Five Things I Loved About My Wedding – Kayleigh

loved wedding central park kayleigh

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts with a focus on those little things that make a wedding special.  It is called Five Things I Loved About My Wedding.  This series is intended to provide some inspiration for couples who are currently planning their wedding.  Many couples have a big vision of what they want on the day, but these posts will be all about the details.  Most of the weddings discussed in this series will have taken place in Central Park, but some weddings from other locations will be featured.  This is Kayleigh’s list of the five things that made her wedding day special.  She married Andrew in the Ladies’ Pavilion in October 2015, read about their small and intimate wedding here.

Central Park

KA Central Park wedding 5

I never imagined that I would be able to tell people that I got married in Central Park! What an amazing place to see. The sun was out all day and everyone we walked past had nothing but lovely things to say. We even had people approach us telling me how beautiful I looked and wishing us wedding blessings. Could not have picked a more beautiful location.

My shoes

KA Central Park wedding 3

My shoes were so important. They were actually the first thing I purchased. I have so many Irregular Choice shoes and I had always said I would have them as my wedding shoes. I kept them on all day, even walking for hours to be photographed, they were not coming off. Again so many people commented on my shoes and I’m still in love with them now.

It was small, intimate and stress free

KA Central Park wedding 7

Even though, we married in a huge public park it was still as intimate as we had imagined. We planned our wedding in less than six months and it couldn’t have been any better. Six friends, including two children, attended our wedding and it was perfect. We never wanted a huge white church wedding with hundreds of people. I was surprised to have any guests as we are very low key and don’t like fuss. We did miss our family and friends witnessing our wedding, but there was no stress and we were able to enjoy the entire day, it was exactly how we wanted it. Our planning and Claire’s planning meant we had a perfect day.

Flowers and dress

KA Central Park wedding 6

I had tried one or two wedding dresses and I just didn’t feel comfortable at all. I began to worry I wouldn’t find a suitable dress or one couldn’t be made to fit in time so I decided to buy a dress off the peg that looked like a wedding dress and I was so right to do it. It was nowhere near the price of the wedding dresses I had been looking at and suited me perfectly. As for my flowers, I had paper and plastic so I could always keep the bouquet.

And finally…getting to marry my now husband

KA Central Park wedding 1

I had never felt the need to marry anyone until I met Andrew. Having the wedding we’ve always wanted and being his wife was definitely one of my favourite parts. When we were introduced and Mr and Mrs that was just amazing. We now have our first baby together and we are a family.

Thank you to Claire. I’ve had to choose five but I could go on. I wish I could do it all again.

KA Central Park wedding 4

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KA Central Park wedding 2

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