Eleven Reasons to get Married in the Spring in Central Park

reasons to get married in central park spring

1 The number one reason I hear from couples is the cherry blossom.  It is a pretty good reason – it is very beautiful.  It tends to come in April or May, although that will vary a little from year to year, because it all depends on when the temperatures start to warm up.

2 It can be quite warm.  March can still be very chilly in New York.  Then in April or May it warms up and in my opinion it warms up very quickly.  Once day it’s still Winter, and the next day it’s almost Summer!

3 You could aim for a sunset wedding at around 6pm and capture some beautiful photos of Central Park in that perfect light.

central park wedding spring 4

4 It’s not too hot.  I got married in Central Park in July.  It was hot.  And much of Manhattan can be very humid in the Summer.  Springtime in New York is just perfect – warm sunshine and a nice breeze coming off the water.

5 The flowers start to bloom in many places in Central Park in the Spring.  In particular, the Conservatory Gardens and the Shakespeare Garden will be starting to bloom, as will many of the flower beds near to the Lake.  There will also be a vast array of in-season flowers to choose from when making a bridal bouquet.

6 Spring is not the busiest time of year for weddings, or for tourists, so you get to enjoy the lovely weather in relative quiet.

central park wedding spring 1

7 Spring symbolises new life, and a new start.  What better time to get start this new phase of life together?

8 Everyone is in a great mood in the Spring.  Winter is over, the sun is out much more often and the days are getting longer.

9 Family holidays do not tend to be booked in the Springtime, so many loved ones should be able to join you for your wedding.


10 The temperature should be warm enough to enjoy an outdoor reception, or maybe just a cocktail on a rooftop somewhere overlooking Manhattan.

11 Birds migrate through New York in May, and they can often be spotted resting and feeding in Central Park during their journey in the Ramble and the Woods.

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central park wedding spring 3

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6 Responses to Eleven Reasons to get Married in the Spring in Central Park

  1. I honestly think Spring would be my choice if I got married in Central Park.

  2. Misty Eilar says:

    I got married in spring and the weather was perfect. Best time to get married (I choose end of April in Indiana).

  3. Ophira B says:

    so pretty, this was on my wedding destination wish list! maybe someday a vow renewal 🙂

  4. masgautsen says:

    Wonderful photos! Looks like a wonderful time and place for a wedding.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I got married in the Spring and loved the weather!

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