GIVEAWAY – Help me to Find Clients for 2018

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I am looking for ways to reach new clients for 2018.  I’ve been taking it a little slower these past couple of years, with having two young children, but now I’m ready to take on more clients for next year.  I need your help and I am offering something in return.

I have been running this wedding planning business since 2012.  In the first couple of years I worked so hard at promoting this business.  As anyone who knows anything about online marketing will agree, it is all about the search engine optimization.  I was busy planning weddings, but probably spending more time on promotion.  Towards the end of 2013 I had a baby, Thomas.  Then, 21 months later, in 2015 I had another baby, Joseph.  This meant that I had two very little kids to look after and a small business to run.  As a consequence I reduced my workload a lot through 2016 and most of 2017.  I decreased the number of weddings I took on, and I did very little promotion for 2016 and most of 2017.  But, my youngest just turned two, so I am ready to be busier with more weddings next year.

I am often reading marketing advice telling me that I need to look at my customer base and find more clients just like them.  So, how do I do that?  My clients are from all over the world.  Their ages range from early twenties to late fifties.  Some follow me on Facebook, some find me on Instagram, some chat with me on Twitter, some find me through Pinterest, but most have just found me through Google.  Some have found me through recommendations, and I thank my friends and previous clients for passing on my details to others.  Some of my clients want a very quiet and private wedding with very few guests, or even elope alone to get married, some invite a huge group of friends and family to New York with them to celebrate.  Some of my clients are gay, some are straight.  Some of my clients are keeping to a strict budget for their wedding, some throw a large and lavish affair.  Some have met fairly recently, some have been together for many years.  Some have kids from a previous relationship, some have kids as a couple, some have no kids (yet, or ever).  Some want to keep to religious traditions for their wedding, some want a straightforward and simple ceremony, some want some strange and unique thing adding to the ceremony that I have never heard of before.  Some want many hours of photos and a video for evidence of their wedding, some want a musician to play at their ceremony, some want extravagant flowers, some want professional hair and makeup, and some just want the wedding ceremony, with nothing else added on top.

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All of the couples I work with are different and their relationships and stories are unique.  So, their weddings are, too.  So, how do I find people just like them, who also want to get married in Central Park, to boost my bookings for next year?  My great idea is to ask my previous clients, and my friends and wedding industry associates, to share my contact details and my website to as many people as they can think of, in whatever medium they choose.  OK, it’s mostly social media these days, but people also chat in the workplace, and socially with friends and acquaintances.  So, if I guided you through the process of planning your wedding in Central Park, please tell others about me.  Tell them to contact me (preferably through email, those two kids still make big demands on my time).  This is the important part for you, though: tell them to tell me you sent them!  I am offering a giveaway to anyone whose referral leads to a booking for 2018.

I have three New York / Central Park themed gift bags for the first three people whose referrals lead to a booking for a wedding in 2018.  The gift bags contain accessories for the home and for out and about.  I have a stylized picture of Bow Bridge in Central Park with that skyline, NYC coasters, Central Park magnets, a luggage tag, air freshener, keychain, and the NYC tote bag it all comes in.  Lots of gifts I think make a great souvenir for anyone who got married in Central Park.  If you don’t want these gifts, then I will send you flowers or a gift voucher of a similar value.

So, please, go out and tell everyone you know about me.  In particular, anyone who seems like they might be going off the idea of the traditional big wedding at home, since so many of my clients come to me that way.  And recently, I’ve done a few weddings in other public spaces in New York City, so it’s not just Central Park any more.   Share my Facebook page, website or blog on Facebook, share your wedding photos on Instagram with my info, tell your work colleagues about your wedding at the water fountain, pin pictures from my website to your Pinterest boards to share with your followers, entertain everyone in the pub with tales from your trip to New York to get married then give them my number, Tweet my website or blog, email your address book with my contact details, include my details with your wedding photos if you send them with your Christmas cards this year, just tell everyone that they really need me to help to plan their wedding in Central Park!  You might just win a reward!  Remember to tell them your name and that you set me so that I know where to send the gift to.

If you are considering a Central Park wedding, please visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.

Central Park Wedding Referral Giveaway Pin 2

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5 Responses to GIVEAWAY – Help me to Find Clients for 2018

  1. ellenbest24 says:

    I wish I could do it all again to the same wonderful husband as this would be almost as amazing as ours was with four special guests me and he … *sigh* on a beach in Ouahu.

  2. Reblogged this on Weddings in Central Park, New York and commented:

    A reminder that I am running a giveaway for any client referrals. Please share my website or this blog (not this post!) or just tell people about me and if I get a booking from your referral then I’ll send you a goodie bag of some cute stuff with a NYC and Central Park theme.

  3. Snuffy says:

    Good luck with your giveaway! I’ll remember for the next time I have any friends thinking of marrying in NY!

  4. Unbound Roots says:

    I’m on it! I will share your blog on Twitter, G+, Pinterest, and SU. Good luck in 2018! I wish you many weddings in the coming year. 🙂

  5. thebeasley says:

    I wish I got married in Central Park! If ever I hear of anyone considering it, I will be sure to point them your way.

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