Claire and Brett’s Wedding under the Angel of the Waters at Bethesda Fountain

Central Park Wedding C&B

Claire and Brett met in 2010 through their shared hobby of playing squash.  They got together a year later and got married in May by Bethesda Fountain.  They brought thirty-three guests from their home in Kent, England to the wedding; quite a large group by our standards.

Central Park Wedding C&B (63)

The Fountain is set in the center of a large paved area.  It has the famous arches and the steps that lead up to the terrace at one end and the Lake begins at the other, with a view over to the Boathouse.  On either side are two lawn areas, one larger than the other, both on a slight hill.  Our original plan was for the wedding to take place on the larger lawn area, but we discovered that the Central Park Conservancy were reseeding the lawn at the time of their wedding so we were unable to use it.  So the ceremony took place right next to the Fountain.

Central Park Wedding C&B (28)

Rather than walk down the stone steps from the terrace to the Fountain to make her entrance, Claire chose a more leisurely pathway that snakes around at a slight decline to bring a pedestrian to the lower level without taking any steps down.  This made for a dramatic entrance as they appeared between the tall trees.

Central Park Wedding C&B (6)

Claire’s bouquet was a stunning “brooch bouquet” made from dark red silk, silk flowers, brooches, fine jewellery, and lace.  These are a wonderful alternative to a traditional floral bouquet, not least because the bride gets to keep it!

Central Park Wedding C&B (44)

The bride, groom and officiant stood next to the Fountain with their guests standing around them.  The Fountain is a busy spot in Central Park, but having thirty-three of their nearest and dearest encircling them must have made the ceremony feel more private.  Our officiant read the poem “A Miracle” by Debbie Pottinger during the ceremony, which I’ve posted below.

Central Park Wedding C&B (20)

After the photos in Central Park, they all got on the vintage New York Trolley Bus for a two-hour scenic route around Manhattan.  The trolley bus allows riders to bring drinks on board so this served as their mobile reception.

Central Park Wedding C&B (95)

After the bus, they took the Staten Island ferry over to Staten Island for their reception meal at the River Dock Café, which has an outdoor terrace with stunning views of downtown Manhattan.

Central Park Wedding C&B (75)

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Central Park Wedding C&B (59)

“A Miracle” by Debbie Pottinger

At first I thought we would just be friends.
A little did we know, our friendship would bend
To a love that’s so big for the world to see
that you and me are meant to be.

Sun or snow, rain or shine
forever, forever you will be mine
Mine for me, mine to be
Mine for all eternity.

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