Honeyfund – Online Honeymoon Registries

online honeymoon registry

In the past, wedding registries only applied to brick and mortar retail stores. Couples went to their favorite high-end department stores and selected household items that they would like to receive as wedding gifts. This included things like fine china, silverware, and small appliances. Their friends and family would then go to that store and access their “wish list” and purchase something from the list in the price range they wanted to spend.

As a society, we have changed. More households consisted of two adults with careers, and often the couple would live together and set up house long before they decide to get married. By the time a wedding is announced, they have all of the items they need for the kitchen, bed, and bath. This caused a dramatic change in the wedding registry. This introduced the new, online version of the honeymoon registry.

Crowdfunding is a modern way for people to support causes that mean something to them. Honeyfund Honeymoon Registry was born of this concept. Honeyfund allows the gift giver the ease of gifting someone from the comfort of their own home. The couple simply registers for what they want, and the gifter gives it to them, online, using Paypal, WePay, or a credit card.

The wedding party travels with the couple to an awesome destination to witness the couple’s wedding. The couple might stay on in this location for their honeymoon, or they might use it as a stepping stone to continue on to somewhere further away from home after the wedding.  While the guest list may be restricted to close friends and family, a reception and party are sometimes given in the hometown of the couple to include all those who could not travel with them.  A guest could pay for part of the couple’s trip as their gift through these online registries.

Honeyfund is an online honeymoon registry that allows couples to list things that mean something special to them. Their friends and family are given the option to purchase the gifts online at no charge. Like a traditional registry, the item then shows it is purchased. Unlike a traditional registry, people can pay for a portion of something. The items on the list can be traditional (like a toaster) or non-traditional (like a deep-sea fishing excursion on their honeymoon). The gifter can purchase the entire event of a portion of it. For example, if the registry asks for four nights in the honeymoon suite at a fabulous and swanky New York hotel, while the couple are in town to get married in Central Park, a guest may opt to pay for one night, and a different guest may pay for the second night, and so on.  Many hotels and wedding vendors can be paid directly from the Honeyfund account. Specific items that they couple request from a store can be tied to their Honeyfund.

If you transfer your money from your Honeyfund account to PayPal, WePay, or most Visa or Mastercard debit card accounts, there is a very small fee. This fee varies slightly between establishments and countries (money exchanges) but, in general, the fee is around 2.9% plus 0.3 cents per transaction. There is no fee for the person giving you the gift and if you use the fund to pay for the service, there is no added fee. The couple would also be required to pay taxes on their selection as you would anywhere. For example, if you went to dinner, you would expect to pay the bill, plus taxes, plus gratuity. Regardless of how you pay for the service, the charges are expected.

As more vendors around the world have come to expect the Honeyfund couple, they have made it easy to transfer funds directly from your Honeyfund account to a digital gift card that can be used for their services. This is free to the gift giver, and the couple. The funds needed are transferred to your digital card online, and they are used to pay for your event, meal, tips, taxes, or whatever you selected. This is a way to enjoy everything you want to do in fabulous New York without giving up any dollars to bank card fees.

The couple sets up their Honeyfund as soon as they announce their engagement. They keep it active and current throughout the wedding celebrations and the honeymoon. This allows family and friends who were unable to attend or people who wanted to wait and give the bride and groom something spectacular that is unexpected every opportunity to use the fund.

For example, the groom’s parents may access their Honeyfund account on the last few days of the honeymoon to see what activities the couple were able to do, and what they had not received as a gift. They may then decided to gift the couple with a special event like a wonderful meal in a fancy New York restaurant or a helicopter tour over the city. They simply add the event to the already active Honeyfund and the funds are instantly available.

Couples can also collect funds for their own wedding. The bride can decide to buy a wedding dress and make a fund to do so – and she can get the dress of her dreams by having the support of her friends and family.


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Carrie and Neil’s Wedding in Cop Cot

Central Park Wedding CN Cop Cot

Carrie (32) and Neil (39) brought twenty-five of their nearest and dearest over to New York from their home in Aberdeen to get married in Central Park this May.  They met through mutual friends and had been together for seven years before they got married.  They had got engaged in Central Park when they visited New York for Carrie’s thirtieth birthday two years before their wedding.

