Eleven Reasons to get Married in Autumn (or Fall!) in Central Park

reasons to get married in central park autumn fall

1) Number one has to be the colors. When it gets colder and the leaves change color, Central Park looks completely different. The lush greens we know and love are gone and there is a vast array of yellows, oranges and reds.

2) There are 174 species of tree in Central Park (at the last count). Imagine how many different shades of color you can see in Central Park in the Fall.

3) If you choose a date towards the end of the season, as it is turning chilly, then it’s the perfect excuse for a long-sleeved gown if you want one, or to accessorize with a faux fur shrug or jacket. But it’s not so cold that you have to wear your thermal socks under your dress!

Central Park Fall Wedding B&S

4) You will see migrating hawks and other large birds leaving Central Park for warmer climates at this time of year. A great place to spot them from is from the upper terraces of Belvedere Castle.

5) Your bouquet and bouttonieres, and other wedding accessory colors can reflect the autumnal shades.

6) Fall colors for bridesmaids can be a lot more flattering than the pastels so often chosen for their dresses, and easier to wear again at other occasions. Also, grooms may choose brown or navy to complement the seasonal shades.

Central Park Fall Wedding M&D

7) The light is beautiful in Central Park during the Fall. We see lots of crisp, clear blue skies. Of course the sunsets provide some lovely photo opportunities, which happens between 4:30 and 6:30, depending on when in the season you are there.

8) Your reception food can reflect the season. Do you like pumpkin-spiced everything? Then you can offer it as part of your wedding! Or mulled cider, or comfort food such as apple pies.

9) You can time your visit to New York to also enjoy the Halloween parade, Oktoberfest or Thanksgiving. Or you could visit the Catskills in Upstate New York after your wedding, to enjoy the Fall colors there, too.

Central Park Fall Wedding A&R

10) The Mall in Central Park was designed specifically to mimic a church’s aisle. In the Fall the trees forming the “roof” all turn orange at this time of year.

11) It’s really not that cold in the Fall in New York. September can be very warm, actually. It gets cold very quickly, usually in November. We have had some weddings in Central Park in September on unseasonably hot days, which has surprised everyone! But it’s still not as hot as Summer, so nobody has to suffer in the stifling heat.

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Central Park Fall Wedding H&D


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3 Responses to Eleven Reasons to get Married in Autumn (or Fall!) in Central Park

  1. I love looking at the fall foliage. A big reason to get married in beautiful Central Park.

  2. Cathy Nugent says:

    I absolutely love fall weddings because of the fall foliage! No doubt Central Park would be the most beautiful backdrop! 🙂

  3. Beautiful! I love the fall leaves (best part of fall in my opinion). The architecture of the bridges are stunning as well.

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