Erin and Matthew’s Summer Ladies’ Pavilion Wedding

EM Central Park Wedding Ladies' Pavilion

Erin and Matthew brought seventeen of their friends and family over from their home in Canada for their wedding ceremony and celebrations in the Ladies’ Pavilion in August.

Erin&Matthew (66)

The couple met at work and still work together now. They get along very well and enjoy working together. They say that too much time apart leads to problems for them, although their personalities are totally different. Matthew is very introverted and Erin is extremely extroverted “but we balance each other very well by bringing out hidden qualities and challenging one another to be the best version of ourselves” explained Erin.

Erin&Matthew (67)

Erin’s parents were unable to attend, so her uncle gave her away. Actually, this wasn’t a legally binding wedding, which isn’t particularly rare. The couple chose to do the legal part at home so that Erin’s parents could be there. Sometimes I organize wedding blessings for couples that are already legally married (sometimes their guests know that, sometimes not) and also for couples who will be doing the legal part later on.

Erin&Matthew (26)

Erin’s brother is a musician, and the plan was for him to bring his acoustic guitar with him to the ceremony and play as Erin and her uncle walked down the pathway to the Ladies’ Pavilion. Unfortunately he broke his wrist so was unable to. We kept the ceremony quite short and traditional. Erin’s Maid of Honor, Christina read a short poem during the ceremony. The poem was called Love, and was written by Erin’s father, since he could not be with them for the ceremony.

Erin&Matthew (62)

They all looked so lovely and summery. Matthew and his groomsmen wore matching shirts, vest and ties. Erin wore a dress with lace bodice and flower-printed skirt in a light blue pastel. Their flowers were seasonal pink, white and yellow blooms.

Erin&Matthew (11)

When they originally contacted me they were not planning on having any professional photography, but I’m glad that they changed their minds in the end. After some photos around Ladies’ Pavilion and elsewhere in Central Park, the couple got in to their vintage yellow cab, decorated for the occasion.

Erin&Matthew (53)

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Erin&Matthew (24)

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