Central Park Wedding CN Cop Cot-23

I asked them why getting married was important to them.  Carrie said that after having their son she wanted to be married to feel more like a proper family.  Neil, however, said that he just wanted a party!  Both equally valid reasons in my opinion!

Central Park Wedding CN Cop Cot-9

I asked the couple if they had considered any other location for their wedding.  Carrie said “absolutely not, I have heard too many horror stories, problems with family politics, and expensive disaster stories through clients at work in my hair salon,” she explained.  So, a destination wedding was always their choice.  “We are not ones to be the center of attention, so  a big, traditional wedding at home would not be our thing” she said.  They knew from their previous visit, when they got engaged, that getting married in Central Park was a possibility because they had seen a couple in the park getting married that day.

Central Park Wedding CN Cop Cot-118

I asked Carrie if she though destination weddings with a smaller guest list of just those close to the couple were becoming more popular.  “Yes, I think so,” she said. “It’s due to prices of home weddings and how everything snowballs out of control with them, by going away you can be a lot more relaxed and a lot more organized without become a bridezilla,” Carrie said.  I asked if she had any regrets about not marrying closer to home and she was very clear; “no, not at all,” she said.

Central Park Wedding CN Cop Cot-137

Their only concern about getting married in Central Park was the same one that many couples have; the weather.  We did see rain in the forecast in the run-up to the wedding, but as it turns out it stopped before they arrived in Central Park for the ceremony.

Central Park Wedding CN Cop Cot-179

We kept the ceremony fairly short and sweet, “ideal for what we wanted,” said Carrie.  The officiant said a little about the couple and their son, an why they had chosen Central Park, and thanked all the important people and we didn’t have Carrie and Neil saying a great deal.

Central Park Wedding CN Cop Cot-203

There were twenty-five guests at the ceremony in Cop Cot, a mix of friends and family.  “They thought getting married in Central Park was fantastic,” said Carrie.  “It was something very different to any wedding they had been to before” she explained.  Carrie wore a wedding dress with a train and Neil and their son Dylan wore a kilt.  The silk flowers had been made by a friend as a wedding gift.  Carrie is a hairdresser, so she did her own hair and makeup after having attended a make up course for the occasion.  She also did some of the guests’ hair and her mum’s makeup!

Central Park Wedding CN Cop Cot-29

After photographs around Central Park with their photographer, Jakub Redziniak, they went on to their evening reception.  I had recommended the Bateaux Spirit Cruise, “it was such fantastic value for money and every one of our guests passed comment on what a great evening they had,” said Carrie.

Central Park Wedding CN Cop Cot-193

Carrie and Neil stayed in New York for nine days, at the Sheraton at Times Square.  I asked Carrie if she had any advice for couples considering a wedding in Central Park.  “If you are at all thinking about it, just go for it!!” she advises. “Claire made it easy everyone involved made us feel at ease throughout the day, truly a memorable experience” she said.  “Claire goes above and beyond and has been truly a pleasure to deal with,” Carrie said.

Central Park Wedding CN Cop Cot-101

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Carrie and Neil, we wish you lots of luck for your future together.  For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, with photos just about anywhere in New York, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.

Central Park Wedding CN Cop Cot-181

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What to Wear When You Get Married in Central Park

What to Wear When You Get Married in Central Park

So, you’ve decided that you want to say the all-important vows to your significant other in this stunning beautiful place in the center of one of the world’s greatest cities.  Well done, that’s one decision made!  Now, what to wear for this auspicious occasion…

what to wear central park wedding SD

Consider the time of year

If you are getting married outdoors in New York, then an important factor in deciding what to wear will be the weather.  New York can get very very cold and very very hot and humid, and in between it can be really very lovely.  So, check the weather forecast and plan accordingly.  We have had brides wear thermals under their wedding dresses in the winter, or choose a lovely faux fur wrap or jacket for in between photographs.  In warmer months we’ve had grooms choose linen suits or gone jacket-less for their ceremony.

what to wear central park wedding GS

Think about how much walking you will do

When you have chosen which location in Central Park you want to have your ceremony, and where you want photos to be taken, then you’ll know how much walking you will be doing.  This may well influence what shoes you choose to wear.  Many brides have a pair for photos and a spare pair of comfy ones for doing the walking in.  If you choose a long gown, then think about how much you will be lifting it to get anywhere, and of walking through a busy public park and all the dirt it might pick up.  It is unlikely to show on photos, but a gown that drags on New York streets will not be spotless by the end of the day.

what to wear central park wedding MJ

What’s your style?

