Renee and Mark

Renee and Mark live and work in Tucson, Arizona. Renee was born and raised in New York, so getting married in Central Park was an easy choice for her. “Mark and I had spent many long summer and winter days roaming the park while we were dating so it also held a huge place in our hearts and was the obvious choice”, she said.

Coming back to her home for her wedding meant that she could have all her home town friends and family attend as guests. They had chosen to have a short civil ceremony, but because they wanted to make it a bigger event they asked their closest friends and siblings to be their bridesmaids and groomsmen, check out the photo of them all together, they look awesome.

They made the day a very special family affair by getting Mark’s Dad ordained to officiate over the ceremony. They had their ceremony by the Lake, and then the party indulged in a picnic in Central Park.

Followers of this blog on Pinterest will be aware that Wed in Central Park has a special place in our hearts for dogs as guests at weddings, so imagine my joy to see photos of Renee and Mark’s fur-baby Cooper in their photos, complete with Tuxedo. “Where better for a wedding with a dog but in a park, Central Park,” Renee said. I couldn’t agree more, New York is a city of dog lovers, and if the couple love their dog, then it seems a beautiful thing to take their pet along to the most important day of their lives.

The photography of the day was very important to Renee and Mark, and they met with their photographer, the fabulously talented Gardner Hamilton to select a few specific locations that they wanted to capture. Renee is so happy with the photos of her day “it was just stunning”, she said. “The late afternoon ceremony, the perfect light, the trees and the lake made the perfect backdrop.” Looking at the photos (see below) I am inclined to agree. Their favorite shot of the day was on Gothic Bridge, a shot Gardner was very keen that they captured. I agree with them, I love that bridge too, I actually like it slightly more than I like Bow Bridge.

After the photos in Central Park were all captured, they went over to Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan rush hour to get the all-important iconic Manhattan skyline photographs as the sun set to cap off the incredible day.

Thank you to Gardner Hamilton for providing his beautiful photographs for this blog, visit his website at Click on the images to enlarge.


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  1. julialinn says:

    Beautiful photographs!

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