Chris and John’s December Wedding Underneath Bethesda Terrace

cj central park wedding bethesda terrace december

Chris and John got married underneath Bethesda Terrace in the heart of Central Park on a crisp, clear day in December. They had been together for ten years when they got married. Like so many couples who contact me, they were planning on being in New York when they decided they might get married in Central Park while they were there. After all, ten years is a big anniversary! They were visiting from their home in Ohio.

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When they first contacted me, they thought it would be just the two of them, so I would have asked their photographer to be their witness. In the end they had fourteen guests. This so often happens with our weddings – a couple plans on eloping and then family and friends decide that they want to come too! Chris first contacted me in September, and as we planned the wedding, the guest list gradually crept up.

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It was a cold day and everyone wore coats for the ceremony. Chris and John wore matching tuxedos, matching overcoats, and matching socks! The trees around them were bare but they were lucky with the weather and the sky was blue, as it often is in New York in December.

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Their wedding day was on their tenth anniversary. They had met in an online chat room on Thanksgiving in 2004, and met in person a little while later. The date was 13th December, 2014. This would be written as 12/13/14 so a pretty cool date for a wedding!

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The couple had chosen to get married underneath Bethesda Terrace, which is a sensible choice for an outdoor wedding during the winter. It provides great cover in case of rain, and it’s nice and close to the main iconic sights of Central Park. This couple were lucky with the weather, though, and had bright sunshine. We kept the ceremony traditional and fairly short given the low temperatures! The officiant read from Corinthians, chapter 13 during the ceremony, since the couple are Methodist.

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After the ceremony their photographer Andy Mars took some photographs of Chris and John and their guests around Central Park. Then the couple took their guests to the Tavern on the Green for champagne and lunch. It was a short walk between their ceremony location and the restaurant, and their photographer walked with them, taking in Bethesda Fountain, Bow Bridge and the Mall, and crossing by Sheep Meadow before arriving at the restaurant, where she took some photos of the couple before leaving them to enjoy their lunch in the warmth!

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4 Responses to Chris and John’s December Wedding Underneath Bethesda Terrace

  1. Lisa Orchard says:

    What a great place to get married! I got married in Hawaii so I can’t complain, but Central Park is gorgeous, too!

  2. smartiebabie says:

    I’m so pleased these guys got hitched on their 10 year anniversary. What a great date to choose. Congratulations to this couple on their lovely wedding day.

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