There will be reasons why you love Central Park; perhaps it’s the rustic natural feel of the place, despite it’s location, or maybe you love the wrought iron structures and stone buildings.  Of course there’s an element to the choice of what to wear that is your personal taste, just as it would be if you were marrying in a more traditional location.  Just because you are marrying outdoors doesn’t mean that you can’t have a striking gown with a huge skirt – of course you can.  But you can also go for a classic knee-length dress with flats, or a trouser suit, or the ever-popular and practical tea dress.  Anything goes in Central Park!

what to wear central park wedding J

How much do you value comfort over appearance?

I think this is quite an important one.  Some of our brides look truly amazing, and I am a little bit in awe of them.  I wore a plain linen white dress because I wanted to be comfortable in the July humidity.  That’s who I am.  We’ve had brides get married in jeans, because that’s who they are.  I think that some couples have chosen to get married far from home because they want to avoid some of the traditions that often come with weddings and it’s wonderful that they have the option.

what to wear central park wedding CJ

Think about the photos you will be taking

At most traditional weddings, there are lots of group photos taken, which capture the whole outfit, and then some close-ups, which will only include the top half of the outfit.  For traditional weddings, the photos tend to be of the couple and the party.  That is not necessarily true for weddings in Central Park.  Your photos will be of the two of you, and they will capture what you are wearing, but there will be many photos of the setting with the two of you in it; that’s what you’re going all that way for, right?  So, consider how you will look with Central Park and New York City in general as your backdrop.

what to wear central park wedding EL

What else are you doing on your wedding day?

You will be actually getting married for just a mall part of the day.  You will probably be having some sort of reception, or a meal as a celebration, but what else?  Some of our couples have been all over the city taking photos, and some have been to a Broadway show, and many go on to bars in the evenings til late at night.  If you intend to wear your wedding gear for the entire day then it’s worth thinking about all the other things you will be doing, and how much sitting and standing it will involve, and whether you will be comfortable doing it all.

what to wear central park wedding DM

Get advice

If you are trying dresses or suits on in a dedicated store, then ask the bridal consultant or tailor for their advice.  Ask them how the outfit will travel because you’ll probably be taking it on a plane.  Ask them what care it will need when you arrive in New York.  Tell them what sort of weather is expected, or possible on the day, and what you intend to be doing, and ask them what they think.  Will this fabric suffer in rain or humidity?  Will it cope well with sitting in a cab or dancing the night away?  They are the experts and they may think of things that you or I might not.

what to wear central park wedding YN

Is this an excuse to buy more than one outfit?

If you have a long day of photos and celebrating ahead of you, perhaps just one outfit won’t do, and you decide that you’ll nee to make a change part way through the day.  You wouldn’t be the first to do that, and if it works for you then you should do it.  After all, you’re only doing this once!

what to wear central park wedding TB

Deciding what to wear to get married in Central Park is just like deciding what to wear no matter where you are getting married.  But, because of all the uniqueness of the location and all the options that New York offers, there are a few other things to consider.  Good luck with your choice and enjoy the shopping!

what to wear central park wedding LD

For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, with photos just about anywhere in New York, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.

what to wear central park wedding JB

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Megan and Ryan’s Wedding Cop Cot

Central Park Wedding Cop Cot M&R

Megan (32) and Ryan (33) live in New York, and have done for the past three years. They got married in Cop Cot this May. Megan is originally from the Netherlands, but has lived in many places, and Ryan is from Portland, Oregon.

