Holly and David’s Bow Bridge Wedding Ceremony

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Holly and David came from Australia to New York to get married this October. They had planned for it to be just the two of them, but Holly’s friend happened to be in town so she came along as a guest.

Holly&David (70) Central Park Wedding

They got engaged in 2007 while visiting Holly’s hometown of Darwin. They were both working and living in the small mining town of Mt Isa at the time and made a trip back to Darwin to visit Holly’s family and David proposed on the balcony of the hotel that they were staying at. Of course, Holly said yes!

Holly&David (34) Bow Bridge Central Park Wedding

Holly had always wanted to elope for her wedding, and they had considered Las Vegas for a while. Once they had got engaged and chosen a date, though, they started to look in to more picturesque outdoor locations such as Niagara Falls and New York City. In the end they went for Central Park because they thought that it would look lovely in the Autumn, which was the date they had chosen.

Holly&David (6) Bow Bridge Central Park Wedding Ceremony

Holly wore a white lace dress and we provided her with a bouquet of flowers with Autumn colors. Her hair and makeup were done in her hotel room by Metrolook. “Metrolook were fantastic,” said Holly. “My hair and makeup lasted during the day and through the night.”

Holly&David (15) Bow Bridge Central Park Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony was held on Bow Bridge, overlooking the Lake. This is a popular location for small weddings. The backdrop provides the perfect view of Central Park, with the Lake, trees and skyscrapers in the background. “I am glad that I choose this location,” said Holly. “The Mall also looked great with the Autumn trees, so this was a must for our photos”.

Holly&David (96) Central Park Wedding Times Square

Holly and David stayed in New York for six days at the iconic Waldorf Astoria. After the wedding ceremony their photographer took them for photos around Central Park, and to Times Square, then a quick walk back to the Waldorf for photos there. Holly had made a short list of all the locations where she wanted her photos to be taken, so we made sure that they all got ticked off. After that Holly and David went for dinner at Asiate at the Mandarin Continental. “This restaurant was amazing,” said Holly. “The service was fabulous and the view of both Central Park and the city was amazing!!” She highly recommends this restaurant for dinner for anyone else considering a dinner following a small wedding or elopement.

Holly&David (121) Central Park Wedding waldorf

Holly said that she would recommend eloping to New York City to get married in Central Park to anyone. “Thank you so much to Claire for all her help with organising the wedding. I really appreciate all or her assistance and recommendations. I would recommend Claire’s services to anyone who is looking for a fuss free wedding option,” Holly said. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Holly and David, congratulations again!

Holly&David (53) Bethesda Fountain Central Park Wedding

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Holly&David (59) Central Park Wedding Bethesda Terrace

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