Laura and Iain’s Springtime Central Park Wedding

L&I Central Park bride and bridesmaids

Laura is from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and her groom, Iain, is from Ealing, London. They met in November 2007 when they were both traveling in New Zealand. They both happened to board the same bus and became part of a group of friends who decided to make the same stop-offs together. One thing lead to another and their relationship began with three months traveling together in new Zealand followed by a quick trip to Fiji.

L&I Central Park Wagner Cove Ceremony with guests

Laura and Iain got engaged in Peacehaven, Brighton on a weekend away. They had been together for five years, and lived together for four years before marrying in March 2013. Getting married was important to them to show that they are a part of each other’s families.

L&I Central Park Bow Bridge

They both wanted a destination wedding, and has discussed a hot location, but Laura decided against it for “vanity reasons – being too hot and having bad frizzy hair in the humidity” and they agreed that they could go somewhere warm for their honeymoon. Laura said that they chose “New York because it is classic, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go back to and it offers something for all of our guests, there is plenty for everyone to see and do.”

L&I Central Park Wagner Cove Wedding Ceremony 2

Laura liked the idea of getting married outdoors and always had from watching films growing up. She noticed that many American films featuring weddings have them outside in gardens or by lakes. She liked the relaxed look of an outdoor wedding and she knew there were some lovely parts of Central Park and great opportunities for photos. Quite a lot of their family members were able to attend and they were all really excited about a wedding in New York and such a unique wedding location.

L&I just married in Bow Bridge Central Park

Laura said that she was concerned about the weather – the main drawback of the outdoors wedding, but their days was beautiful, if on the cold side. Laura said their wedding day saw the best weather of their trip to New York. She also worried a little about whether all would be fine with the license, a common concern for couples because they have to collect it from City Hall in New York when they get there. Laura said that in the end it actually only took and hour and it was quite straightforward.

L&I Central Park Wagner Cove Wedding

They stayed in The Roosevelt hotel and unfortunately they were not impressed. They had their reception meal booked with the hotel so they knew they were there for their wedding, but on arrival they were allocated a really bad room. When they checked in the receptionist even told them that they would not like it! This is astounding to me as a Brit in the US, usually the customer service is of a very high standard over here. Laura said that the beds were fine, but the bathroom was awful. They did get moved, but this is not a good start to such an important trip.

L&I Central Park all guests

The wedding ceremony itself was held at Wagner Cove because they had wanted privacy. Their favourite pictures were taken on Bow Bridge, because they felt they looked most natural there. This is a popular spot, because they bride is so pretty and the background of the Lake, tress and Manhattan skyline are so iconic.

Laura Bow Bridge Bride Central Park
Laura wore an ivory strapless wedding dress with a criss-cross silk back with embroidery and crystals sewn in to the bodice. She had a sash around her waist which tied at the back with a silk skirt. She wore a low half veil to match the tulle in the dress. The bride’s and bridesmaid’s flowers were cream and white roses and calla lillies with white breath filler. The groom had a cream rose buttonhole. Laura looked beautiful with the natural look in hair and makeup, she felt that was most appropriate for an outdoors wedding, and I agree. She felt it was important that she looked like herself.

L&I Central Park just married Bow Bridge

Laura and Ian had arranged a limo to take themselves and their guests back to the hotel for a three course champagne lunch in a private suite with musicians. Then later on they all got changed and went to the revolving restaurant for drinks at the Marriott Hotel in Times Square. They went to quite a few other places while they were in New York, I had recommended Sparks Steakhouse to them, which they also liked, although they found the wine list rather pricey. They also went to the lounge in the Renaissance Hotel where they have fabulous wall to ceiling windows with great views of Times Square.

L&I Central Park Imagine Strawberry Fields

Laura said “we had a perfect wedding day; blue sky, sun, lovely, fresh Spring day. It was relaxed and open.” They had fifteen guests at their wedding, but Laura said that the “passers by in the Park made our wedding day – complimenting and congratulating us, cheering when I arrived at Wagner Cove and my groom turned around to see me, filming and photographing during the walk down from Strawberry Fields- I felt like a celebrity. I’m usually a shy person but in bride mode it really made me feel good and like it was important event that everyone was pleased about and happy for us.” I hear this a lot from couples, they don’t expect that they will want the attention but New Yorkers are always so pleased to see a wedding in Central Park their positivity and congratulations bring up the mood of the wedding. Laura said she got some lovely photos, “such great shots in different Park locations and a video, I would recommend getting married in Central Park.” Thanks for sharing your story with us, Laura and Iain, and we wish you the best of luck for your future together!

L&I Central Park wedding with guests

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