Central Park Wedding Cop Cot M&R (2)

They got engaged while on vacation in Cuba. They were watching a sunset from the Malecon when Ryan produced a ring from his pocket and proposed. Marriage was the logical next step in their relationship for both of them, to show their commitment to each other.

Central Park Wedding Cop Cot M&R (42)

They considered other locations for the wedding. They thought about getting married in Seattle, with the ceremony on a ferry followed by a meal on an island in the Puget Sound. This turned out to be quite tough to plan while they were both living and working on the East Coast, and would have been more difficult for Megan’s family who were living in Europe to make it for the wedding. So, they chose New York, being almost in the middle.

Central Park Wedding Cop Cot M&R (56)

They both knew Central Park well, and some of their happiest memories in New York City have been in Central Park with their dog, Clyde, walking and running and chilling out. “We really wanted to do something in a green space,” said Megan.

Central Park Wedding Cop Cot M&R (33)

We had a good weather plan of them getting married in Cop Cot and bad weather plan of them getting married in the Ladies’ Pavilion. In the end it did rain, but they still chose to have their ceremony in Cop Cot. They carried clear umbrellas and Megan wore a shawl and they just accepted that they would get a little wet. They met with their photographer before the ceremony to take some photos, so that they wouldn’t be keeping their guests waiting after the ceremony. They didn’t go too far from Cop Cot for the photos because of the rain.

Central Park Wedding Cop Cot M&R (35)

We kept their ceremony short and sweet, with an introduction where the officiant talked a little about the couple and Megan’s mom doing a short reading. “The ceremony was lovely. We didn’t say much which is what we wanted, we pretty much just said I do,” said Megan. They had their nephews deliver their rings.

Central Park Wedding Cop Cot M&R (59)

Guests came from far and wide for the wedding, and it was an intimate affair of just immediate family and a few select friends. I asked Megan what they had thought about their ceremony location and she said, “I think they were initially surprised but they seemed to be excited about the idea.”

Central Park Wedding Cop Cot M&R (67)

Megan wore a white dress from Banana Republic, and added a navy blue shawl because it was quite chilly along with the rain. Megan had gone to Drybar to have her hair done right before the ceremony. Ryan wore a blue suit from Banana Republic with a white shirt and orange tie. Ryan’s mother is an artist and hand carved and painted a wooden bouquet of tulips. The Netherlands are of course famous for the tulip and orange is their national color. The bouquet really is amazing – it is beautiful and looks so realistic in the photos. “She also hand made a wooden vase for them so I get to keep my bouquet forever!” said Megan.

Central Park Wedding Cop Cot M&R (72)

After the ceremony they took a few group photos in Cop Cot and then they all hopped straight on to the trolley bus they had rented to take them to Chinatown. On the way they did a little tour of New York City for their guests. “One of our favorite things to do in New York is going to Chinatown, especially for dim sum,” said Megan. So, it seemed fitting to do that for their wedding celebration. “We are pretty laid back, informal people so this felt the most like us,” she explained. They took their guests to the Oriental Garden in Chinatown, which they already knew that they would like. The couple are very well-traveled and they went off to Portugal for their honeymoon after the wedding.

Central Park Wedding Cop Cot M&R (73)

The couple had considered an outdoor picnic for lunch for the party after the ceremony, and they are so glad that they had gone for the restaurant option in the end, because of the rain. Megan suggests that brides keep their outfit flexible in case the weather turns bad as it did for them. That day was cold in the rain and she was freezing. She highly recommend clear umbrellas, though, and I agree that they do look so much better in photos.

Central Park Wedding Cop Cot M&R (85)

Megan said that she was glad that I was on board. “I loved having a helping hand when planning everything, made it much less overwhelming,” Megan said. She is local but her job keeps her very, very busy so we did most of the planning in short bursts, when her schedule allowed. For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, with photos just about anywhere in New York, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.

