Do I Need a Permit for a Wedding in Central Park?

do i need a permit for a wedding in central park

Every now and again I like to tackle a frequently asked question as a blog post.  The short answer to this one is; if there are less than twenty people in your group, then no, you don’t.  But I encourage every couple to get a permit for their wedding from the Central Park Conservancy, and I have several reasons why.

HR Do I need permit for Central Park Wedding

It will help you to keep to your schedule

If you have made a plan that involves beginning the ceremony at a certain time, so that you can have a certain amount of time taking group photos close to your ceremony location, and then some more time having photos in Central Park, and then arriving at the exit to get in a cab at a certain time, then you want it all to go to plan.  Especially if the cab was to take you on the a location for drinks or food and you have a room or a table booked.  If you don’t get a permit then there could be another couple getting married in your chosen location when you get there. So, then you will have to wait until they are finished before your group can move in to the location and get started.  If you have a tight schedule for the day, and many couples don’t want to be wasting time on their wedding day, then a permit will ensure that the space is your for the time you book it.

JB Do I need permit for Central Park Wedding

It will be helpful if you need to ask people to move along

It is a condition of the permit that the area you have reserved for your wedding remain a right of way.  But of course you can ask people nicely if they would move out of an area soon because you intend to have a wedding there.  Most people are polite and respectful and will clear the area for you but there can be the odd weirdo who enjoys making things difficult for others.  This has only happened to me once personally, in the Conservatory Gardens, but I was glad to have the permit to show to the person in question.

RD Do I need permit for Central Park Wedding

The fee is a drop in the ocean

If you are travelling to New York for your wedding, then you will have spent hundreds on travel and accommodation.  And even if you’re locals who are looking for a budget location then you may well have spent money on what you are wearing and on the food and refreshments later on.  Unless you’re getting married in the Conservatory Gardens, where they total fee works out as $500, then it’s only $25.  Not a huge deal to most.

LD Do I need permit for Central Park Wedding

It helps to keep Central Park as stunningly beautiful as it is

The Central Park Conservancy do amazing work, and keep Central Park looking beautiful day in, day out, all year round.  It is in the center of one of the world’s busiest and most expensive cities.  It takes a lot of work and resources to keep it looking as it does.  In my opinion it isn’t much to ask for a couple who are making the most important promises of their lives to each other to pay a little towards the upkeep of the incredible location that they are doing it in.

SL Do I need permit for Central Park Wedding

So, while the short answer might be no, the long answer is yes, you should get a permit to get married in Central Park. For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, with photos just about anywhere in New York, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.

JR Do I need permit for Central Park Wedding

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2 Responses to Do I Need a Permit for a Wedding in Central Park?

  1. Very helpful post for those who would love to get married in the beautiful Central Park. Thank you for writing this! xx

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