Marc and David’s Autumn Conservatory Gardens Wedding

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Marc and David brought six of their friends over from their home in the UK to get married in Central Park in November. They had been together for eleven years before they got married, they met on a night out in Cardiff. David was out with his brother Andy, Marc out with his friend Geraint. They met at a bus stop and clicked with one another. A few days later they went out on a proper first date and within a week they had moved in together and have been together ever since. Since then they added their two dogs, Bella and Cane to the family.

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They flew in on Halloween so they got to experience the fun of the parade and the streets of New York with everyone dressed up. They got their license the following day and got married on the 2nd. After their stay in New York they went on to Las Vegas to continue their adventure.

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Their original choice for their ceremony location was Wagner Cove but it wasn’t available due to the area being closed off for around a week. It was because they needed to set up for the New York Marathon which was coming through that part of the park. They were not issuing permits for any part of the park below 86th Street, which is most of the park, so we had to look at the north end.

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Marc and David decided on the Burnett Fountain in the Conservatory Gardens. The Central Park Conservancy charge a far higher fee for this area, and it’s right up at 105th Street, so it’s quite a walk from there to the more well-known areas of Central Park. On the other hand, it’s a beautiful and quiet area with lovely gardens. Few tourists make it up this far, although of course you’ll see more locals at this end of the park.

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After the ceremony they walked through the park with our photographer and officiant, taking photos as they went. A lovely spot on the route from the Conservatory Gardens to the center area of the park is the Reservoir, so they took advantage of the opportunity to take some pictures there.

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The all-male wedding party made an incredibly dapper group. They all wore matching suits, with Marc and David with tails on their jackets. If you look closely, you’ll see that the couple had slightly different vests (or waistcoats for British readers) with pinks ties and pocket squares, with white boutonnieres, and their party had grey ties and pink boutonnieres.

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Later on, they all took photos at Bethesda Terrace and Bow Bridge. So many couples worry about the weather when getting married at this time of year, but as Autumn turns to Winter New York often sees some beautiful sunny (but fairly cold!) days. They also just about caught some of the Fall colors on the trees. After all that, they went on to the Tavern on the Green to have a rest and to celebrate, and our photographer popped in to take a few pictures inside before she left.

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If you would like me to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, whatever the time of year, visit our website, for more information. Everyone in our team welcomes same-sex couples, and if you prefer a gay officiant and/or photographer then please let me know and I can arrange that for you.

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