Georgina and Shaun’s Wedding in the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park

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Georgina and Shaun traveled from Leicestershire in the UK to get married in the English Garden in the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park this Summer. They met through mutual friends and they were together for seven years before they got married. They had always known that they wanted to get married abroad and New York was on their list of places to visit. They both love being outside, so they wanted to get married outdoors. They considered Italy as the flight would have been shorter for their guests but they just preferred New York. In the end they were lucky enough to have seventeen people able to join them.

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Georgina said that she was a little anxious about having booked every element of their trip and their wedding by email. They had never visited New York before and never met anyone involved in the wedding, so they had some concerns that people would just not turn up. Luckily all went smoothly, such is the way of the modern age.

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We find that fewer couples choose the Conservatory Gardens than any other location for a wedding in Central Park. This is very probably because it carries an extra charge. It is a beautiful space, made up of three smaller gardens. It always has neat hedges and beautiful flowers, in keeping to a theme for each garden; English, French and Italian. It is because of this that the Conservancy charge an extra fee, all the wedding permit fees go to paying for the upkeep of Central Park.

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Georgina and Shaun chose the Conservatory Gardens because it would be quieter and more private than the locations further South in Central Park. Their choice of the English Garden worked perfectly with their group size. They and their guests were able to stand in the shade of a large tree next to the fountain within the hedges around the small garden. They had their own special space.

They stayed at the Surrey Hotel very close to Central Park. Georgina wore a long peach color lace dress. She loved it and so did I, she has the perfect figure, so she looked incredible in it. Georgina did her own makeup and her mum did her hair. They had artificial flowers brought over from the UK to save time and money, and they looked great, and as Georgina pointed out, she got to keep them afterwards.

06_Georgina & Shaun Wedding_WEB_W_AM

Georgina’s best friends were her the bridesmaids, and they all looked fabulous in their handmade vintage inspired dresses. I was particularly jealous of these dresses, they were so cute and flattering to all figures.

After the wedding we all walked down to the Boathouse, which is a bit of a walk, but the photographer, Andy Mars, managed to take a few photos and have a chat along the way. They had their wedding breakfast at the Boathouse, then after that they had a gondola ride on the boating lake. Georgina said “I would recommend the Boathouse for a wedding breakfast, the food and service was fantastic and although it was busy it made the atmosphere great, the gondolas worked really well too and made some fantastic photos.”

Georgina & Shaun Wedding_Central Park Lake Gondola

Georgina said that Central Park was a “unique and totally romantic place to get married,” she said “Claire did a fantastic job of organizing our wedding from start to finish, everything went extremely smoothly and her attention to detail was perfect. Thank you so much to Wed in Central Park for giving us our perfect unforgettable day!”

Thank you for letting me attend your beautiful wedding, Georgina and Shaun. I wish you all the best for your future together! For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, visit our website, or “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.

Georgina & Shaun Wedding_Central Park Conservatory Gardens bridesmaids

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