Unique New York Photo Location Suggestions for Couples who Marry in Central Park

When helping couples to plan their wedding in Central Park, I find that some couples have a very clear idea of where they would like to take photos on their wedding day, but some are looking for suggestions and inspiration.

These suggestions could be useful for couples who have married in Central Park, or indeed anywhere in New York, and are looking for ideas of some unique places to take photographs in their wedding attire. Many of these location suggestions would also be suitable for engagement shoots around New York.

Photo Locations after Wedding in Central Park New York Manhattan

Fort Tryon Park, on the Hudson, and around the Cloisters – you’ll never believe you’re in Manhattan here!

Battery Park, with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

By the Flatiron building.

On the streets of the New York Public Library, with a great opportunity to capture the stone lions and nearby Bryant Park, which is especially lovely at Christmas.

By the boating lake in Central Park, with boats, trees and skyscrapers behind.

Anywhere on Bethesda Terrace or by Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.

KC New York Wedding Photo Ideas

A group on the steps of Bethesda Terrace, or from the perspective of the Terrace, looking down at the group.

Underneath Bethesda Terrace, using the arches to frame the photo, and/or showing the walls and ceiling.

By the brownstone buildings of the Upper West Side, or Park Slope.

Walking up the steps from the Subway, on the platform with a speeding train and getting in to a train.

Under the Wisteria Pergola, or by one of the fountains in the Conservatory Gardens of Central Park.

On the Upper East Side, by the Vanderbuilt Gate entrance to the Conservatory Gardens of Central Park.

NW New York Wedding Photo Ideas

Riverside Park, by the Hudson River on the Upper West Side, or Carl Schurz Park in Yorkville on the Upper East Side, by the East River.

A fun pose with some local New Yorkers, anywhere in Central Park or New York.

At the LOVE sculpture, currently at 6th Avenue and West 55th.

If you can do it without hindering them doing their job, a photo with some New York police officers or fire fighters.

From either Manhattan or Brooklyn with Brooklyn Bridge in the background.

On Brooklyn Bridge with the towers and steel wire supports in the background.

DUMBO, with Brooklyn Bridge between the buildings.

Brooklyn Bridge Park, by the East River, with the skyscrapers of Manhattan behind you.

CC New York Wedding Photo Ideas

At Wagner Cove in Central Park, and also from the other side of the Lake, as the couple are inside the wooden structure.

The wedding rings photographed on top of a New York newspaper, with the wedding date.

Getting ready shots – the hotel room, the dress, the shoes, the accessories, the bridal party, and the view from the hotel window (if it’s good!).

Inside the hotel lobby, if it’s pretty.

Outside and inside your reception location.

At the Reservoir in Central Park, with the light reflecting the skyline in the water.

Inside Grand Central Station, although you will need a photography permit.

Outside Grand Central!

EA New York Wedding Photo Ideas

At Times Square, among the hustle and bustle, with the advertisements and lights.

In Strawberry Fields, Central Park, with the Imagine plaque.

On Belvedere Castle Terrace, with the stunning view from the highest point in Central Park.

If you spot any wildlife in Central Park, capture that on a photo, to help you to remember seeing it.

On the Great Lawn or Sheep Meadow in Central Park, preferably when there’s nobody else there.

Sitting on a Central Park bench, or beneath a Central Park lamp, both designs are unique to the park.

Next to a tree with some of the famous Central Park cherry blossom, if you are marrying at the right time of year to see it.

Crossing the street (take care!)

Hailing a yellow cab on the street.

Sitting in a cab, perspective from inside and outside.

SG New York Wedding Photo Ideas

Anywhere on the street, with skyscrapers behind, maybe under a street sign.

At Coney Island in the summertime.

In Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

The Top of the Rock, or the Empire State Building.

On the carousel in Central Park in the summertime, or on the ice rink in the winter.

With some of the amazing graffiti and street art to be found all over New York.

At the Highline park in Chelsea.

PP New York Wedding Photo Ideas

Many of these locations are in Central Park. What can I say? I love Central Park. There’s nowhere like it on Earth. But I think I’ve suggested plenty of locations around New York that have been popular with our couples. I’d love to hear more suggestions, though, so comment below if you have any.

If you would like me to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, and help with a plan of how to get around all the photo locations you want in one day, visit our website, or follow us on Pinterest, “like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram for lots photos of newlywed couples in Central Park and all over New York.



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