Tips for Grooms Getting Married in Central Park

I’m taking some time off from writing for the blog right now, so here’s a guest post from Emma from Vow to Be Chic.

tips for grooms wedding central park

Planning a wedding in Central Park has its own unique set of rules. All of those aside, you still want to look your absolute best on your big day. Below are some helpful tips and tricks to look your greatest during your Central Park wedding. Try to remember that physical items aren’t always the only thing that affects your appearance. 

Wear a color that matches the colors of the season 

This might seem silly but just picture it. The leaves are orange and yellow and red and you and your wedding party are wearing pink. All colors are great for a wedding however when your ceremony is outside and your pictures are being taken throughout Central Park, wear colors that compliment the colors that season will make the pictures come together on a whole different level. From your tux color, tie or bow tie, pocket square, etc. all need to be considered when deciding the colors that will be worn. has a large selection of different colors and patterns available for either your tie, bow tie, or pocket square. These can not only elevate your appearance but also allows you to give it a personal spin. 

Get a tie clip

A Central Park wedding is a dream. Maybe a little windy though. This is why wearing a tie clip will come in handy. Some people would automatically include them in their wardrobe however some people easily forget about them. Getting a tie clip is a simple way to add another level of personalization to your outfit and looking great at the same time. If you shop at, you’ll see that it has a great gift set that includes the tie clip but also cufflinks and other things that you can also customize and get to match well with your new tie clip. Cufflinks can also be a great accessory to elevate your appearance. Matching cufflinks and tie clips is every groom’s dream right? Who wouldn’t love to be able to add those small details to their big day? That’s sure to make you look your best. 

Wear a color tux that won’t wash you out 

Different skin tones definitely go with different colored tuxedos. This is something you should consider generally speaking, however when you’re getting pictures taken in a natural setting such as Central Park, you want to ensure you’re not blending in with any foliage or are being washed out and your pictures don’t come out as planned. You want to be the center of attention on your big day so wearing something that allows you to be is important. is a website that helps you pick out the perfect tux for you, your style, and your wedding. 

Wear appropriate shoes 

Part of looking your best is also feeling your best. Having your ceremony in an 840-acre park you want to ensure you are not only wearing appropriate shoes but also comfortable shoes. No one wants to walk around in pain while they are in the middle of their wedding ceremony or are taking their wedding pictures. The pain will show on your face but will also ruin the experience and that’s the last thing you want. Wearing appropriate shoes will make or break the walking aspect of your wedding day. Even if you have a pair of shoes you know you “need” to wear them just ensure you take steps to make sure they’re as comfortable as they can be. This could be wearing a certain kind of sock or even putting in insoles that you might wear any other typical day. These two things could make a huge difference in how the shoe fits or even how comfortable the shoe would fit. 

Style hair appropriately for that day 

Again, this may seem silly but having a wedding outside in a park you need to consider your hair. What’s the weather going to do? Humid? Your hair does not do well in humidity? Some grooms might not struggle with their hair but for those that do, putting some thought into it and preparing in advance will ensure you look your absolute best regardless of the humidity level. Regardless, having a hairstyle that you feel great in will show on your big day. Anyone feels better after getting their hair cut or colored. You should also feel that way when you’re preparing for your big day. 


In the midst of your Central Park wedding planning, you need to make a point to plan the things mentioned above as well. Looking your best goes so much farther than just appearance. If you don’t feel good or are uncomfortable then you won’t look good either. People can sense disappointment or concern in someone. It’s typically able to be read from facial expressions or body language. Taking care of yourself on your big day will show and therefore make you look your absolute best on your big day. 


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