Jenny and Simon’s Ladies’ Pavilion Wedding

simon jenny flowers central park wedding

Jenny and Simon brought their friends and family over from the UK at the beginning of August to get married in Central Park. They had got engaged when Simon proposed over breakfast in bed in a hotel in Edinburgh. Getting married was important to them because they see is as the biggest commitment that two people can make to each other.

s&j just married ladies' pavilion

They love to travel so they knew they wanted to have a destination wedding. They originally considered Hawaii as a wedding location, but that did not suit them in the end. Lots of family members wanted to come with them, and Hawaii seemed a very long way to come from the UK for a wedding. So, they chose New York as a mid-way point for their wedding, then Jenny and Simon continued on to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

s&j bow bride central park married

When they had chosen New York then Central Park felt like the obvious choice, it is the nicest place in Manhattan. I asked them if they had any concerns about marrying in Central Park and they said they had worried about the possibility of rain, which I find to be the most common worry. See this link for more information on the weather in Central Park. The risk will always be there when you choose an outdoor wedding, but we see much less rain in Manhattan than we do in the UK, and there are some spots in Central Park where you can get shelter. Also, the team at Wed in Central Park try to stay as flexible as we can in terms of timings, so if some rain is forecast, we will try our best to have the ceremony at a different time if it is possible to do so.

simon jenny Bow Bridge Central Park wedding

Simon and Jenny chose the Ladies’ Pavilion for their ceremony, and they got lots of lovely photos there, but some of their favorites were taken on Bow Bridge and by Bethesda Fountain.

simon jenny bethesda fountain central park wedding

Jenny had her hair done at Allure Day Spa and said that she would recommend them. She wore a classic ivory dress, and carried hand made sola wood flowers from Curious Crafts. Their guests were close family and some friends.

simon jenny Lake Central Park wedding

Simon and Jenny took their party, along with their photographer and officiant to the Boathouse for drinks after the ceremony and then the wedding party went on the the 21 Club for a fantastic meal. Jenny said “the 21 Club is definitely worth a visit. We are so glad we went there!”

simon jenny bethesda terrace central park wedding

I asked them if they had any other thoughts on marrying in Central Park that would like to share and Jenny said “I am so glad we did it there, fantastic venue and brilliant photographs to remind us for many years to come!” We are so glad you got married in Central Park, too! And thank you for sharing your story with us.

s&j ladies' pavilion wedding ceremony


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