How do we deliver your photographs?

Your photographer will take lots and lots of photographs before and throughout your wedding ceremony (unless you specify that you do not want photos during the ceremony). After the ceremony the photographer will take posed shots around the ceremony location and then you can go through Central Park with them taking more photographs, both candid and posed. Think about whether you want your whole party to join in on these photos or just some of the group, or just the two of you.

After the photographer gets home they will go through all those photographs and choose the best ones. After two hours of photography there should be around one hundred best ones. They will then edit them to make sure that the couple, their guests and the background are all looking their best. They may choose some to convert to black and white, or add special effects, but they will also keep the original for you.

Our preferred method of sharing the photographs with you is a sharing website called This is because it is instant. We can upload them to the site and send you a link and you get them straight away, no waiting for a CD to arrive in the post. There is also no chance of them going missing this way. You will get roughly one hundred high-resolution unwatermarked photographs to do whatever you like with.

The link that we send you can be accessed from all of your computers, phones and other mobile devices. You can see your photographs wherever you are, you can share the link with your family and friends, and you can download them and save them to your hard drive. The link is private to you and whoever you choose to share it with, the photographs are not on a website accessible to the public.

You can choose to go through the website, or you can save the downloadable application to your hard drive. Dropbox is easy to use. If you get the application it is just like using any other folder on your hard drive.

For more information on Dropbox, check the help section on their website.

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