I want to Get Married in Central Park in the Autumn – is it really the best season?

get married in central park autumn

So, you’re thinking of getting married in Central Park in the autumn, or the fall. Who wouldn’t want to visit New York and enjoy those colors while they say “I do”, and to have them in the background of their wedding photos? Everyone knows how beautiful Central Park is as the leaves change color on the trees, it is famous for it. So, is this really the best time of year to get married in Central Park?

l&a central park wedding by bow bridge

Reason number one for most people to come to New York for their wedding during the autumn months will be the colors of the trees as the leaves change. Like the cherry blossom appearing in the spring, we can’t predict exactly when this will happen, it all depends on when the temperatures start to drop. Late October or early November is your best bet, to see the best of the colors though.

kf autumn fall central park wedding

New York gets very hot in the summer, and it can take a while for things to cool down after those months, so September can see some very warm days. Some years we might have a very summery September, and we have seen some truly hot days for some of our September weddings, although some years less so. By the end of November though, the temperatures have really dropped and a coat or jacket would be advisable for a wedding outdoors. This is a great excuse for anyone who loves to wrap up and wants to buy a glamorous shrug or jacket for their wedding day.

ar autumn fall central park wedding

There are 174 species of tree in Central Park at the last count, so there are many shades to enjoy. This means that some will change earlier than others. New York has many lovely tree-filled parks and streets, so it is not just Central Park that will be looking pretty. Some visiting couples get married in New York and then go on to another part of the US after their wedding for their honeymoon, and there are plenty of other parts of the US that will look stunning at this time of year.

jc autumn fall central park wedding

Those fall colors are so popular for accents in your wedding attire. Couples could choose accenting fall colors of red, orange and gold for their own accessories and for the bridesmaid dresses (metallic bridesmaid dresses, anyone?). For many these colors are often more flattering than pastel shades. If the wedding flowers and bouquets are in complimenting colors they will be really set off by the backdrop of the trees.

ag autumn fall central park wedding

There is so much going on in New York in the autumn; of course there’s Halloween, which is big in New York, but also the world-famous fashion week in September, a film festival in October, a comedy festival in November, and many huge sports events through the season. The ice rink in Central Park opens in October and the city celebrates Thanksgiving with a world-famous parade. And let’s not forget the availability of pumpkin-spiced everything!

mn autumn fall central park wedding

Of course the light will change through the months of autumn – with September afternoons seeing a lovely golden hour before twilight, but with the skies becoming a crisper blue towards the end of autumn. The sun might set around 6pm towards the beginning of the season and closer to 4:30pm by the end of the season.

b autumn fall central park wedding

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sg autumn fall central park wedding

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2 Responses to I want to Get Married in Central Park in the Autumn – is it really the best season?

  1. Hazel says:

    I love the reasons you have given for why you should choose Autumn as the season you get married in Central Park. There seems to be a lot that happens in New York in Autumn which could make your time there and your wedding extra special.

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