Am I Crazy to Want to get Married in Central Park in the Winter?

get married in central park in winter

So, you’re thinking of getting married in Central Park in the winter. You’re planning on getting your hair done and getting dressed up in some very smart wedding attire and standing outdoors in a public park to say “I do” to your true love. You’ve seen photos of Central Park looking stunningly beautiful in the winter time, with the bare trees, very few tourists, bright blue skies, and dare you even hope for it; snow. Perhaps you hate warm weather and you love the cold, or perhaps winter is just a better time for you to get married for so many reasons. You’re wondering; am I crazy to want to get married in Central Park in winter?

Central Park Winter Wedding 12

Honestly, yes, you might be. At least a little bit. But in a good way, in a way that you know what you want for the wedding day that might not be for everyone but that suits you. New York gets cold at winter, of course it does. Like much of the world, New York will see its seasons vary from the norm, so some years winters are colder than others, or warmer than others. Some years it comes earlier or later and the same for when it starts to warm up. That’s why we can’t completely predict when the leaves change to their beautiful Fall colors, or when the famous cherry blossom starts to come out. We can’t be sure if or when it will snow, but there’s a fairly good chance of seeing some snow, particularly in January and February. And Central Park does look amazing in the snow. It’s a world-famous park, know for its beauty at any time of year, but in the snow; it’s something else.

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If you are thinking about getting married in Central Park, or anywhere else outdoors in New York in the colder months, then you should give plenty of thought to what you will wear. The ground may well be wet, so keep that in mind when choosing shoes. We had a bride this February wear two pairs of wedding shoes on her wedding day – indoor shoes and outdoor shoes. Some couples have said their vows with coats on, and then taken them off for the posed photos. Some buy a coat or shrug especially for the occasion. One bride told me that she wore a layer of thermals under her wedding gown.

Central Park Winter Wedding 2

We have done weddings indoors during the winter, this January we helped a couple to get married inside Grand Central. Some couples have limited the time that they spend outdoors after getting married, and instead had the photographer accompany them inside a nearby hotel or restaurant and to take photos of the couple and their guests in that setting as well as Central Park. Some couples have got married, taken some photos around Central Park, and then had a horse and carriage ride afterwards. It’s a great way to get some quiet alone time for the couple under a cosy blanket.

Central Park Winter Wedding 1

You may be able to negotiate some great deals in the winter time. Most vendors involved in the wedding industry will have more free time during the winter, so might be more keen to agree to lower prices. On the other hand, this is when wedding vendors tend to go on vacation, because they’re so busy during warmer months, so check availability in advance if you have your heart set on someone.

Central Park Winter Wedding 11

If you decide to have guests at your wedding, they may love or hate you for the suggestion of a trip to New York in the winter. Some people are pleased to have something to look forward to in the colder months, some people have a lot on over the holiday period. And of course, Valentine’s Day falls in the winter, so if you want to really mark that date you could make it your wedding anniversary, too.  Most people generally don’t have many other trips or plans over the winter, compared to the warmer months, though, so winter might be a good time to get all your nearest and dearest together, because availability might be better for most.

Central Park Winter Wedding 3

Photographers often tell me that couples should avoid getting married in the middle of the day on sunny summer days, because the light is just too bright. The problem is; that’s when couples want to get married, because it fits with all the other plans for the day that people tend to make around a wedding ceremony. If you get married in the winter, the middle of the day is when the light will be better, so it can help the schedule of the day. Keep in mind that the sun will set earlier in the winter, so you may want to be indoors by sunset, so it will be getting colder then, or you may want to be outdoors for photos as the sun sets.

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If you would like me to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, either whatever the time of year, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where we pin like crazy with all things New York or wedding-related.

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6 Responses to Am I Crazy to Want to get Married in Central Park in the Winter?

  1. smartiebabie says:

    My favourite part of reading this post was your anecdotes about what Brides have done to keep dry and warm when getting married in Central Park in Winter.

    Its information like, consider wearing thermals under your dress, that help people realise that they can get married outside in winter if they want.

  2. Tea Crockery says:

    Really liked reading it! Two pairs of shoes was a great advice!

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