Tammy and John’s Ladies’ Pavilion Wedding in the Fall

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Tammy and John travelled from their home town of Cleveland, Ohio this September to get married in Central Park. They met in 2005 at work and were friends for many years.  In 2010, they began spending a lot more time together and realized very quickly that they wanted to be together. Since they had both been married before and have five children between them, they took some time together before deciding on marriage.

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One evening this summer, they were sitting together in their back yard, sharing a bottle of wine, and John looked over at Tammy and said, “let’s get married, baby.” Of course she said “yes.” This was a second marriage for them both of us and they said that they felt like it just made their relationship “whole” to finally make that commitment.

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They did not discuss any other options for wedding location. They both love Central Park, so they knew that was the right place for their ceremony. They have both spent a lot of time there in the past and it holds special memories for them.

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I asked if they had any concern about getting married in Central Park or New York, and Tammy said “at first we thought it may be difficult to manage the set up from Cleveland, but working with you was what made it so much easier.”

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Tammy and John had their ceremony at the cast-iron shelter called the Ladies’ Pavilion, designed in 1871, originally to serve as a trolley shelter at an entrance to the Park. Because of that, it has some seating inside, which makes it a lovely spot for a small wedding. Tammy’s brother and sister-in-law attended the wedding as witnesses. They all loved the location and were blown away with the fabulous view you get from there. Tammy also loves the pictures taken on Bow Bridge. All photos are taken by the fabulous Andy Mars.

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Tammy wore a short ivory lace dress and carried a bouquet of pink tulips and white calla lillies. They had breakfast at the well-known Manhattan bakery and cafe, Sarabeth’s, and their wedding dinner was the the Loeb Boathouse, inside Central Park.

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Tammy and John were thrilled to be married in Central Park. They love the Park and consider it one of the most beautiful places they have ever visited, and to have their wedding there has made it even more special to them. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Tammy and John!

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