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online honeymoon registry

In the past, wedding registries only applied to brick and mortar retail stores. Couples went to their favorite high-end department stores and selected household items that they would like to receive as wedding gifts. This included things like fine china, silverware, and small appliances. Their friends and family would then go to that store and access their “wish list” and purchase something from the list in the price range they wanted to spend.

As a society, we have changed. More households consisted of two adults with careers, and often the couple would live together and set up house long before they decide to get married. By the time a wedding is announced, they have all of the items they need for the kitchen, bed, and bath. This caused a dramatic change in the wedding registry. This introduced the new, online version of the honeymoon registry.

Crowdfunding is a modern way for people to support causes that mean something to them. Honeyfund Honeymoon Registry was born of this concept. Honeyfund allows the gift giver the ease of gifting someone from the comfort of their own home. The couple simply registers for what they want, and the gifter gives it to them, online, using Paypal, WePay, or a credit card.

The wedding party travels with the couple to an awesome destination to witness the couple’s wedding. The couple might stay on in this location for their honeymoon, or they might use it as a stepping stone to continue on to somewhere further away from home after the wedding.  While the guest list may be restricted to close friends and family, a reception and party are sometimes given in the hometown of the couple to include all those who could not travel with them.  A guest could pay for part of the couple’s trip as their gift through these online registries.

Honeyfund is an online honeymoon registry that allows couples to list things that mean something special to them. Their friends and family are given the option to purchase the gifts online at no charge. Like a traditional registry, the item then shows it is purchased. Unlike a traditional registry, people can pay for a portion of something. The items on the list can be traditional (like a toaster) or non-traditional (like a deep-sea fishing excursion on their honeymoon). The gifter can purchase the entire event of a portion of it. For example, if the registry asks for four nights in the honeymoon suite at a fabulous and swanky New York hotel, while the couple are in town to get married in Central Park, a guest may opt to pay for one night, and a different guest may pay for the second night, and so on.  Many hotels and wedding vendors can be paid directly from the Honeyfund account. Specific items that they couple request from a store can be tied to their Honeyfund.

If you transfer your money from your Honeyfund account to PayPal, WePay, or most Visa or Mastercard debit card accounts, there is a very small fee. This fee varies slightly between establishments and countries (money exchanges) but, in general, the fee is around 2.9% plus 0.3 cents per transaction. There is no fee for the person giving you the gift and if you use the fund to pay for the service, there is no added fee. The couple would also be required to pay taxes on their selection as you would anywhere. For example, if you went to dinner, you would expect to pay the bill, plus taxes, plus gratuity. Regardless of how you pay for the service, the charges are expected.

As more vendors around the world have come to expect the Honeyfund couple, they have made it easy to transfer funds directly from your Honeyfund account to a digital gift card that can be used for their services. This is free to the gift giver, and the couple. The funds needed are transferred to your digital card online, and they are used to pay for your event, meal, tips, taxes, or whatever you selected. This is a way to enjoy everything you want to do in fabulous New York without giving up any dollars to bank card fees.

The couple sets up their Honeyfund as soon as they announce their engagement. They keep it active and current throughout the wedding celebrations and the honeymoon. This allows family and friends who were unable to attend or people who wanted to wait and give the bride and groom something spectacular that is unexpected every opportunity to use the fund.

For example, the groom’s parents may access their Honeyfund account on the last few days of the honeymoon to see what activities the couple were able to do, and what they had not received as a gift. They may then decided to gift the couple with a special event like a wonderful meal in a fancy New York restaurant or a helicopter tour over the city. They simply add the event to the already active Honeyfund and the funds are instantly available.

Couples can also collect funds for their own wedding. The bride can decide to buy a wedding dress and make a fund to do so – and she can get the dress of her dreams by having the support of her friends and family.


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