Central Park Wedding Cop Cot M&R (96)


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Wed in Central Park at Tiny Weddings Fair

Wed in Central Park to be at Tiny Weddings Fair

I will be exhibiting at the Tiny Weddings Fair, on 30th September 2018. It will be held at The Wycombe Swan Theatre, St Mary St, High Wycombe HP11 2XE, UK. The Tiny Weddings Fair is an exciting new event; focusing on couples planning elopements and small, intimate weddings. I know tiny weddings very well. My clients tend to either be eloping to New York to get married in Central Park alone, or bringing a small group of their nearest and dearest with them to witness their wedding, or bringing a larger group of up to fifty guests with them, or perhaps inviting family and friends from different places around the world. Fifty is a large group for a wedding in Central Park, but by traditional wedding standards, it still counts as a “Tiny Wedding”, or to use an increasingly popular term; Microwedding. Or, if you prefer; a small and intimate wedding with a focus on the couple and a celebration of their love with just the people who matter most to them. I find that many couples are having a smaller wedding to put the emphasis on themselves as a couple, and to provide a truly unique and memorable experience for their guests.

MD Tiny Wedding Central Park

Many couples are choosing to disengage from the notion that a bigger guest list is better and beginning to avoid large mainstream suppliers and industry stalwarts. So many couples are cutting their guest lists to spend more on what is important to them, or to get married somewhere awesome, such as New York. When writing ceremonies with couple, I find that if fewer people are present when a couple get married, they are more likely to show their true personalities, and include more unique and personal touches.

JB Tiny Wedding Central Park

Actually, I’m not just exhibiting at this fair, I’m organising it. My friend and business partner, Carly from Epic Elopement, and I have found this fair to be a labour of love. We have attended traditional wedding fairs and more alternative fairs, but we have often grumbled to each other that eloping couples often don’t comfortably fit in to either niche. We truly love tiny weddings and elopements, and we feel that a small wedding has specific requirements, and once couples have decided to keep their guest list small, they need suppliers who can help them with these particular needs. We didn’t think those needs were being met with existing wedding fairs, so we decided to start a fair that would.

LD Tiny Wedding Central Park

When I talk to my clients about their reasons for choosing to marry away from home, I find that couples are changing with the times and choosing to focus on home ownership, raising a family or travelling rather than spending a large sum on extended family weddings. It’s also true that couples are getting married later in life; the average age is at a record high 26.5 for women and 28.5 for men – many people are already co-habiting or raising a family by the time they embark on marriage and this “right of passage” is no longer what it once was.

NM Tiny Wedding Central Park

Follow the Tiny Wedding Facebook page for helpful and inspiring articles and information, and show your interest in our Facebook event to see updates. Follow us on Instagram for lovely photos and inspiration of small weddings, chat with us on Twitter and see our posts on Pinterest. Most importantly, buy yourself a ticket in advance.
One of the main ways this fair differs from many of the others are the talks and workshops that the exhibitors and other experts will be putting on in a room upstairs at the venue. They will provide genuinely useful information for couples considering and elopement or a small wedding. Many couples are interested in small and intimate wedding, but often they feel that they do not know enough about how to do it, or where to start. With this in mind, we will be presenting small talks and workshops throughout the day. Those who purchase tickets in advance will have preferential entry to these talks.

SG Tiny Wedding Central Park (2)

We are working very hard to find a great mix of British-based celebrants, venues in the UK who are happy to cater for small groups, photographers who love small weddings and who are keen to travel, wedding attire suitable for a wedding in a less traditional location, stationers and caterers and florists who want to create something unique and special for your small group, and planners like myself who specialise in one particular fabulous location (so far we have people who know about Cornwall, the Lake District, Scotland, France, Spain, Iceland, Canada, Alaska and myself with my New York knowledge). I can’t wait to meet couples who are interested in hearing about getting married in this amazingly beautiful public park in this incredible city which truly has something for everyone. Let me know if you’re planning on coming to see me!

SG Tiny Wedding Central Park (3)

For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, with photos just about anywhere in New York, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.

SG Tiny Wedding Central Park

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Shauna and Lorcan’s Wedding in Cop Cot

Central Park Wedding Cop Cot S&L

Shauna (26) and Lorcan (27) brought around twenty-five of their friends and family over from Galway in Ireland to get married in Cop Cot this May. They met in school when they were 15. They got engaged at home, just the two of them, ten years to the day of their first date. Lorcan had put down rose petals to make it memorable.

