Laura and Will – Central Park Wedding

Laura and Will, from the UK, were together for five years before getting engaged. They had visited New York City on vacation, and loved the city, in particular Central Park. They said they walked through the Park every day that vacation, and had spotted Wagner Cove by the Lake, and thought it was a lovely spot.

So, when they got engaged straight away they thought of New York, Central Park, and that pretty spot by the lake. They knew it would be expensive for their guests to come along, but they discussed it with them and explained how important it was to them to get married in New York. They had sixteen guests at their wedding, amazingly none of whom had visited New York before, so it was quite a memorable experience for all!

Laura and Will and their party were keeping to a budget so they chose the Comfort Inn Manhattan on West 35th and 6th Avenue, and they found it extremely good value for money. Location is everything in Manhattan and this budget hotel is very close to the Empire State Building, Macy’s, and numerous subway stations.

Laura decided not have her makeup and hair done professionally on the day of the wedding. But, manicure salons are so plentiful and cheap in New York, it was hard to resist this staple of female Manhattan lifestyle, so all the ladies in the party had manicures done on the morning of the wedding.

The Dickson wedding was taking place in March, and, although New York sees less rain than Laura and Will’s home of England, they were unlucky with the weather, and their wedding day turned out to be a damp one. The one drawback of Wagner Cove is that, because it’s right by the side of the water, the walkway down to it tends to get a bit waterlogged on rainy days, and Laura had a beautiful, traditional long wedding dress so didn’t really like the idea of getting it messy. They didn’t let this small drawback bother them, though, and Central Park, has so many lovely spots to choose from, they switched their location to Bethesda Terrace.

Bethesda Terrace can be reached entirely by paved roadway, and couples can easily take a pedi-cab or horse an carriage to this spot, if they are feeling particularly decadent! It also allows plenty of space for the guests, so all their guests were able to watch and hear the ceremony easily, although it doesn’t have the privacy of the little wooden structure of Wagner Cove. In the end, though, Laura and Will were very happy with Bethesda Terrace and Laura said how pleased she was with the pictures, and how cool it is to see their wedding location on films!

After the ceremony, Mr and Mrs Dickson and their guests, popped back to the hotel for a quick change and went out to Pier 61 to take the Bateaux Dinner Cruise. They were very impressed, and highly recommend it to others,“the boat has a glass roof so you get an amazing view of Manhattan at night. We even went right up to the Statue of Liberty – that was pretty spectacular!”, Laura said.

In summary Laura says she would recommend a Central Park wedding to anyone, she says “it was an amazing holiday and wedding, such a unique experience, especially walking through Times Square at 1am in our wedding gear!”

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