over-tired and decides that they have had enough. In the past I have been able to provide qualified, registered childcare for eloping couples with a small child. They wanted to say their vows to each other while someone else kept their child safe. They also wanted some wedding photographs with and without their child.

By Laura Pennace -

All of the photos in this blog post are from the weddings I have planned in Central Park. For more information on planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook for photos and more inspiring stories.

I would love to hear from others who have had their children or indeed other people’s children at their wedding ceremony, and how they made the most of it. Please comment below with any tips or advice.

Jackie&Chris (93)

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How to Choose Where in Central Park to Get Married

Many of the couples whom I assist with the planning of their weddings are visitors to New York City. In some cases they may have visited the city before, but they may not be so familiar with Central Park that they know all their options for where they might hold a wedding ceremony.

I have made some suggestions on the most popular locations for a wedding ceremony in Central Park on my website. I have found that these are the most commonly chosen locations for a wedding ceremony in Central Park and they all have their strengths and weaknesses depending on various factors. There are plenty of other great place in Central Park to get married, besides this list, but I tried to keep it short to avoid confusion or information overload in the early wedding planning stage. Things to consider that might affect a couple’s choice in location might be the size of the wedding party, where in Central Park they want to be, and how far they want to walk through the Park for other photograph locations, what level of privacy a couple wants, and what sort of backdrop they want for their ceremony.

I discuss all these needs with the couple and make my recommendations for them specifically. We talk about where they would like photographs taking after the ceremony and how much walking they are able or prepared to do. We can also talk about proximity of Subway stops, restaurants, and public bathrooms, since things like that can be important to some people. Of course, a lot of the choice comes down to what the couple finds attractive to look at. There are some wide open locations with an expansive view, such as Belvedere Castle Terrace or Bow Bridge, and there are some structures which offer a little cover around a group, such as the Ladies’ Pavilion for a smaller group, Cop Cot for a larger group, or Wagner Cove suits eloping couples very well. Of the structures, several are rustic in style and built from wood, such as Wagner Cove and Cop Cot, and there are Bow Bridge the Ladies’ Pavilion with its wrought iron work.

Some locations might get quite busy and therefore quite noisy at certain times of year, and so might not suit a large group. The Bethesda Fountain is one of the most iconic locations in Central Park, but it will be the busiest part of Central Park in high summer in the middle of the day. Some of the structures might not fit all of your wedding party inside. Some locations have a little seating, some offer beautiful views, some have a little cover if you want to provide some shelter from rain or sunshine. I would usually suggest Belvedere Castle Terrace, underneath Bethesda Terrace or the Ladies’ Pavilion to couples who are concerned about rain, or who want to have a second permit for a bad weather backup. Some offer rustic charm, some have art deco style, some are wide open spaces and some are covered in foliage. Different couples want different things and Central Park can satisfy a wide range of tastes.

The Conservatory Gardens are a popular choice for larger groups, and for couples who want to be further away from the South end of Central Park, which tends to be busier with tourists. There will be more locals in the North end of Central Park, where the Conservatory Gardens are, and it will be quieter. There are many stunningly beautiful spots in the Conservatory Gardens, but if you would also like photographs taking in the center area of Central Park, where Bethesda Terrace and Bow Bridge are, then you will have to walk thirty to forty minutes through the Park to get there after your ceremony and photos in the Conservatory Gardens.

The Central Park Conservancy do not allow us to bring seats for all the guests at weddings, but if couples think some of their party will need a seat during part of the proceedings, then I might suggest the Ladies’ Pavilion, Cop Cot or the Shakespeare Garden, where there are some benches already there. Generally, we find that all guests will stand for a wedding ceremony, though. It is nice to have benches nearby before and after the ceremony, to sit down to sign the license, or maybe to leave some belongings (supervised!) while group photographs are taken.

The couples and I will chat about their needs and we will settle on a choice for their wedding location, but it is important to remember that you can take photographs wherever you like in Central Park, so you should not get too concerned with choosing that one perfect location just for the ceremony. We usually suggest at least two hours for photographs in Central Park, and that includes the ceremony, which might take fifteen to twenty minutes, and then we can make a plan of all the other spots that you might want to get to for photos. The whole of Central Park is yours to enjoy when you get married there.