Central Park Cop Cot Wedding S&L 4843

Marriage is important to Shauna and Lorcan to show their commitment to each other. The celebration of a wedding with their nearest and dearest was also very important to them. “I think destination weddings are becoming more popular,” said Shauna. “People want their weddings to stand out, and a lot of Irish weddings, beautiful as they are, are all very similar. Destination weddings will ensure that both you and your guests will remember it as something different and special. It’s also a way of getting all of your favorite people on holidays together”, she added.

Central Park Cop Cot Wedding S&L 5268

Shauna told me that they had thought about getting married at home in Ireland, “but we always wanted an outdoors wedding, which is not really possible in Ireland unless you don’t mind getting wet!” she said. We only wanted to share our wedding with a small number of guests and we’d married in Ireland we would probably not have got away with that!” she added. I asked her if she said, “definitely not – and I will recommend a destination wedding to anyone I know who gets engaged from now on.”

Central Park Cop Cot Wedding S&L 4899
Neither Shauna nor Lorcan had ever actually visited New York before they came over for their wedding. Shauna said that surprised a lot of people. “I loved TV shows set in New York like Sex and the City and Gossip Girl – they made the city look magical – and it was everything I thought it would be,” Shauna told me. Shauna thinks that not knowing quite what the city and Central Park would be like made it extra exciting. “We didn’t know what to expect so put all our faith in Claire, and everything exceeded our expectations – it was wonderful,” Shauna said. That’s the great thing about my job – it is pretty rare to be disappointed by the beauty of Central Park! “All of our guests are still gushing about the location and the ceremony,” she added.

Central Park Cop Cot Wedding S&L 5750

The couple stayed for six nights in New York in the Casa Hotel on 45th street. “They were very helpful and accommodating in any way they could be when we told them that we were in town for our wedding,” said Shauna.  Shauna’s sister Becca read a poem during the ceremony called He Never Leaves the Seat Up and we prepared a little for the officiant to say in the ceremony introduction about the couple and their relationship so far. “Our officiant was absolutely wonderful, she made every effort to ensure we felt that it was special and important. She even learned a Gaelic phrase on our request for the end of the ceremony,” said Shauna. “We decided to write our own vows, and although we were very nervous about this on the run-up, Claire checked them both individually to ensure they were the same length and tone, which took pressure off,” she added. They kept the traditional “I do” parts but they also wrote some special promises to make to each other. When couples do this, but don’t want to spoil the surprise by showing them to each other before the big day, I often check them for the couple but keep the secret. I check that they have the same level of soppiness, silliness, seriousness, positivity, private jokes and a similar tone. All couples are different, but it’s my job to make sure that each couple keeps a similar tone as their partner in the personal vows – we don’t want one person all jokey and the other person over-sharing lots of private stuff! Shauna and Lorcan got exactly the right level of it all – so they’re obviously made for each other!

Central Park Cop Cot Wedding S&L 6093

Shauna wore a full length white silhouette dress and Lorcan wore a navy blue three-piece suit. It was unusually hot when they got married, at the beginning of May “I didn’t realise it would be thirty-two degrees that day!” said Shauna. I arranged for their flowers to be delivered to their hotel. Shauna carried white and pink roses, and her bridesmaid had a smaller white bouquet. Lorcan and his brother both had white boutonnieres. They had both of their immediate families with them and around ten friends. “Maira Oritz came to our hotel on the morning of the wedding to provide hair and make-up services for myself, my two sisters, my bridesmaid and my mother,” said Shauna. “They were fantastic – fun and professional. I would highly recommend Maira,” she said.

Central Park Cop Cot Wedding S&L 6113

The couple originally wanted to get married in the Ladies’ Pavilion, but it was already booked when we applied for the permit so their second choice was Cop Cot. “It was absolutely perfect for our twenty-five guests as they could all sit down during the ceremony,” said Shauna. “It was also very private and intimate in comparison with some of the other locations,” she added. They loved taking pictures underneath Bethesda Terrace, “there were musicians down there playing ‘New York New York’ and it all felt like a scene from a film,” she said. They also loved their photos taken on Bow Bridge, “we had a late afternoon wedding so the sun was starting to set by the time we got to Bow Bridge and it looks great in the photos,” she said. After the ceremony their guests left Central Park for the reception location while their photographer Leah Lombardi took the couple around Central Park to pose for some beautiful photos around the iconic spots of Central Park.

