Paper Jackdaw talks about Paper Flowers

I can order fresh blooms for my couples who are getting married in Central Park from my preferred florists in New York City, but many brides choose to bring paper flowers over with them from home, and then take them back home again after the wedding to keep. I asked Ali from Paper Jackdaw to write a piece for this blog, to provide a bit more information for anyone considering a paper bouquet.

I’m so excited to be sharing today on Claire’s blog especially about my favourite topic; paper flowers. Paper is becoming a popular medium for wedding flowers, and rightly so in my opinion. They are so versatile; whether you have huge oversized blooms, rainbow hues or a classic monochrome posy you can create stunning displays from such a humble everyday item – it’s magical.
I love all flowers but adore the level of personalisation you can include in paper bouquets.

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Let me share with you some examples of my previous commissions just to give you an idea of how limitless this medium is:

  • Surreptitious Star Wars details – roses created from the blue print of the millennium falcon
  • Maps of places special to the Bride and Groom – Roses created from maps of the world with a single flower created from the map of their home town in the centre of the bouquet & the grooms buttonhole or maps from favourite stories such as J.R.R. Tolkien’s middle earth is a firm favourite
  • Bouquets and flowers created from the music of the first dance and a favourite book
  • One of my personal favourites was using the Bride and Groom’s children’s artwork for flowers a truly unique bouquet and way to include their family

You really are only limited by your imagination and the paper available.

Jen's Bouquet

There are also super practical reasons as to why you would choose paper flowers:

  • Maybe you have an unusual colour palette that nature nor artificial flowers are produced in
  • Some suffer from awful hay fever
  • Perhaps (as you are reading this blog) you are having a destination wedding.

Paper flowers really do come into their own for destination weddings:

  • They won’t wilt on hot days
  • They are super light – this means they make brilliant buttonholes and corsages too.
  • Maybe most importantly you will know what your flowers look like before the day, you can include a little bit of home in them so that everyone is included in your day and you have a fabulous keepsake for years to come.


Hannah 2

What to keep in mind when you order your flowers:

  • What are the timescales? Make sure you have advised when you need your flowers by, not your wedding date, you don’t want to be caught out when your wedding is the end of August but you will be travelling to your wedding the last week of July
  • What size will your bouquet be? You are going to be travelling with them and if you want them in your hand luggage they cannot be too big.
  • How are they supplied to you? I personally supply my flowers double boxed and packed for posting and they normally weigh less than 1.2kg. This means they are all ready to travel with you, mine travel safely by themselves to the USA, across Europe and the UK.
  • Are they weather resistant? Keep in mind it rains in New York sometimes, and even in paradise! All my bridal flowers are specially coated to make them weather resistant – I am based in Yorkshire (if you’re British you’ll understand they have to be very weather resistant in that part of the world!). I don’t ask you to invest in expensive papier-mâché but a robust bouquet that will give you pleasure for years to come.

If you would like some more inspiration do take a peek at my website and if you don’t see what you have in mind, please ask, it really is the best part of my job when I can create something truly unique to add something extra special to your day.
Keep in mind whether home or abroad you really can have your day your way, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise that’s why having the help of a planner with good local knowledge like Claire can be invaluable.

P1040335 (2)


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and tips, Ali.
Ali from Paper Jackdaw is based in Leeds, England. Check out her website for lots more information about what she does. She may be UK-based but she will ship internationally.
Check out her blog, and follow her on your social media(s) of choice. Follow her on FacebookTwitter, Instagram or Pinterest for lots of lovely inspirational photos.

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2 Responses to Paper Jackdaw talks about Paper Flowers

  1. These are absolutely stunning! I wish I had done something like this for my wedding.

  2. These are amazing, I am trying to make something similar for my own wedding! They aren’t as good as these yet, but maybe if I keep practising! I have put them in my blog it would be great if you could give me some tips to improve!

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