Tips for a Spring Wedding in Central Park

Spring Wedding in Central Park Tips

New York can still be quite cold even in March, but then it warms up quite quickly. If you are thinking of having a wedding in Central Park in the Spring, bear in mind that Spring can come at varying times of the year. Sometimes it comes earlier than others. When Spring does come in New York, it does come quite quickly and it will warm up within just a few weeks.

Many people think of the cherry trees blossoming when they think of Spring in Central Park. They tend to blossom in April or May, but this depends on when it starts to warm up. The tulips come up in May.

kim david central park wedding 8

Birds migrate through New York in May, and they can often be found resting and feeding during their journey in the Ramble and the Woods.

We do see some rain in the Spring, and we can have a sunny day followed by a rainy day followed by a sunny day, so it is difficult to predict. In fact, we can have a lovely morning followed by a rainy afternoon quite frequently. There are some place in Central Park that provide shelter from the rain. The Ladies’ Pavilion will keep a small group dry, and underneath Bethesda Terrace will keep a larger group dry. There is no escaping a walk through the Park to the wedding ceremony location, though. If we do see rain coming up in the forecast, Wed in Central Park will make every effort to reschedule your wedding date or time if you choose to.

02_Tammy & John Wedding_WEB_W_AM

Sunset times are between 6pm and 7pm during the Spring, check my weather in Central Park page on the website for monthly details. A sunset wedding towards the end of Spring would be lovely, as long as you can time your photographs right.

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any tips for Springtime weddings in Central Park.

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