Wedding Photo Location Suggestions – by Central Park Bike Tours

Our friends over at Central Park Bikes spend a lot of time looking at the lovely scenery in Central Park. So, they have a few ideas on where couples might like to take wedding photographs. They asked if they could write a guest blog for us on the subject, they even took all these lovely photos for us. Here it is:

Are you getting married in Central Park? Let us recommend you a few places for your wedding pictures.

Are you ready for your wedding ceremony? How about the pictures, have you thought about it? Well, we have all figured out for you. Central Park happens to be one the most famous places to get married in New York. Not only for its convenience but for the beautiful spots where you can take pictures. We will try to help you out with the most famous picture locations in Central Park. Here are the spots we highly recommend for your wedding pictures:

  1. Imagine Mosaic

wedding Central Park Imagine Circle

Also known as the John Lennon’s memorial the Imagine Circle is a great place to take a picture but you most probably have to wait on a line to get to it.

  1. Bow Bridge

wedding Central Park Bow Bridge

This beautiful arch bridge is situated by The Lake and is one of the best locations to snap a few photos with a gorgeous background of the Upper West Side.

  1. The Cherry Hill Fountain

wedding Central Park Cherry Hill Fountain

Situated next to Bow Bridge the Cherry Hill fountain has plenty of advantages. It is a beautiful piece of art and you can get a background of the wonderful San Remo building.

  1. The Pond

wedding Central Park The Pond

Situated in the South part of Central Park this small lake has a very convenient location. The building that are surrounding it represent the Fifth Avenue glory.

  1. Sheep Meadow

wedding Central Park The Sheep Meadow

This large opened space will give you the opportunity to improvise and take lots of memorable pictures.

  1. Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

wedding Central Park Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

This is the heart of Central Park. Busy almost all the time, this place shows the architectural glory of New York’s most famous Park.

  1. The Shakespeare Garden

wedding Central Park Shakespeare Garden

Do you love flowers and nature? Well this is your spot. Shakespeare Garden will give you a fantastic background for you and your loved one. A Romeo and Juliet experience!

  1. The Reservoir

wedding Central Park The Reservoir

Located in the middle of Central Park, the Reservoir offers lots of spots for taking pictures. Jacqueline Kennedy’s favorite place in Central Park.

  1. The Mall

wedding Central Park The Mall

No, not the shopping mall. This is the biggest Central Park boulevard surrounded by the fascinating American Elm Trees. Famous romantic spot for the Hollywood movies.

  1. The Belvedere Castle

wedding Central Park Belvedere Castle

This is your wedding day. So you are the King and the Queen. A real castle is the place for your wedding picture.

All these spots are in Central Park and taking pictures there is a must. In order to organize yourself and the photographers we need a convenient transportation. A drop-on drop-off trip that will take you around the whole Park and let you pick up the best photo spots.

Wed in Central Park recommends using a pedicab carriage ride to take you to all these lovely places. We can recommend a company that provides professional Central Park tours and transportation within the Central Park area. Since cars are not allowed everywhere in the Park the rickshaw hop-on hop-off option is the best travel experience we can deliver. A trained tour guide will take you around the whole Park. You will have tons of pictures and a lot of fun during the trip.

You can visit the Central Park Bike Tours website for more information about the pedicab trips in Central Park.

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