For more information in planning your Central Park wedding, or to discuss the best places to get married in Central Park, then drop me an email and we can have a chat. For more inspiration for planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook for photos and more inspiring stories.

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Elinor and Carl’s August Wedding in the Ladies’ Pavilion


Elinor and Carl brought their friends and family from their home in Manchester in the UK in the summer of 2014 to get married in the Ladies’ Pavilion in Central Park. They met at work – they are both nurses. They dated for six and a half years before getting married, and they bought their first house together three years before they got married.
Carl took Elinor to the Savoy hotel in London the autumn before they got married, and he proposed there. “It was a beautiful setting, and we had a wonderful weekend,” said Elinor. “Although in all honesty we had already decided we would get married and that we would get married in New York,” she added. But they wanted to make an occasion of their engagement, as many couples do.
Neither Carl nor Elinor wanted a big wedding or the pressure that they felt that might bring. They both feel that they appreciate the importance of marriage over the wedding. “I have always wanted to get married but only when it felt right, said Elinor. “We were at a point in our relationship where it didn’t feel like a massive jump, just a natural progression,” she told me. “It felt like the jewel in our crown if that makes sense, all the ground work was there we just needed the rubber stamp,” she explained.

When they started discussing their wedding, they were already in agreement about the major points: “we wanted a wedding abroad, we wanted something low key and non-traditional, but we knew we wanted our close family and friends there,” they told me. For a while they considered Las Vegas for a wedding destination, but Elinor’s mum could not shake the image of them being married by an Elvis, so she talked them out of it! “We considered other locations a little closer to home too,” said Elinor. “We looked at Spain, Italy and France, but either the language barrier or local laws proved a big of a struggle,” she said.

They feel strongly that an important aspect of their relationship has always been travel and holidays, they were keen to create memories with their loved ones that they will never forget. “We were also keen not to get focused on things like bows on chairs, centre pieces or what piece of music we do our first dance to,” they told me. “We wanted something that represented us as a couple which was already formed, and the focus was our marriage not just our wedding day,” Elinor added.

New York was Carl’s idea and as soon as he suggested it something just clicked for them both. They had both been to New York but not together. It took them around ten minutes of talking about it all to suggest the location of Central Park between them and they said that very quickly it all started to fall in to place. Elinor said that she found the planning of the wedding nice and simple and very enjoyable.

The couple did a bit or a search online for information, and felt that most of what they found was a little bogged down by jargon, but then they found my Central Park wedding planning website and they liked how simple I could make it for them. They chose the Ladies’ Pavilion for their ceremony location. “We liked it because it looked intimate and pretty,” said Elinor. “In reality it was beautiful and I am so pleased that we choose this location. The views from the Pavilion were breath taking,” she added. I agree. This is where I got married and after planning all these other weddings for the past five years, it is still my personal favorite location, as long as the group is small enough.


They had photos taken at Bow Bridge and around Bethesda Fountain. “We put all our faith in our photographer who was incredible. He also took us to DUMBO prior to the service and the photos are brilliant,” Elinor added. “It also calmed my nerves to be with Carl prior to the ceremony, although I know this is unconventional it suited us much more,” she said. This is what I love about breaking with tradition and getting married in a park, you can break with tradition is so many other ways quite easily and do just what suits you.

The dress Elinor wore for the wedding was actually her second wedding dress. “The first was a beautiful Maggie Sottero tea length dress that was perfectly altered for her for just two weeks before our flight to New York I picked it up and I just hated it, it wasn’t right for me at all,” Elinor said. “After a worrying afternoon I found a dress in Coast and on the day I honestly could not have been happier in it,” she told me.
Elinor’s brother and sister in law live in Houston, Texas so while she was visiting them a little while before the wedding she made all the boutonnieres and corsages from faux flowers from Michaels. She did not want big, expensive, formal flowers and she did not want to carry a bouquet so this was perfect for her.

