Amy and Laura’s Ladies’ Pavilion Wedding

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Amy and Laura came from Newcastle, Australia to get married in Central Park this April. They met when Laura got a temping position at Amy’s work in January 2012, so they had been together for three years before they got married.

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Amy had planned an elaborate proposal for Laura one night when she had been working late. Amy went home and laid candles around the house and rolled up a note with a quote from Dr Seuss “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall sleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” She tied it to a ribbon and placed it around their cat’s neck. Then she tied the engagement ring to a ribbon and put it around the other cat’s neck. When Laura came home, Amy got down on one knee and presented her with the note and as she read it she asked her to marry her. Of course she said yes!

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I asked them if they had considered any other wedding locations, and they said that they had thought about getting married in Las Vegas. Their trip to the US took in several US cities, such as LA, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, New York and Las Vegas. “Getting married in Las Vegas didn’t feel quite special enough for us. We decided that we wanted to get married in a beautiful location and that’s why we chose Central Park and New York,” said Amy.

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So, they had made their decision on the wedding ceremony location but then they said that they had no idea where to start. “Wed in Central Park was recommended to us by a friend who had used your services,” said Amy. I had planned the elopement of the lovely Carly and Sean towards the end of 2012. “Once we had communicated with you it all fell into place and any reservations and concerns we had were eased,” said Amy.

same-sex wedding central park

Their wedding ceremony was held at the Ladies’ Pavilion, they said that their favorite pictures were taken at that location and also overlooking Bow Bridge amongst the cherry blossoms. They had been lucky with the time of year they had chosen for their wedding and got some lovely pictures with the blossom.

same-sex wedding central park ladies' pavilion

Both brides wore strapless dresses for their wedding, Laura’s dress was ivory and Amy’s was cappuccino. Both dresses were purchased in their home town. They both carried matching bouquets of roses. Their hair and make up were done by Metrolook, who I always recommend. “We were so happy with their services,” said Amy.

same-sex wedding central park bethesda terrace

They had twenty-seven guests at their wedding, quite a large one by my usual standards. Many of them commented on what a beautiful setting for a wedding they had chosen. They walked down the “aisle” of a pathway to the Pavilion to our acoustic guitarist, Brian, playing ‘Only You Can Love Me This Way’ by Keith Urban, and when they were pronounced married he played Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud.’

same-sex wedding central park ladies pavilion

After their ceremony they had some more photographs taken by the fabulous Andy Mars around Central Park then went off to their reception location, The Cube at Riverpark, “it was amazing,” said Amy.

same-sex wedding central park

I asked if they had any other thoughts on marrying in Central Park that would like to share and Amy said “if you are thinking of getting married in Central Park, do it!! And use Claire at Wed in Central Park. She made the whole process for us stress free and seamless, we had many comments from guests on how smoothly the day went for a destination wedding with all communication done by email. We can’t thank you enough and your service was faultless. Everything was fantastic on the day.” Thank you for those kind words, and thank you for sharing your story with us, Laura and Amy, I wish you the best of luck for your futures together.

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For more information on planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook for photos and more inspiring stories.

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