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This is the eleventh in a series of blog posts with a focus on the things that a couple look back on and know that they made their wedding special to them.  It is called Five Things I Loved About My Wedding.  The idea is to help provide some inspiration for anyone planning their own wedding.  Most of the weddings discussed in this series will be from Central Park, but some weddings from other locations will be featured, because I think all weddings will provide some inspiration.  As I go through this series I am finding that many of my blogging friends and connections want to be involved.  Rachael blogs about her life in the North East of England, and working in PR.  She married her husband, Steve in June 2016 at her local church in Newcastle upon Tyne, England and then their wedding breakfast and reception was held at the stunning Lumley Castle in Chester-Le-Street, England. Rachael said that there were lots of things she considers unique to their special day but she has chosen just five to share with us.

Newspaper theme

Order of service

When my husband and I met we both worked as journalists for local (rival newspapers) me as a senior reporter and him as group editor of ten newspapers. With journalism playing such a key role in both of our lives it seemed fitting to weave this into the theme of our special day.

Our invitations, order of service and table names followed with this theme. Our invitations were a press release announcing our forthcoming wedding. The order of service was in the style of a newspaper and each table was named after local newspapers both in Lincolnshire (as that’s where Steve and his family are from) and the North East of England (where me and my family are from). The top table was named editors in chief.

A lot of our guests were also from newspaper backgrounds and appreciated these little touches but all the guests liked to see which newspapers we had picked for table names and we sat guests on tables with newspaper titles associated with their region too.

Handmade post box

Handmade post box

My father-in-law is very handy and can make almost anything out of wood. He often makes custom bird boxes for friends. He very kindly hand crafted us a post box for our wedding cards. We’ve actually kept it and everyone commented on how amazing it was. He’s even been asked to create other unique creations for other weddings since.

Daddy daughter dance

Daddy daughter dance

I’m a massive daddy’s girl and it was really important for me that my dad and I danced together after the traditional first dance. When I was a little girl my dad would let me stand on his toes as we’d dance around the living room and he always said he’d want to dance with me at my wedding (not on his toes!).

My dad and I danced to My Girl as that’s always been “our song” and it was emotional and lovely and thankfully captured on film. It’s a memory I will treasure forever. Other fathers and daughters also took to the dancefloor and it was really special.



My husband and I wanted something different for the entertainment. We had an amazing DJ who kindly let us create a specific playlist of our favourite songs so we had the dancefloor well and truly covered. It was full right until the end of the night!

We had seen the talented Dave Wright at another event when we were organising details at the castle for our wedding and we took his card. We decided to book him for a couple of hours after the meal and at the beginning of the evening celebrations. He was so in demand he actually stayed longer (he didn’t ask for more money but we were generous as he did such a sterling job). While people queued to have their turn we were able to chat to guests away from the music, so it gave us a really nice opportunity to have a drink and catch up with our family and friends. I know he has since received more bookings from our guests for future events which is fantastic. You can check out Dave’s work through his website.

My dress

Steve and I outside Lumley Castle

I know saying “yes to the dress” is a massive deal for any bride and some brides visit numerous shops and websites before they find “the one”. It wasn’t like that for me at all. I actually accidentally found my dress.

I was working a weekend at the newspaper just a week or two after our engagement when a car crashed into a poor lady’s house (thankfully nobody was seriously hurt or killed) late at night. I went early the next morning to get more pictures and interview the neighbours in a little town called Louth in Lincolnshire.

At this time I was still learning to drive so relied on getting the bus to and from Louth. I had finished taking pictures, videos and interviewing people and was making my way back to the bus shelter when I happened to pass an independent bridal boutique where I spotted a gorgeous bridesmaid dress in the window. With a good half an hour to kill before the bus was due; I decided to pop in for a look.

The friendly owner showed me swatches of the various colours the dress came in and asked if I wanted a quick look at that particular designer’s wedding dresses. She showed me a handful of gorgeous gowns but my eye was instantly drawn to one particular dress. I didn’t try it on but I knew that was my dress. She even let me take the details of the designer and a picture of the dress so I could show my mam.

I didn’t try dresses on for several months until my birthday. I went with my mam and nana (leaving my hubby to be in a coffee shop with a newspaper and hot chocolate) to a little independent shop in the north east just a stone’s throw away from our evening reception venue.

My mam had saved the picture of my dress on her phone and while I was picking out a selection of dresses in a variety of styles (as advised by the helpful assistant) she asked whether they had “my dress” in store at all. Thankfully they had a sample in the stockroom – I couldn’t believe my luck! I tried the dress on – and even though it didn’t fit – I knew it was the one. I tried the others on just to make sure but we were all in agreement that I’d found my dress.

The dress

These beautiful wedding pictures were taken by the very talented Ed and Maggie Sewell.  After the wedding Rachael and Steve went on their honeymoon to New York (one of their snaps, taken in Central Park is below) and then on to Antigua.


Bike carriage ride round Central Park

You can check out her blog, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  And if you want to see lots of photos of happy newlyweds in Central Park, then follow us on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, too!

Our favourite photo

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  1. rachaelstray says:

    Thank you so much for letting me share just five of my favourite things about our magical wedding day!

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