They invited close family and friends to their wedding. They tried to make it clear that they knew that some people would not be able to make it to the wedding and that was OK by them, but this was about Carl and Elinor as couple and a traditional big wedding at home just would not be for them. “It got a mixed reception, and some me family members weren’t able to make it,” said Elinor. “But in the end we were overwhelmed by the response from many of our friends who booked their flights before we did!” she added. In total there were twenty-five guests, this included their parents and brothers and their partners and several friends. “That was the incredible thing,” Elinor said, “to feel that support and love from all those people, friends and family who made the trip, we are incredibly lucky and will never forget that.”

Elinor and Carl stayed at The Strand, which was a great location and picked specifically for its roof top bar with sensational views of the Empire State Building. They spent the evening of the wedding, and indeed every evening of the trip in this bar, “it was perfect,” said Elinor. Their wedding dinner was at the Loeb Boathouse as the sun started to set over the Lake during their main course, “I can’t think of a better place,” said Elinor.

I asked if they had any other thoughts about Wed in Central Park that they would like to share and Elinor said “Claire was incredibly attentive, timely and informative and had an excellent knowledge of the area, protocols and services. It became so easy with her on board. People commented on how chilled out I was on the run up to the wedding (except the day before!) and it was purely because everything was taken care of. You can’t ask for more than that; just relax and enjoy!” Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, Elinor and Carl, I wish you the best of luck for your futures together, although I am posting this blog two and a half years after your wedding. That is exactly my aim – for the bride to be relaxed and confident in the run-up to her wedding. For more information on planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook for photos and more inspiring stories.


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What Time is Best For Your Central Park Wedding?


I am a wedding planner for couples who want to get married in Central Park.  A decision that couples have to make quite early on in the wedding planning process is choosing a date and time and location for their wedding ceremony.  We must have the event permit from the Central Park Conservancy to be certain that we have secured the location for the ceremony, and people often like to have that confirmed early on.


I have planned around 180 weddings to date with Wed in Central Park and I have found that the most popular time for a wedding is early afternoon.  I think many brides like to have the morning to get ready and to build the excitement for the wedding in the afternoon.  We usually suggest allowing around two hours in Central Park, for the ceremony, the paperwork and all the photographs.  Then after that wedding parties tend to go on to various other places; either to a bar or restaurant, or maybe on to a cruise or somewhere like the Top of the Rock for more photos.

My advice to couples when considering what time they want to get married is to think about what else they want to do that day and that evening and work backwards from there.  What a couple might want to do with their wedding day will depend on who they have with them on the day.  If they are eloping and it is just the two of them, then they will have lots of options on what else they can do in New York City to make it a memorable day.  I wrote a blog post with my suggestions on what to do in New York on your wedding day.  If the party includes older people or children then their needs will have to be taken in to account when planning the activities for the day and evening.  Sometimes couples allow for their party to pop back to their hotels to freshen up in between the wedding and the evening, some decide that it is best for the entire party to stay out and keep together for things to run smoothly.


The most common thing to do by far, in my experience, is to keep close to tradition and take the party somewhere for something to eat.  Many parties book a table or private room in a restaurant, depending on group size.  So if this is what you plan to do, then think about what time you want to eat, consider the travel time from Central Park to the restaurant, allow time for all the things you want to do in Central Park after the ceremony, such as taking photos in all the locations you like, and then that will help you to decide what time the ceremony should be.  This is a big part of what I do during the wedding planning process, and how I can help, because I have made this sort of plan for lots of couples many times before.


The time of year will influence my advice on the best time for a wedding in Central Park.  I would not suggest having a ceremony in the direct sun in the middle of the day in high summer.  Nobody will be looking or feeling their best in that situation.  Conversely, if it is winter time, then the middle of the day would be a better time to get married, because the light will be better for the photographs.  A sunset wedding is a great idea in the summer time, but the sun sets so quickly in the winter that you would be risking it getting too dark too quickly to get good photos.  If you want Central Park to be at its most peaceful, then an early morning ceremony would be most suitable, and then you have the day free to fit in lots of fun things to do during your first day as a married couple.