Central Park Cop Cot Wedding S&L 6237

After they were finished with the photos, the couple joined their guests at the reception location – a restaurant in Midtown called Davio’s Steakhouse. They had booked a private dining room and had a three course meal. “Davio’s were so easy to deal with and very accommodating of any requests we had,” said Shauna. “All of our guests were impressed with the food, the decor and the staff, and it was also very reasonable in pricing,” she added. After the meal they were duty-bound by their nationality to go on to an Irish bar – Slattery’s Midtown, which had been recommended to the couple by a friend from Ireland. “The owner, Justin was very helpful and delighted to welcome fellow Irish,” said Shauna. “We had an outside balcony area to ourselves and music played all night,” she said.

Central Park Cop Cot Wedding S&L 6500

I asked Shauna to sum up her experience and she said “the Wed in Central Park service was brilliant – Claire was always very clear, helpful and fast at responding. The stress of finding each individual service like flowers, musician, etc. was removed. She was also happy to give advice on services outside of the ceremony wherever she could like transport and hair and make-up. I can’t recommend her enough,” said Shauna. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, Shauna and Lorcan.

Central Park Cop Cot Wedding S&L 6421

For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.

Central Park Cop Cot Wedding S&L 6033


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Do I Need a Permit for a Wedding in Central Park?

do i need a permit for a wedding in central park

Every now and again I like to tackle a frequently asked question as a blog post.  The short answer to this one is; if there are less than twenty people in your group, then no, you don’t.  But I encourage every couple to get a permit for their wedding from the Central Park Conservancy, and I have several reasons why.

HR Do I need permit for Central Park Wedding

It will help you to keep to your schedule

If you have made a plan that involves beginning the ceremony at a certain time, so that you can have a certain amount of time taking group photos close to your ceremony location, and then some more time having photos in Central Park, and then arriving at the exit to get in a cab at a certain time, then you want it all to go to plan.  Especially if the cab was to take you on the a location for drinks or food and you have a room or a table booked.  If you don’t get a permit then there could be another couple getting married in your chosen location when you get there. So, then you will have to wait until they are finished before your group can move in to the location and get started.  If you have a tight schedule for the day, and many couples don’t want to be wasting time on their wedding day, then a permit will ensure that the space is your for the time you book it.

JB Do I need permit for Central Park Wedding

It will be helpful if you need to ask people to move along

It is a condition of the permit that the area you have reserved for your wedding remain a right of way.  But of course you can ask people nicely if they would move out of an area soon because you intend to have a wedding there.  Most people are polite and respectful and will clear the area for you but there can be the odd weirdo who enjoys making things difficult for others.  This has only happened to me once personally, in the Conservatory Gardens, but I was glad to have the permit to show to the person in question.

RD Do I need permit for Central Park Wedding

The fee is a drop in the ocean

If you are travelling to New York for your wedding, then you will have spent hundreds on travel and accommodation.  And even if you’re locals who are looking for a budget location then you may well have spent money on what you are wearing and on the food and refreshments later on.  Unless you’re getting married in the Conservatory Gardens, where they total fee works out as $500, then it’s only $25.  Not a huge deal to most.

LD Do I need permit for Central Park Wedding

It helps to keep Central Park as stunningly beautiful as it is

The Central Park Conservancy do amazing work, and keep Central Park looking beautiful day in, day out, all year round.  It is in the center of one of the world’s busiest and most expensive cities.  It takes a lot of work and resources to keep it looking as it does.  In my opinion it isn’t much to ask for a couple who are making the most important promises of their lives to each other to pay a little towards the upkeep of the incredible location that they are doing it in.

SL Do I need permit for Central Park Wedding

So, while the short answer might be no, the long answer is yes, you should get a permit to get married in Central Park. For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, with photos just about anywhere in New York, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.

JR Do I need permit for Central Park Wedding

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