A Central Park Wedding on Christmas Eve

K&S central park wedding subway

Katrin and Sebastian came from Germany to get married in Central Park on Christmas Eve. They first met on the motocross track in their hometown. Katrin saw Sebastian during a race and when he took off the helmet, it was love at first sight. A mutual friend introduced them.

Katrin said that they did not really get engaged. They just began to talk about how and where they would like to get married. They knew they did not want to get married in their hometown because they felt it was boring and not particularly romantic to do that. They agreed that a Las Vegas wedding might suit them better, then they decided to go on vacation over Christmas. They wanted to go to the US, and eventually chose New York, because in Sebastian’s opinion it was the best spot to have a wonderful non-German Christmas. After they booked their vacation it occurred to them that it would be simpler to get married in New York than Las Vegas.

K&S central park wedding Ladies Pavilion B&W

I asked them why getting married was important to them and Katrin said “it is a great way to tell your love that you want to stay with them forever and everyone should know it”. Also she wanted to have the same surname as Sebastian, because she preferred his name. Katrin’s parents are divorced but Sebastian parents have been married for forty years. The couple say it is their goal to reach that anniversary, too.

On December 21st they flew from Frankfurt to New York. They stayed at the Yotel Hotel for one week and they said that they would recommend it. The couple had made some New Yorker friends on Facebook who had the same breed of dogs as them – pugs, so when they go to New York they asked them to be their witnesses. Also, Katrin’s brother surprised her by attending the wedding, too.

K&S central park wedding Ladies Pavilion 2 B&W

On the morning of their wedding they had bought white and purple roses and bound a bouquet themselves. Katrin wore a dress she had found on eBay and one of the guests helped her to do her hair and makeup. Their ceremony was at the Ladies Pavilion, a lovely spot in any season. Their guests took photos of them there, at the John Lennon memorial, in the Subway and at Times Square.

I asked Katrin if she would recommend a Central Park wedding and she said “looking back it was the wedding of my dreams. I would not change anything. We had no hassle and everything was just perfect!”

K&S central park wedding times square

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  1. How lovely, certainly a wedding to remember. 🙂

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