Tanya and Pranoy’s Wagner Cove Wedding

Tanya and Pranoy are both from New Delhi, India.  Tanya is 32 and Pranoy is 30.  They both relocated to the US for work and school respectively.  They got married on a wet October day at Wagner Cove

The couple met in 2015 at a corporate event.  The got engaged in Seattle in 2019.  Pranoy had seen Tanya solving the Casper image puzzle ads in the New York Subway and had been so impressed he decided to propose in a similar way.  He sketched a series of clues that popped the question.  Luckily, Tanya was able to solve his puzzle and she said yes!

A wedding in Central Park was not Tanya and Pranoy’s first choice.  Like so many couples this year, they have been forced to change their plans.  They were planning to go home to New Delhi in India for a 400 person wedding in December.  This obviously couldn’t happen due to Covid 19, so they briefly considered a smaller wedding with just immediate family, still back home in India, but they knew this may still be risky for their loved ones.  So, they have decided to have their big celebration at home in December 2021.

Tanya and Pranoy decided that the best option for them to get married this year would be to keep things simple and get married in New York with friends and stream the ceremony as best they could for loved ones back home.  Tanya first contacted me at the end of August and they were sure of their early October date then. 

Tanya’s sister reminded her that some years ago, while watching the well-known last episode of Gossip Girl and saw the main characters getting married there, she said that she would love a wedding in Central Park!  That was actually some years before Tanya had any plans to move to New York and was still living in New Delhi.  “Little did I know that all the externalities around us would lead us to getting married in Central Park!” said Tanya.

The couple decided to meet our photographer in the park for an hour or so before the ceremony, to take their portrait photos around the park.  They didn’t want to keep their guests waiting in between the ceremony and the celebration afterwards.  I find that couples taking their photos before the ceremony is becoming increasingly popular.  So, they took photos around Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, and Bow Bridge and the Lake before going over to meet their guests at Wagner Cove.  “My favorite photos was taken at Bow Bridge,” Tanya said.  Tanya and Pranoy walked down the steps to their ceremony together.

We kept the ceremony quite straightforward.  The couple had prepared something that they wanted to say to each other before they began the vows and then they exchanged traditional vows, but they didn’t want to exchange rings yet.  They intend to exchange rings at the big Indian function next year.  They did say that they really enjoyed their small wedding, even though it wasn’t what they had originally intended.  “Small and intimate weddings are the best!” said Tanya.  “Having seen Indian weddings with more than 500 people in attendance, this was a fresh respite!” 

Their friend was able to live stream the wedding to loved ones back home, so family members were able to see Tanya and Pranoy’s official wedding.  It wasn’t being back in India for their wedding that was ever the important part for Tanya and Pranoy, the important part for them was to have loved ones with them, so they were sad that their families weren’t present for their wedding.

As you can see from the photos, Tanya looked stunning in a red gown, purchased online from Lulu’s, and she didn’t carry a bouquet.  Pranoy did her hair and she did her own makeup.  After the ceremony they ate pizza and had wine by the roadside!  “In my humble opinion, wayyyy better than those fancy dinners people talk about!” said Tanya.  “It was personal, casual and us!” she added.  I’m all about doing it your way, so I agree!

I asked Tanya how we did.  “Thanks a ton Claire for the seamless planning, the brilliant troupe you work with and being so proactive!” she said.  “All our guests had a lovely time and were all praises about the ceremony!” she added.  If you would like me to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, whether this is your plan A, plan B or even plan C as it was for this couple, visit our website.  Keep updated with our news and see lots of beautiful photos, “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest

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