Katherine and Richard’s June Wedding in the Ladies’ Pavilion


real wedding central park K&R

Katherine and Richard brought their family and friends from Burton upon Trent in Derbyshire to get married in Central Park this June. They have two children together; Sam (four years old) and Max (20 months old). They got engaged in the Lake District. Katherine and Richard were walking back home after a rare meal on their own, when he suddenly stopped and produced a ring which he had picked himself, “it was perfect,” said Katherine, “I was so surprised I burst into tears and said yes.” Getting married was important to them both to affirm their commitment to each other, and it was really important that it was done exactly how they wanted it.

Katherine Richard Central Park Wedding Lake

They briefly considered getting married in Italy but it just did not feel right, the place they had in mind was beautiful but quite remote. They had visited New York City for Katherine’s thirtieth birthday in the Winter time, and loved it. They had always wanted to return, and it seemed the perfect opportunity to come back as family, and in the Summer time.

Katherine Ladies' Pavilion with kids Central Park Wedding

Once they had chosen the city, they knew they wanted to get married in Central Park. They considered Wagner Cove, but chose the Ladies’ Pavilion in the end, because it has a little more space for their twenty-two guests and would provide shelter from sun or rain if necessary.

Katherine Richard Central Park Wedding with kids

Katherine and Richard stayed in Greenpoint, Brooklyn at The Box House Hotel. Since they have two children they needed quite a lot of space and this hotel provided good-sized rooms, which is very hard to find in Manhattan. “The views from our terrace of the Manhattan skyline were fantastic, “ said Katherine.

Katherine Richard Central Park Wedding Ladies' Pavilion

When I asked which were their favorite photographs, Katherine said “we had so many great photographs its hard to choose, our favorites are against the New York skyline, under the pagoda, and we have a lovely one in the Pavilion just after the ceremony of us having our first kiss.”

Katherine Bow Bridge Central Park Wedding

Katherine wore a Jenny Packham dress and Harriet Wilde shoes. She had two memorial charms picturing their parents on their wedding days, handmade from Delaney Jewelry Designs, which she wrapped on ribbon around her wrist. Richard’s Dad and Katherine’s Mum passed away a long time ago and they wanted a way to include them in their wedding day. Katherine made her own bouquet from paper flowers, she had her sister and best friend write in the flowers because they were unable attend in person. Katherine’s hair looked fabulous, she had it done at The Beehive Salon in Brooklyn and did her own makeup.

Katherine Richard Central Park Wedding charms

Once the ceremony and photographs were done the whole party got on a vintage Trolley Bus, which had been waiting for them outside of the gorgeous Dakota building. That took them to to the restaurant for their reception. They had arranges to have a meal in the private wine cellar at Scotaditto Osteria Toscana. Katherine said that it was beautifully decorated, with fabulous food and service. As a surprise for Richard we had hired guitarist Brian Ripps, to play for them. He was under strict instructions to play Katherine and Richard’s special song, the Ryan Adams version of Wonderwall. He also played the theme from Cars for their oldest son who loved it, then he took requests and so everyone’s tastes were tailored to.
Katherine Richard Central Park Wedding Trolley Bus NYC

It was a beautiful day and the couple has a lovely family. Thanks for sharing your Central Park wedding with us, Katherine and Richard!

Katherine Richard Trolley Bus NYC

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Katherine Richard Central Park Wedding Ladies' Pavilion rings

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