Camilla and Carol’s Central Park December Elopement

Elopement-NYC-Central Park-Lake Camilla Carol

Camilla and Carol came over from the UK to get married in Central Park in December. They had been together for around eleven years and had got engaged Easter of last year on the banks of the Danube in Budapest.

I asked them why getting married was important to them and Camilla said simply “we are soul mates,” she also said, “marriage is an important commitment and also provides security in the event of anything adverse happening.”

They live in South West London and had looked at venue local to them and they got quite frustrated with things. All the venues had templates that they would have had to work from and neither of them were very interested in what Camilla called “pomp and circumstance.” They wanted their wedding day to be less hassle than that.

They were planning a trip to New York City between Christmas and New Year, they knew that they both loved the city so they decided that eloping was for them. Carol suggested having their ceremony in Central Park because it is an iconic place and also because there is nothing that needs organizing or decorating as a venue. They chose the Ladies’ Pavilion for their ceremony location because they liked the backdrop view that it offers.

Camilla and Carol stayed at the Greenwich Hotel, they said that the hotel was great and staff were fantastic.

Carol’s parents are no longer with us, but they brought Camilla’s parents and brother along to their wedding as guests. They enjoyed the wedding, and thought that it was a good excuse for them to have a vacation in New York. They all wore warm overcoats for the ceremony, since New York City gets very cold in the Winter. They had festive buttonholes for everyone.

Elopement-NYC-Central Park-Ladies Pavilion Ceremony

I asked them if they had any concerns about getting married in Central Park and they said that they were worried that it might be cold and dark at this time of year and they thought that they might be slightly shy of getting married in such a public place, where strangers could be passing by. In the end they said that the general public was fine about vacating the location, as requested by the officiant, and that nobody intruded on the ceremony.

After their wedding ceremony, they have photos taken in in Central Park, enjoyed a drive around the city in a stretch Limo and then they all went for dinner at Daniel, a swanky French restaurant on the Upper East Side.

They said that they were very happy with their officiant, they said that she was perfect for them. I asked them what they thought about the service from Wed in Central Park in general and Camilla said that “the information flow was easy, practical and very friendly.” She said that she felt that they could have organized the wedding themselves, but they both work long hours and simply did not want to have to find the time to do it, she said “it was easy to organize and just felt right for us.”

Thank you for sharing you story and your pictures with us, Camilla and Carol, I wish you the best of luck for your future of dogs, countryside and travel together. It was a pleasure for me to be involved in your wedding.

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Elopement-CamillaCarol-Bethesda Terrace Central Park

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