Joe and Amber’s Cherry Hill engagement

central park proposal cherry hill J&A

Joe and Amber were visiting New York from their home in the UK to celebrate their five year anniversary.  So, Joe thought it would be a great time to propose.  He had the ring and a loose plan so he contacted me with help with the logistics and the details.

Joe wanted to propose on Cherry Hill with Bow Bridge in the back ground.  He had the plan to have a picnic and then pop the question.  We looked at a few options for purchasing the picnic food, but in the end he decided that the Tavern on the Green had a good menu (which I got for him in advance) and was not out of their way.


On the morning of the proposal the couple visited the Central Park Zoo in the South East corner, then took a walk up through Central Park to the Tavern on the Green to pick up some food.  They sat under a tree on Cherry Hill and as they ate, our photographer casually got herself in to position, and took some photos of the views.

I had made a map for him, showing the route to walk and gave him a little guidance on what time they would need to leave the Zoo to be able to walk over to the restaurant, pick up the food, get to Cherry Hill, eat, and then be ready to propose at the agreed time when the photographer would be there.


We arranged for Joe to give the photographer a signal of having the two of them stand up for a selfie with Bow Bridge behind them.  Them standing up was her cue to know to get ready to photograph the proposal, but it had the added advantage of getting Bow Bridge aligned well in the background for when he popped the question.  These engagement shoots are really quite difficult, because one of the couple is very nervous and the other one doesn’t know they are being photographed!


So, Joe asked, and Amber accepted!  Then he let her know that the photographer was there and they were able to take lots of nice posed photos in the area around Cherry Hill.

If you are considering asking your partner to marry you in Central Park, or another outdoor location in New York City, contact me if you think you might need some help.  Check the website for more information on prices, I’m finding that everyone is quite different in how much support they need with a proposal so I can be flexible with my prices.



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3 Responses to Joe and Amber’s Cherry Hill engagement

  1. Keelie Briggs says:

    More and more people are using photographers to capture their proposal. I think it’s a great way of remembering and being able to look back on such a special and life-changing moment. Good luck planning your wedding the very happy couple!

  2. How cool that you were able to help him coordinate this special moment! Looks like it was a beautiful day for them!

  3. Carly says:

    This is adorable! I love the idea of having a photographer there to capture it too.

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