Five Things I Loved About My Wedding in Central Park – Allison

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This is the second in a series of blog posts about those little things that make a wedding special to the couple.  It is called Five Things I Loved About My Wedding.  I am creating this series to provide inspiration for couples planning their wedding.  Many couples have a big vision of what they want on the day, but this series will be about the details.  Most of the weddings discussed in this series will have taken place in Central Park, but some weddings from other locations will be featured.  This is Allison’s list of the five things that made her wedding day special.  She married Ryan in June last year in Cop Cot.


We loved our reception as it was a rooftop bar in the Novotel Times Square so the views were utterly amazing especially at night and the surrounding buildings were lit up around us. The food was great and the staff could not do enough for us so we could relax and do what us Scots do best and take advantage of our open bar.

Allison Central Park wedding 2

Getting ready

As a bride you plan every detail you can until the last minute. I was uncharacteristically calm on the wedding morning and was so excited being with my best friends getting pampered but the best part was the amazing girls from Metro Look (Dana, Traci & T). They were so much fun and great at what they do they definitely added to my day and I will never forget that.


Best.Cake.Ever. Honestly Magnolia Bakery have to be the best bakery in the world. We had a vanilla cake with a raspberry middle. Also our cake topper is a bone of contention as I bought it and sat for hours gluing on Swarovski crystals….Ryan managed to drop it from a great height and broke the S and E from our name so it read Mr & Mrs ‘trid’. Luckily he managed to fix it but we laugh every time we see the photo of our cake.

Allison Central Park wedding 3


When you say you are getting married abroad people always assume it’s to save money and it’s a few legal sentences for the ceremony. We loved how we created a wedding which felt like a “normal” wedding with our own vows, songs which were important to us that the violinist played and all the typical wedding traditions which meant a lot to us.

New York

It was difficult to give five things only so New York covers a few things. We loved getting married in Central Park because it’s such a beautiful and iconic place with so much greenery and tranquil areas. The best part was being able to go a few blocks downtown and we were in Times Square which was such a contrast to the park as it was busy and so loud but amazing. It was unbelievable when a line of people waiting to go into a Broadway show started clapping and cheering us then a couple asked us for a selfie. It must have been the guys in their kilts…..

Allison Central Park wedding 1

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  1. Misty Eilar says:

    I love that they had fun and made the most of it! I loved the sparkle on her dress for sure. Looks like they had a blast.

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