Flor and John’s English and Spanish Wedding on Gapstow Bridge

Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge FJ

Florencia and John got married in Central Park with a small group in June on Gapstow Bridge.  They brought John’s mother and daughters from their home in Michigan for the wedding.  They all stayed at Essex House, the well-known hotel overlooking the part of Central Park where they got married.

Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge FJ (17)

They had hoped to get married in Wagner Cove but at that time the wooden structure had been terribly vandalised and was out for a long time for restoration.  So, instead they chose Gapstow Bridge for their ceremony.

Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge FJ (3)

Flor’s first language is Spanish, so the couple wanted to have both English and Spanish in their ceremony.  Our officiant asked them both the “do you take this person to be your husband/wife….” question in both English and Spanish and both John and Flor answered “I do” and then when they exchanged rings both the bride and groom made their promises in both English and Spanish.  Then the officiant declared them married in both English and Spanish.  We arranged a videographer for it all so they have a lasting record of it.

Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge FJ (60)

John’s daughters, the bridesmaids, and John’s mom all wore red dresses, and I organised some deep red roses to be delivered to the hotel for the bride to carry.  John arrived at Gapstow Bridge first with his two daughters.  We had our cellist play at the ceremony, so the groom met the officiant and cellist there at Gapstow Bridge.

Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge FJ (58)

Our cellist can play requests, but the couple were happy for him to play his own choices for John and his daughters while waiting for Flor to arrive.  The bride and John’s mom met our photographer at the entrance to the park from their horse and carriage and he walked in with them.  The cellist played the wedding march as Flor arrived, and then Ave Maria after they were pronounced married, then he went back to playing some background music while they signed the paperwork and took some photos on and beside the bridge.

Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge FJ (47)

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Central Park Wedding Gapstow Bridge FJ (82)

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