I got married on the 1st of July when it is very hot in Manhattan.  So, we decided that the best time for us was late morning.  We were living on the Upper East Side at the time.  We had two guests who were friends from New York, and our dog.  We got married in the Ladies’ Pavilion in the shade, then had photos taken around the Park, dropped the dog off at home, then went for lunch with our guests in Midtown.  Then our friends went back to their homes, and we went back to our home.  We called our families at home in the UK, chilled out for a while, then walked to a nearby restaurant with views of the East River to celebrate the start of our married lives, just the two of us.  It was quiet, and hassle-free and it worked for us.


This is the beauty of getting married in Central Park, or some other non-traditional location; you get to choose how you want to do it.  This is true about all of it; what you say to each other, what you wear, where you go to celebrate, and what time you have the ceremony.  We at Wed in Central Park can help you to have the unique ceremony that suits you as a couple.  I always advise couples to think through exactly what they want to do and then we work out the best time to do everything else, and that helps us to decide when is best for their ceremony time.


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Victoria and Sean’s Wedding, Sheltered from the Rain Underneath Bethesda Terrace


Victoria and Sean came over to New York form their home in Glasgow this December to get married in Central Park. They have been together for four years and they have a two year old son together. Having their son was a major reason why they wanted to get married, they wanted to make their union official with a wedding.


They got engaged in November 2015 in Central Park, while taking a horse and carriage ride. Originally the plans for their wedding were a large-scale affair at Walt Disney World in Florida. Victoria started her communications with them but she found that the wedding planners there were adding to her wedding planning stresses, not helping. In the end she cancelled those big plans and reconsidered. “We realized that were marrying for love, not for a big show off day,” said Victoria, so they made the decision to elope to New York. Since they had got engaged there a year previously it was a special place for them. I find it quite common that couples who got engaged somewhere in New York want to get married there too.


I asked them if they had had any worries about getting married in Central Park. Theirs was the same as many couples’ – the weather. They were getting married outdoors in December, there was a risk of rain or indeed snow. They did have rain so they changed their ceremony location. They had originally chosen the lovely Dene Summer House, known as the Treehouse for Dreaming, but this is at the top of a hill that would have been very slippy in the wet, and provided no shelter from the rain. So, they changed their location to underneath Bethesda Terrace. This is a fully covered area and is famous for being the location where Chuck and Blair got married in the TV show Gossip Girl. It has grand arches with a view out to the Bethesda Fountain and often there are musicians under there playing for visitors. It is a lovely spot, but of course the rain affected their chances of getting photos in lots of locations in Central Park. “We didn’t let it ruin our day,” said Victoria, and they got some beautiful photos in the Bethesda Terrace area.


They were in New York for a week, and they stayed in the Paramount Hotel at Times Square. “The hotel was lovely but the location was just too busy,” said Victoria. “It was a fight of the crowds when we were coming and going from the hotel,” she added. I totally agree with this. As someone who has lived in Manhattan and visited as a tourist too I always recommend the Upper West Side as a great area to stay to couples who are getting married in Central Park. I know that Times Square is such a popular place to stay for tourists, but on the few occasions when I have had to walk through it I am always glad that I do not have to do it too often.


Victoria’s makeup was done by Bre Kali and her hair was done by Keila Sone. “Both of them went above and beyond to give me the look I was looking for,” said Victoria. She carried an artificial bouquet that she had brought from home, which stood up very well in the rain.


Their photographer was Gianna Leo Falcon. After their ceremony and their photographs they went back to the hotel and changed their clothes for some dry ones. Then went out for dinner and drinks to celebrate.


Despite the weather Victoria and Sean loved their wedding in Central Park. “I think wherever you get married in Central Park it will be beautiful,” Victoria said. “At first I was upset that we had to change location but we had a magical ceremony and our pictures turned out amazing because all of Central Park is stunning, so regardless of the ceremony location you are guaranteed a magical day.”


Thank you for sharing your story with us, Victoria and Sean, I wish you the best of luck for your futures together with your little family. For more information on planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook for photos and more inspiring stories.


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